ArcheAge has several ways of how someone can aquire items or pay for the Patron status in the game.

Trion World ShopEdit

The Website from Trion which is used to either manage a subscription (turning one into a Patron for the time of the subscription) or buy Credits.

Price for Credits:

  • 750 Credits - $5
  • 3250 Credits - $20
  • 8500 Credits - $50
  • 18500 Credits - $100

Price for recurring subscription:

  • $14.99 (1 month)
  • $38.97 (3 month)
  • $65.94 (6 month)

Apex are availabe for $10.

Non-recurring monthly passes are available for 2400 Credit.

Starter Packs are sold in this shop too and prior launch Founder Packs were available here. This shop is based on real money.


An ingame shop that is running on Credits or Loyalty Token. Sells potions, Expansion Scrolls, Mounts etc.

Auction HouseEdit

Ingame shop for player-to-player trade that is based on ingame currency (copper coins, silver coins etc). Can be used to sell anything, but selling is only possible for player with Patron status (while everyone can buy).

Apex can be traded here by player too and allows to pay for Patron status with ingame currency.

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