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Note: Before Occultism was announced by Trion as the official English name of this skill set, it was referred to as Death or Necromancy by the ArcheAge community.

Overview[edit | edit source]


If the hero chooses this path, he or she will be subject to all the mysteries of the underworld.
Patroness of such charmers is considered goddess Nui.

A hybrid tree, Occultism sacrifices some damage for crowd control. Unlike Sorcery, which is mostly damage, Occultism offers a variety of effects that occur instead of, or in addition to, its damaging effects. These include a lifesteal, an accuracy debuff, a snare, a pushback, and others. Occultism's passives all benefit magic damage, making it most useful when complementing other magic-based skillsets.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Active[edit | edit source]

Name Occultism Reqs Description* Cost* Cast Time* Cooldown* Range* Effects Combos
Mana Stars.png Mana Stars Level 1 Launches your mana as a razor-sharp crystal, dealing (0 + 50% Magic Attack) Magic Damage and triggering Fetter. Combo increase damage +2% up to a max of 20%. Very fast; no cooldown. Hold for continuous use. 24 Mana Instant None Single 0-20m
Crippling Mire.png Crippling Mire Level 3 Reduces an enemy's Move Speed -30% and deals (336 + 440% Magic Attack) Magic Damage over 4.5sec. Damage increases over time. Spell ends if you move. 82 Mana Channeled 18 Seconds Single 0-20m Effectslow.png Effectbleeding.png
(+30% damage)
Hell Spear.png Hell Spear Level 10 Summons spears from the underworld to pierce all enemies within 6m. Deals (72 + 300% Magic Attack) Magic Damage and Impales targets for 1.7sec. 177 Mana Instant 27 Seconds 6m PBAoE Effectimpaled2.png Effectimpaled2.png
(+48% damage)
Absorb Lifeforce.png Absorb Lifeforce Level 15 Deals (384 + 350% Magic Attack) Magic Damage over 6.5sec to an enemy and heals caster for an equal amount. The spell ends with movement. 157 Mana Channeled 36 Seconds Single 0-20m Effectstun.png
(+46% damage)
(+50% damage)
Summon Crows.png Summon Crows Level 20 Summons crows to attack all enemies within 5m. Reduces enemies' Physical Accuracy and deals (120 + 200% Magic Attack) Magic Damage over 5sec. 263 Mana Instant 30 Seconds 5m PBAoE Effectimpaled2.png
Mana Force.png Mana Force Level 25 Shoves an enemy away, dealing (144 + 200% Magic Attack) Magic Damage. Restores Mana equal to half that amount. 157 Mana Instant 60 Seconds Single 0-10m Effectfeared.png
(+101% damage)
Telekinesis.png Telekinesis Level 30 Allows the caster to control an enemy for a maximum of 12sec. Prevents target from doing anything but obeying its master. 138 Mana 2.0 Seconds 60 Seconds Single 0-20m
Retribution.png Retribution Level 35 Returns 50% of received Melee Damage to the enemy. Lasts 10sec. Doesn't trigger a global cooldown. 118 Mana Instant 30 Seconds Caster Only
Stillness.png Stillness Level 40 Interrupts all enemy casting within 5 meters and inflicts Silence for 3.5sec. Removes all Fear effects from caster. 414 Mana Instant 45 Seconds 5m PBAoE Effectsilenced.png
Urgency.png Urgency Level 45 Reduced cooldown for Occultism skills -9 seconds. Lasts 1m30sec. 526 Mana 5.0 Seconds None Caster Only Effecturgency.png
Summom Wraith.png Summon Wraith Level 50 Summons a Wraith that deals (264 + 140% Magic Attack) Magic Damage per second for a maximum of 9 seconds to all enemies within 7 meters. Inflicts enemies with the Wraith Curse, reducing Move Speed, Attack Speed, and Cast Speed. 940 Mana Instant 60 Seconds 7m PBAoE
File:Deaths Vengeance.png Death's Vengeance Lv55 As you die, blasts your remaining energy to deal (1448 + 402% Magic Attack) Magic Damage to enemies within 15m. 1183 Mana 3 Seconds None Self

*Base values of Rank 1 skills. Values scale off ability rank, equipped items, and character level. **Mana Stars has an incorrect description, it no longer inflicts Distressed. As of CBT4, Mana Stars inflicts the Fetter effect, resulting in reduced enemy move speed (1%) and skill damage (2%)

Passive[edit | edit source]

Name Occultism Reqs Description
Enhanced Mana Recovery.png Enhanced Mana Recovery Skill Points 2+ Increases Mana Regen +7 every 1 second.
Reprisal.png Reprisal Skill Points 4+ Increases Magic Critical Chance +20% for 10 seconds after receiving critical damage. Disabled for 30 seconds if triggered too often. Does not apply to healing skills.
Caster's Enrichment.png Caster's Enrichment Skill Points 6+ Decreases health regen -15 every 1 second while not in combat and increases mana regen +15 every 1 second while not casting.
File:Macabre Reach.png Macabre Reach Skill Points 7+ Increases Magic Critical Damage +20%. Does not apply to healing skills.
Overpowered Spell Locus.png Overpowered Spell Locus Skill Points 8+ Upon receiving damage, increases Magic Attack +15% for 7 seconds and stacks up to 5 times. Movement cancels the effect.
Intensified Harm.png Intensified Harm Skill Points 9+ Increases Magic Critical Damage +50% for 6 seconds after receiving critical damage. Disabled for 30 seconds if triggered too often. Does not apply to healing skills.
File:Death's Beckoning.png Death's Beckoning Skill Points 10+ Decreases Occultism skill cooldown -20%.

Combos[edit | edit source]

Occultism self-combos: Effectdistressed.pngEffectimpaled2.png - if distressed Effectstun.png

Class Occultism combos with class Class combos with Occultism Both classes have
Archery Effectslow.png - if impaled Effectpoison.png if distressed Effectstun.png Effectbleeding.png - if slowed Effectstun.png Effectslow.png - if slowed/distressed Effectstun.png
Auramancy Effectslow.png none none
Battlerage Effectslow.pngEffecturgency.png none Effectslow.png
Defense Effectslow.png - if distressed Effectstun.png Effectstun.png Effectsilenced.png - if distressed Effectstun.png
Shadowplay Effectslow.png - if distressed Effectstun.png Effectdistressed.pngEffectstun.png Effectdistressed.png - if distressed Effectstun.png if impaled Effectpoison.png
Songcraft none Effectstun.png - if charmed Effectfeared.png if distressed Effectstun.png if charmed Effectslow.png
Sorcery Effectimpaled2.png Effectstun.png Effectslow.png - if distressed Effectstun.png
Vitalism Effectimpaled2.png Effectimpaled2.png Effectimpaled2.png
Witchcraft Effectsilenced.png - if distressed Effectstun.png Effectfeared.pngEffectstun.png if distressed Effectstun.png

References[edit | edit source]