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There are several types of mounts in ArcheAge. Each race has its own unique mount obtainable via quest at very early levels. Mounts gain experience while being summoned (they do not take away experience from the player but level on their own). The higher the level of a mount, the more skills it unlocks (mount specific) and the higher level equippment it can use.

Besides mounts there are battle pets that can assist to some degree in combat, which level the same as mounts. One can only have summoned a pet or a mount at the same time. Both have health and can be attacked and die if one is not careful. To revive a mount or pet there are pet healing potions or for a fee Stablemaster will help.


The Donkey can be bought at Mirage Island with Gilda Stars or through the second step of the Trade Run guide quest. Donkeys come in 5 color options (black, white, grey, brown and ..?). More about donkeys at the donkey page.


The Elk is the race mount of the Elves. It is available in White, Green and Purple.


Mountable cow available at Mirage Island.


The horse is the race mount of the Nuian but can be purchased and used by other races too.


Race mount of the Hariharan.

Snow LionEdit

Although this mount is obtainable by all races, the Firran have the easiest access to it as the vendor is located in their beginning town.


PvP MountEdit

Obtained through honor points won in PvP.

Version Picture Speed Pack Speed Location Price Abilities
Honor mount 2
Honor mount

Raid MountsEdit

Raid mounts are mounts that can be obtained as rare loot from killing raid mobs.

Version Picture Speed Pack Speed Location Price Abilities

Roar of the Earth

(not confirmed for Trion's Archeage)

Roar of the earth mount

Underwater MountsEdit

  • Dolphin (currenty unconfirmed for the Trion version of ArcheAge)
    Archeage Dolphin Skills and Gameplay

    Archeage Dolphin Skills and Gameplay

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