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ArcheAge allows players the privilege of owning their own uninstanced property, meaning that it's in the main game world for everyone to see! This also means that the world affects your property so you'll need to carefully consider things like location and climate.

Property Types[]


On Mirage Island players may purchase blueprints for several styles and sizes of houses. There are distinctive style differences between houses inspired by the Nuians and the Harani. In addition to that players also have the option of creating an ocean side Marine style. See Houses for more information and a full list.


Player receive their first farm from a quest very early in the game. After construction players may use their lot to grow plants and/or raise animals.
See Farms for more information.


Big guilds may consider to build a castle/guild house, to build a castle a guild will have to work together because it requires a lot of materials and time.




Every week property owners are expected to prepay taxes on each lot they own. Tax payments are done via in-game mail. Property owners will have an invoice posted to them, with an option to "pay taxes" contained within. The price is dictated by the size of the community, amount of owned lots, and size of owned lots.
Players have one week from notice to pay their taxes or their property will be subject to default- someone smashing it and claiming the lot for themselves.