A marine housing zone is a part of the Housing system. Only in designated marine housing zones can player place buildings and stuctures like Marine Houses, Crafting Stations, Amenities etc. Marine housing zones are different from regular Housing Zones. The marine version is found in areas that allow Aqua Farms to be run and placed in water, while housing zones are land zones.

Housing zones can be used to run Private Farms on land (water). To claim land in a marine housing zone one needs to have a valid Design in his Inventory as well as enough Tax certificates. The land only remains claimed if the building is finished in a certain time and the weekly taxes paid. If two weeks of payment were missed, the building/structure is removed and only some of the designs are send back via ingame Mailbox to the player.

Housing zones can have restrictions about the size of buildings that can be placed. A special case is an "Aqua Farms Province" which allows only the placement of the Aquafarm building (but not Marine Houses).

Only player with Patron status can claim land in a marine housing zone.

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