Maple Woodlot

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Maple Woodlot

Plants a woodlot of maple trees. Grows faster and lives longer in suitable climates.
If placed outside protected land, it will eventually become public property.

Vocation: Logging
Matures in approx. 17 h 9 m
Climate: Tropical
Acquire from a Farmer's Workstation


Costs 10 Labor to place outside of protected land (public or private).

Buy Price:  50 

Shop Value: 25 

Max. Stack Size: 100

Yields[edit | edit source]

Uses 200 Labor Points <154 at 90k proficiency>
Logs per woodlot: 199-201
Vocation Badges x200

15,172 XP @50

The tooltip for this woodlot is incorrect. The preferred climate is actually Temperate.