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There are several types of NPC merchants in game. They are designed to take on the tasks that players often find mundane, such as selling basic reagents and repairing items, in addition to serving special functions that could not reliably be handled by players, such as item storage.

Merchant Types[]

Weapon Merchant[]

Sells Apprentice-tier weapons (used for crafting), and Honor weapons. (Not Honor Point weapons.) The Apprentice gear is used in Weaponry and Carpentry.

Armor Merchant[]

Sells Apprentice-tier armor, used for crafting.The Apprentice gear is used in Tailoring, Leatherworking and Metalworking.


Sells blacksmithing supplies and repairs damaged equipment.

Cooking Merchant[]

Sells Tier 1 breads, soups, meats, and drinks. These are used in Cooking.

Alchemy Merchant[]

Sells Tier 1 Minor Healing and Mana potions. These are used in Alchemy.

General Merchant[]

Sells Miscellanous items, such as Campfires, Blue Salt Consumables, and portable Owl Mailboxes.

Carpentry Merchant[]

Sells furniture and decor blueprints, and Regal Workbenches.

Seed and Sapling Merchant[]

Sells non-vocation Farming and Gathering crops, as well as non-vocation Saplings, that can be harvested using Logging or Gathering.

Vocation Merchant[]

Sells seeds, trees, and livestock that are purchasable with Vocation Badges.

Livestock Merchant[]

Sells young animals that are not purchased with Vocation Badges for use in Husbandry.

Wandering Merchant[]

Traveling merchants with miscellaneous wares.


Sells pet/mount equipment. Revives pets/mounts.


Allows players to store items.


Allows players to buy and sell items to/from players in their faction.

Guild Manager[]

Allows Players to create a Guild.

Pirate Guild[]

Allows Pirate Players to create a Pirate-Specific Guild.

Skill Manager[]

Allows the reset and/or change of skill sets.

Specialty Buyer[]

Turn-in point for those wishing to receive gold in exchange for Trade Packs.

Gilda Star Trader[]

Turn-in point for those wishing to receive Gilda Stars in exchange for Trade Packs.

Resource Trader[]

Turn-in point for those wishing to receive Stabilizers in exchange for Trade Packs.