How Edit

You become a pirate after your infamy surpass 3,000. Your infamy increases when you will steal, kill innocent players, etc.

Upsides Edit

Grinding honor, now that they have removed the rewards from fishing/arena brackets, becomes alot easier, because you can grind off of all non-pirates to gain honor, you have the option to gain a 20% swim speed title, all faction members, besides pirates, are hostile so you can kill packs and get no crime points for doing so, and you have access to all normal city vendors in a small area.


As a pirate, you are unable to do most of the quests on the main land, communicate with the opposite faction (pre-pirate, that means everyone besides pirates may kill you), and go to jail on any main land continent for 40 min when you die on their land. However, when you die in the ocean, you'll spawn at the last landmass you set foot on without going to jail, because your a pirate. "yarr".

Note Edit

Before becoming pirate, gear up (Hasla weapon grind, trade pack runs, etc) and have all of the core materials you'll need, because when you become pirate, farming is harder and comes with consequences.

~And remember:

Source: I was a pirate on the NA alpha