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Performances are a mechanic unique to the Songcraft class. The skills Quickstep, Ode to Recovery, Bulwark Ballad, Bloody Chanty, and Grief's Cadence are all perform skills. A player can play as many perform skills as they want at a time, but casting any skill other than another perform skill will end all current performances, with the sole exception of Startling Strain. Perform skills have a default range of 10 meters, but this can be increased to 25 meters with the Loudspeaker passive. Perform skills have a default duration 15 seconds, but this can be increased to 25 seconds with the Hold the Note passive. Perform skills all support party/raid members with various buffs or healing, and get increasingly stronger the longer they are played. An enemy subject to the Charmed debuff will be negatively affected by perform skills.