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Orchidna was a child, the bastard sister of Kyprosa Daeior's father, Prince Raeven Daeior. He had been obsessed with the Akasch and was exiled by his mother, Rosia. Years after he was exiled a baby was delivered to the doorsteps of Fir Castle and the letter announced to Rosia, that this was his daughter, Orchidna. She had a strange, otherworldly appearance, and eyes that knew too much for one so young. Even when she was an infant, people shied away from Orchidna. On top of being the bastard child of an exiled prince, she was wild. Unpredictable. Kyprosa raised her like a mother and provided some counterweight to the wild instincts of Orchidna. But still ... as she grew older, she gained terrifying powers that no normal magic could explain.

Lucius Quinto believes she is not just Raeven's daughter but that Akasch blood flows into her veins as well!

She was a member of the original expedition. When the 12 found the gate to The Garden in the depths of Auroria she opened the gate and was bound to the gatekeeper's throne that sits opposite to it, replacing the fae that was seated there before and releasing the faeries into the world.

The other members of the expedition left her there, promising to come back with magic that could free her. It is unclear what became of Orchidna in the centuries since then, but there are hints that she is far from being an innocent child by now...

Whilst she was caught on the gatekeeper's throne she wrote her journal depicting the story that lead to her being there:

A deal was struck by her father, the mage Prince Raeven, who was obsessed with the Akasch. She would become new queen of those creatures banned by the Ipnya into The Abyss and in turn lead free them to once more roam the world. It is assumed that this is the reason why she was pulled to the throne when she came near it. When Kyprosa learned that all of them had abandoned her on the throne she went back and sacrificed herself to become the new gatekeeper. But Orchidna did not forgive her and disappeared.

While Orchidna was chained to the gatekeeper's throne she became the ruler over the Warborn, who were imprisoned at this timepoint by a curse and under the influence of the Akasch. She released the Warborn back into Erenor and led them in the Demon Wars as revenge for being abandoned. They committed the Ezna massacre.

When she became dormant, her guardian son, Damian, freed the Warborn from her and the Akasch influence.