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Note: Before Sorcery was announced by Trion as the official English name of this skill set, it was referred to as Magic or Mage by the ArcheAge community.



By choosing this path, the hero will have access to devastating spells elements that cause damage to one or more enemies.
Wizards considered their patron Aranzeb.

Sorcery is the combat tree for hurling damaging spells at your opponent. As the classic wizard-style tree, sorcery has many skills that affect multiple targets, a couple snares, and a couple close range AoE skills.

It relies on Intelligence: Increases magic attack +0.2 per point, max mana, magic accuracy, magic/ranged evasion, and magic/ranged critical rates.



Name Sorcery Reqs Damage Description* Cost* Cast Time* Cooldown* Range* Effects Combos
Flame Bolt Flamebolt Lv1 (0 + 209% Magic Attack) Magic Damage Can be used up to 3 times in a row without triggering a cooldown. Attack 1: Inflicts Burning for 3.2sec. Attack 3: Inflicts Conflagration on Burning enemies. All 3 attacks deal +12% additional damage on Electrocuted targets. 21 Mana 1 Second none Single 0-20m Effectburning Effectelectricshock
Freezing Arrow Freezing Arrow Lv3 (394 + 240% Magic Attack) Magic Damage Fires a freezing arrow at an enemy, dealing Magic Damage and reducing Move Speed by 60% for 4sec.

Freezes already freezing target, rooting for 14sec.

68 Mana 1.5 Seconds 6 Seconds Single 0-20m EffectchilledEffectslow EffectchilledEffectfrigidtracks
Insulating Lens Insulating Lens Lv10 Grants a magic shield for 40sec. which absorbs (215 + 225% Magic Attack) damage, and grants immunity to Trip.

When broken it explodes into ice shards, Snaring all enemies within 6m. This counts as freezing.

The cooldown begins when the effect ends.

29 Mana 1.5 30 Seconds Shield: Caster Only



Insulating Lens Effectchilled
Arc Lightning Arc Lightning Lv15

3+ Skillpoints

Skill: (422+ 550% Magic Attack) Magic Damage

DoT: 214 Magic Damage over 8sec.

Fires lightning bolts to deal Magic Damage and Shock an enemy. Also Shocks all other enemies within 2m. When this skill levels up, it increases damage, but also cast time. 44 Mana 2.5 Seconds 15 Seconds Single 0-20m Effectelectricshock Effectburning
Magic Circle Magic Circle Lv20 Summons a Magic Circle around the caster for 20 seconds. Increases Magic Attack +93 and Magic Crit Rate +5% while within the magic circle. 59 Mana Instant 21 Seconds Caster Only
Freezing Earth Freezing Earth Lv25 (373 + 140% Magic Attack) Magic damage Deals Magic damage to all enemies within 8 meters with a chance to Snare for 3.2sec. Snare duration reduced -50% in PvP. 130 Mana Instant 28 Seconds 8m PBAoE EffectchilledEffectsnared Effectchilled
Flame Barrier Flame Barrier Lv30 Calls forth a 20m wide wall of fire fore 10sec, which slows enemies by 40%.

Inflicts Flame Barrier on enemies that touch it, dealing (800 + 400% Magic Attack) over 5sec.

Deals +41% damage to Electrocuted targets.

280 Mana Instant 26 Seconds Caster Only EffectburningEffectslow Effectelectricshock
Chain Lightning Chain Lightning Lv35

4+ Skillpoints

Skill: (267 + 209% Magic Attack) Magic Damage

DoT: 406 Magic Damage over 8sec.

Fires lightning bolts to Damage and Shock an enemy. May also affect other enemies within 5 meters. Can strike up to 5 times, dealing -50% less damage with each subsequent hit.

Inflicts Electric Shock to enemies, spreading to enemies within 2m.

Stuns and silences the target for 1.5sec. if used whilst Insulating Lens is active.

136 Mana Instant 30 Seconds Single 0-12m Effectelectricshock Insulating Lens
Searing Rain Searing Rain Lv40 (455+ 325% Magic Attack) Magic Damage Rains down fire on all enemies in a 10-meter radius for 7 seconds, damaging enemies within the radius, and grants immunity to all debuffs during the cast.

Burns all affected targets.

Deals 44% additional damage to electrocuted targets.

414 Mana 2.5 Seconds 28 Seconds 10m PBAoE Effectburning Effectelectricshock
Frigid Tracks Frigid Tracks Lv45 Leaves a trail of icy footprints for 9sec.

These last for 3sec. and Freeze up to 8 enemies Solid. Confining them for 8sec.

50% reduced duration in PvP. Affected enemies are temporarily immune to Freeze effects.

118 Mana 2 Seconds 40 Seconds Self EffectchilledEffectstun
Meteor Strike Meteor Strike Lv50 (1585 + 900% Magic Attack) Magic Damage Calls down a meteor, dealing Magic Damage to up to 8 enemies in the target area. Also inflicts Knockback, Trip, and burning on

up to 8 enemies hit for 2.5sec.

Deals 30% additional damage to electrocuted targets.

564 Mana 5 Seconds 45 Seconds GT 0-25m, AoE 5m EffectburningEffecttripped Effectelectricshock
File:God's Whip.png God's Whip Lv55

5+ Skillpoints

Skill: (260 + 140% Magic Attack) Magic Damage

DoT: 598 Magic Damage over 8sec,

Calls down lightning on a target area to deal Magic Damage to enemies in a 6m radius; inflicts Electric Shock on enemies within a 5m radius, spreading to enemies within 2m. Can be used consecutively up to 5 times, with each attack dealing more damage.

Deals 20% additional damage to burning targets.

This skill has a reduced global cooldown.

86 Mana Instant 25 Seconds GT 22m, AoE 6m Effectelectricshock Effectburning

*Estimated Base values of Rank 1 skills, should be correct within p=5%. Values scale off ability rank, equipped items, and character level.


Name Sorcery Reqs Description
Mana Pool Increase Mana Pool Increase Skill Points 2+ Increases max mana by 35%.
Aranzeb's Infusion Aranzeb's Infusion Skill Points 3+ Decreases Sorcery skill cast time by 8%.
Magic Range Boost Mind over Matter Skill Points 4+ Decreases duration of Silence effects by 30%.
File:Mana Flurry.jpg Mana Fountain Skill Points 5+ Whenever either Insulating Lens, Frigid Tracks, or Magic Circle is cast, the Mana Fountain effect applies:
- Increases Attack Speed by 100.
- Decreases Cast Time by 15%.
- Lasts 20-60 sec.
Magic Precision Heir to Ayanad Skill Points 6+ Increases Magic Skill Damage from Sorcery Skills by 10%.
Sorcery Adept Skill Points 7+ Increases Magical Critical Rate by 9%.


Sorcery self-combos: EffectburningEffectchilledEffectelectricshockEffectfrigidtracks

Class Sorcery combos with class Class combos with Sorcery Both classes have
Archery EffectslowEffectstun none EffectslowEffectsnared - if slowed Effectstun
Auramancy Effectslow Effectsleeping none
Battlerage EffectslowEffectsnaredEffecttripped none EffectslowEffectsnared - if snared/slowed Effecttripped
Defense EffectslowEffectsnaredEffectstun none Effectstun - if stunned Effecttripped
Occultism Effectstun Effectimpaled2 Effectslow - if distressed Effectstun
Shadowplay* EffectslowEffectstunEffecttripped none Effectstun - if stunned/marked Effecttripped
Songcraft none none Effectstun - if charmed Effectslow
Vitalism none Effectimpaled2 Effectsnared
Witchcraft EffectburningEffectchilledEffectelectricshockEffectsnaredEffectstun EffectenervatedEffectsleeping EffectsnaredEffectstun
*Shadowplay's Drop Back modifies Flamebolt.

Sorcery tooltip Impaled combo icon is different than that of the two skills that Impale (in Occultism and Vitalism).