Sharpwind Mines

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Sharpwind Mines is located on the Western Continent in Dewstone. The entrance to the dungeon is in the southwestern corner of the map just north of the pathway to White Arden.

Sharpwind Mines has a mentee quest level from 20-29 and a Mentor level from 30+. The dungeon monsters range from 20-25.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When you enter the dungeon you'll see an NPC named Allistair, follow her. Be careful as the bridge is going to collapse and it will spawn a bunch of slimes. Do not panic, they are taken care of quite easily. As the chaos is over, you'll notice 3 heaps of stone you can interact with, do so and water will rise to lift you up. Once you're up you'll see the first mobs of the dungeon. These mobs are groups of 2 or 3 and there is often a mob patrolling around. None of these mobs should pose a threat except the illusionists, they can stun the whole party for a long duration. All mobs wil drop an item that gives you a skill or does something and expires after one use. When you reach the big room you can either clear it or just clear the right side to get to the boss. Every mob in the dungeon can drop purple or lower grade loot.

The first boss spawns after you kill the one-star mob with a special name. When she disappears and a straw dummy takes her place, beware of the lit dynamite scattered around. They give a small light as the fuse is lit. Stay clear of the explosion or you will take damage and get knocked down. She will sometimes cast an ability that will make swords drop down on you. As you cant dodge this by moving, be sure to stay as healthy as possible during the fight. If the boss is defeated she drops a treasure chest that contains a key to open the door next to the friendly NPC. Put the key in the lion's head and interact with it.

You can follow the NPC for a bit of storyline, or just grab a powderkeg and drop it by the "rock" on the side of the big room. (You can see the path that you'll open up on the minimap) Once you can advance into the tunnel, you'll see 2 ogres. You should kill these but beware when you cross a certain point in the tunnel, more slimes will spawn. This will happen around the space where the ogres are.

The second boss is a large stone creature. The tank stays in front of it while dodging as much as possible while the other party members deal damage from the sides or back. The frontal aoe's will knock you down, but can be dodged if you're not casting any spells. After the fight, grab another keg and blow up the "rock" in the wall. ( again, look at the minimap )

Once the pathway is clear, jump down into the water and swim to the next bossroom. You're able to make it in one breath.

The third boss is the final boss of this dungeon and a bit tougher than the others. Spread out to avoid his knockdown aoe. After the boss is getting damaged, he will summon tornadoes and adds. The adds wil drop shields that block an amount of damage if picked up. This is rather useful since the chance you will get hit by a tornado is quite big. After you kill the boss, be sure to interact with the book he drops to complete a quest.