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Pricing Information:[edit | edit source]

Depending on what subscription you buy for Patron the prices will differ, the more you spend initially the cheaper it is:

•1 Month = $14.99

•3 Month = $38.97

•6 Month = $65.94

For players that do not want to sign up for a subscription, you may purchase a 30 day patron pass for 2,400 Credits.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Parton Queue.png Patron Queue Receive priority queuing when entering the game.
Bonus Experiance.png Bonus Experience Get a 10% bonus to all Experience gained through questing, combat, and labor usage.
Fast Labor.png Fast Labor Double your Labor Point regeneration to 10/5 min!
Auction House Listing.png Auction House Listing Get full access to listing and selling items on the Auction House.
Max Labor Bonus.png Max Labor Bonus Increase your maximum Labor Points to 5,000.
Offline Labor.png Offline Labor Earn Labor Points (5/5 min) even while you’re offline.
Land Ownership.png Land Ownership Claim and own a piece of Erenor by placing Farms and Houses!
Loyalty Token.png Loyalty Tokens Get 5 Loyalty Tokens when you log in each day. Redeem them for special items at the in-game Loyalty Store!