Meteor Strike

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Meteor Strike
Icon skill magic13.png
Skillset: Sorcery
Req. Skillset Level: 50
Cast Time: 5.0 secs
Cooldown: 45
Range: GT 0-25m, AoE 5m
Damage Type: Magic
Damage Multiplier: 0
Buff Duration: 0

Calls down a meteor, dealing (784–800 + 1000% Magic Attack) Magic Damage to all enemies in the target area.
Also inflicts Tripped on all enemies hit for 3s.

In game description

Combos[edit | edit source]

Effectchilled.png Inflicts additional +30% damage on Chilled targets.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Rank Level Mana Damage Trip Duration
1 50 1663 792 + 1000% Magic Attack 3 sec