Part of the eastern continent of Haranya.

Points of InterestEdit

Solis Headlands
  • The Public Nursery for the Eastern Continent is located here. Sapling Merchants can be found close by, near the farm house of the nursery and in the Research Camp just up the hill.
  • The main city for the Haranya Alliance (Austera) is located here, in the northern middle of the zone.
  • The Prison (Isle of Penance) is located here, north of Austera.
  • There are 11 Nui Temple Statues located in Solis Headlands.

Austera Edit

The city of Austera is the main, or capital, city for the Haranya Alliance. There are trade hubs located in the city, the Gold Trader and Resource Trader for this zone is located in the city. Also, when "criminals" are prosecuted under the Infamy Point system for crimes, players meet a jury of their peers in the court house located here in the city. Special Event and Location portals are also found here.

Solis Headlands NurseryEdit

Solis headlands Nursery loc

Location of Solis Headlands Public Farm: Nursery.

The nursery is located south of Dusk Hill and just to the west of the Gorilla Mushroom quest area. To navigate by glider, after entering Solis Headlands from Mahadevi, just after you reach the first quest hub (located just inside the entrance to the zone), go through the fence as if you are going to the Nui Shrine. Step up on top of the hill behind the shrine and direct yourself towards the Research Camp area. Begin gliding and you can make minor adjustments as you glide.

The Nursery is located just south of the Research Camp and is a large open area. The Farm Manager is located due south of the Sapling Merchant, right next to the Gorilla Mushroom questing area.

Plants that can be planted include:

Note: As with any public farm, all trees planted in the nursery are protected for ONLY 24 hours from planting.

Questing Edit

Solis Headlands is a questing zone for level ranges of ~21-26.

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