• Pinkachu

    The Conquest of Auroria update opens four new zones – Marcala, Calmlands, Heedmar, and Nuimari

    Below is the information from the Trion Worlds website concerning the update. They also suggest restarting your PC if you have issues with Hackshield after launching the game.

    Claiming the New Zones

    While exploring Auroria, you will find special Archeum Lodestones in Marcala, Calmlands, Heedmar, and Nuimari. To claim one of these four zones, a guild leader must cleanse one of its Archeum Lodestones using…

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  • Pinkachu

    Archeage is out in the US and we thought it was time for a facelift! New background and logo is already in place, next comes some changes on the mainpage and a look inside. I also noticed that this community hasnt had an active Admin for quite a while, so while Im here, I encourage any of current users, who have been actively editing and are interested in becoming an Admin to let us know. If you are interested in Adopting this wiki, you can apply at Adoption Requests. Feel free to leave any con…

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  • Bonanzaguy

    Feedback and updates

    September 1, 2013 by Bonanzaguy

    Please add information or pictures that you think are missing to any pages. Don't forget to also leave some feedback about the site in general.

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  • Valira7

    News test!

    January 2, 2011 by Valira7

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