Commit the crime and do the time.

Archeage has a Judicial system whereupon you are sent to Prison should you be found guilty of a crime.

Crime PointsEdit

You accumulate Crime Points should you commit a crime, such as stealing or assault of players. If you recieve more than 50 points you will be sent to trial on your next PvP death.


Prison soccer

You will have your day in court. A Jury of your peers will decide upon your guilt and you are given the opportunity to defend yourself.

Players whom plead guilty will be sent to prision immediately for the offered duration.

Jurors Edit

These are selected from a pool of level 30+ players without infamy points, who are eligible for Jury Duty (have finished a quest, Witness Protection in Austera on Haranya for example).

Sentence Edit

Should you be found guilty, you will serve a sentence determined by a number of minutes (this has been known to go into the hundreds if not thousands!).

Prison Break Edit

Prison break

Should you break out of Prison and are subsequently caught again you will be placed on Trial another time. Should you be found guilty, your time from your previous sentence will be added to your new sentence.

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