Portals are a means of instantly transporting players to another place in the ArcheAge world.

Player PortalsEdit


User portal

There are three requirements for creating a portal:

1. Teleport Book -

Teleport book

2. Hereafter Stone

Teleport stone
Hereafter stones are crafted by players and so can also be purchased on the auction house. One stone is consumed upon creating a portal. There are two different kinds of stones: one for a portal to somewhere on the same continent, and one for a portal to a different continent.

3. Location (Destination)

A player will automatically unlock the ability to create a portal to a destination by first traveling there via other means. The locations are preset, and are general in the major quest hubs of a zone. Once acquired, the player will be able to create a portal by selecting that destination out of the teleport book.


Players can use their portals either by jumping through the middle or by walking near the portal and pressing "F".

Custom DestinationsEdit

While usually a player is limited to the preset teleport locations unlocked by travel, a player can set a custom teleport destination to his/her own house, or any house he/she has access to. To set a portal location to your house, simply light the fire in the fireplace, and right click on the fire to set. Setting a house location will require "Memory Ink" purchasable from the general vendor for 8 silver.

Public PortalsEdit

There are two types of public portals available in ArcheAge, Mirage Island Portals and Continent Portals.

Mirage Island PortalsEdit

Island portal

Mirage Island portal


Mirage Island Portals are used for teleporting to Mirage Island. Once on the island, you can access any of the three portals located on the island and they will return you to your previous location. Portals to Mirage Island are found in the housing areas located throughout a zone.

Continent PortalsEdit

Continent portal
Continent portals look the same as Mirage Island portals. There are, however, three ways to distinguish them: First and most easily, continent portals are not located in housing zones. There are very few continent portals and they are in zones where completion of the quests in that zone direct you to the other continent. 

The second way to distinguish them is that when a player mouses over the portal, it will display its destination (which will not be Mirage Island). The third and related way is that continent portals do not have the Mirage Island representative / auction broker standing next to them as shown in the previous section.


There are some limitations to using portals. The primary limitation is that you cannot use them when carrying a trade pack. This limitation applies to both user and public portals.

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