Western ContinentEdit


Nuian race

Called the Conquerors of the Continent, Nuians possess a deeply spiritual culture that revolves around Nui, the Goddess of the Hereafter. They revere the beauty and harmony of their fallen kingdom and fight fearlessly to maintain the traditions that brought them to power.

Racial skillsEdit

Skill Name Description
Blessing of Nui Doubles the time their stats are increased after being resurrected.
Before Sunset Reduces construction time for houses and castles by 30 %.


Elf race

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Elves seclude themselves deep in the forest, avoiding other races as much as possible. Though envied for their beauty, their behavior is considered incomprehensible: hoping for an honorable death, they seek out danger no matter the odds.

Racial skillsEdit

Skill Name Description
Deep Breath Underwater breathing is increased by 20 sec.
Supple Flow Your swimming speed is increased by 5 %.

Eastern ContinentEdit


Hariharan race

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Survivors in the truest sense, capable of extreme and heroic acts serving the interests (and preservation) of their people. Practical, cunning, and family-minded, it is no surprise the strength of their new kingdom rivals the strength of the kingdom they lost.

Racial skillsEdit

Skill Name Description
There's No Place Like Home The Harani have mastered the use of portals to travel across their far-flung empire, reducing the cast time and cooldown of their Recall ability by 30 %.
Impetuous Spirit Settling the jungles of Mahadevi taught the Harani to be efficient laborers, reducing the time they require for logging and gathering by 30 %.


Ferre race

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The restless, nomadic Firran roam the wilds, fueled by dreams of reclaiming their former glory. They believe every life – no matter how small – is not only valuable, but plays a critical role in the natural world. All Firran strive to find their purpose and play their part.

Racial skillsEdit

Skill Name Description
Soft Landing Firran can use their quick reflexes and powerful bodies to decrease fall damage by 20 %.
Sharpened Claws Long, non-retractable claws allow Firran to climb trees and ladders faster by 30 %.
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