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A scarecrow garden is the smallest available building that a player can use to claim land. It has an 8x8 footprint and a decor limit of 50 items. Returned via mail if removed. Return will be delayed 22 hours if the removal is due to unpaid taxes. Can't be sold once built.

Minimum taxes per week are 5 Tax Certificates (increases with number of buildings owned on the server), thus the security deposit to place the garden is 10 Tax Certificates.

Can be salvaged into 15 Enchanted Blueprints.


To obtain a scarecrow garden you need to have a scarecrow garden design in your inventory, which you can right click and it will show in the world by color if it can be placed. Placement is only possible in housing zones. Can't be placed on severe slopes or obstacles. Any objects within the construction perimeters, including plants and trade packs, will be destroyed.

To build it once the design was placed one needs

A first scarecrow garden can be obtained at the end of the Blue Salt Brotherhood quest line that starts in Solisa in Halcyona (for any faction).


It can be used to securely put down trade packs or to plant crops or grow lifestock. It can hold up to 36 small crops or 4 large and 5 small crops.

A Scarecrow Garden can be upgraded to a Scarecrow Farm (16x16).

A Scarecrow Garden Design further can be used to craft a Farmer's Workstation.