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Printing is a skill in Archeage primarily used to craft Books, Regrade Scrolls, and Spell Books. Gaining proficiency in this skill can be done by crafting at any Paper/Printing Press.

Most lower tier items can be crafted at Printing/Paper presses found in most major cities around Nuia and Harayana, with one also found on Growl Gate for pirates to easily use. Higher tier products will need to be crafted at a Regal Printing Press at a players personal property.

Prior to 2.5 printing was one of the few professions that required a heavy labor investment before being able to craft some of the more useful products, Unstoppable Force and Brick wall Spell books (each requiring 50,000 proficiency to craft).

Post 2.5 with the introduction of crafting houses, the proficiency requirement to craft spell books can be bypassed by using an Apothecary Townhouse. Besides labor reduction on crafts, the chief reason to have 50,000 proficiency is to craft Ayanad Scrolls (added in 2.9 and only craftable at the bench outside of the library in Diamond Shores.)

Tools and Supplies[]

Item Amount Materials Proficiency Labor Workbench
Paper Icon
2 Lumber x 1 0 3 Paper Press
Blank Regrade Scroll
2 Paper x 10

Dawn Lake Light Essence x 1

5000 10 Paper Press


Item Amount Materials Proficiency Labor Workbench
Archeage - Spellbook- Unstoppable Will
Spellbook: Unstoppable Will
5 Blank Regrade Scroll x 1

Glossy Feather x 3

Leather x 5

Fabric x 5

Yellow Coral x 3

Orange Coral x 2

50,000 50 Regal Printing Press
Weapon Regrade Scroll
1 Sunpoint x1

Blank Regrade Scroll x1

10,000 50 Printing Press
Armor Regrade Scroll
1 Moonpoint x1

Blank Regrade Scrollx1

10,000 50 Printing Press
Accessory Regrade Scroll
1 Starpoint x1


10,000 50 Printing Press
Pet Accessory Regrade Scroll
1 Earthmana Leaf x 25

Memory Ink x 2

Blank Regrade Scroll x1

0 50 Printing Press
The Art of Language
1 Paper x 50

Memory Ink x 5

Leather x 5

0 10 Printing Press
Golden Library Index
10 Paper x 5

Earthmana Leaf x 1

Fabric x 1

Leather x 1

0 10 Printing Press
Tyrenos's Index
1 Golden Library Index x10

Blue Salt Wedge X 1

0 25 Printing Press
Translation Manual
1 Warrior's Medal x 10

Blank Regrade Scroll x 1

Tyrenos's Index x 1

0 25 Printing Press
Glider Manacharge Scrolls
1 Glowing Prism x 20

Blank Regrade Scroll x1

Prismatic Diamond x 1

Blue Salt Hammer x 1

0 500 Printing Press
Glider Wingmaker Scroll
1 Glowing Prism x 50

Blank Regrade Scroll x1

Earthmana Leaf x 500

Gilda Dust x 100

Blue Salt Hammer x100

0 500 Printing Press