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Overview[edit | edit source]

Aside from the three continents there are several other areas players can access.
For instanced challenges, see Dungeons.

Zones[edit | edit source]


Mirage Island[edit | edit source]

An island not seen on the world map, and is only accessible through a Mirage Isle portal. It is a circle-shaped island, with a small sea in the middle. One can view houses, vehicles, and participate in the Fishing Tournament.

Arcadian Sea[edit | edit source]

The largest body of water in Erenor. One can find Sunken Ships, Sunken Treasure Chests and ocean beasts. You can find exploration spots and islands with housing available as well.

  • Freedich Island
    • An island in the small Sunspeck Sea of the Arcadian Sea. It has the Gilda and Resource traders, including the Freedich Gold Trader that shows up at certain times. Some people hide among the foilage to attack those with trade packs, and just to attack. There is also a square with crates of coins and goods. There's also treasure chests in chambers with goods inside, opened with keys from raid bosses
  • Growlgate Isle
    • The home island for pirates. The raid boss Morpheus is located on this island. The Pirate Guild NPC is located there, as well as locations you must go to for certain quests.

Abyssal Channel[edit | edit source]

An unreleased area north of Haranya and a nearby island.

Castaway Strait[edit | edit source]

A smaller sea that has several islands for housing, and is a common sea for merchant boats to travel to the other continent to sell trade packs.

Halcyona Gulf[edit | edit source]

A sea south of the Castaway Strait that also includes several housing islands.

Shattered Sea[edit | edit source]

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