Specialty Goods, generally referred to as Trade Packs, are used in Trade Runs. Trade Packs may be quest-related, player-created, or fish. Player-created Trade Packs are crafted at a Specialty Workbench and require various resources, up to 60 Labor Points, and a Quality Certificate which may be purchased from General Goods Merchants (cost is 50 silver).

When carrying a Trade Pack players may not recall, pass through portals, or equip a glider. Players may utilize public carriages or airships, mounts (e.g., a donkey), or vehicles to significantly reduce the amount of time required to transport Trade Packs to their destination.

Types of Trade PacksEdit

There are six specific types of Trade Packs a player may come across in there time on ArcheAge.

  • Quest-related Trade Packs
  • Resource Trade Packs
  • Specialty Goods Trade Packs
  • Fellowship Specialty Goods Trade Packs
  • Multi-Purpose Aging Larder Trade Packs
  • Fish Trade Packs

Storing Trade PacksEdit

Trade Packs may be placed on the ground in most any location, so long as the player is not standing on land owned by another player to which they are not granted permission to access. Trade Packs placed on public land are marked as "free loot" and may be picked up by any other player. Trade Packs placed on private land may only be picked up by the player who owns the land and those granted permissions through the property's permission options (e.g., Family, Guild, Public).

Ships and certain vehicles have storage crates for Trade Packs - how many depends on the vehicle. Trade Packs may be placed into or removed from storage crates by any player in the same party or raid as the owner of the ship or vehicle.

Trade Packs may not be set down on exceptionally steep hills, while aboard ships or other moving vehicles, public carriages and airships, or when not on land (e.g., in the water or inside housing). There may be other circumstances that prevent placement of Trade Packs.

Trade Packs that have been placed on or fall to the ground will remain and disappear after six days if not picked up.

Turning in Trade PacksEdit

Trade Packs may be turned in to Gold Traders, Gilda Traders, and Resource Traders which are found throughout Erenor. Trade Packs may not be turned in to traders in the same region in which a Trade Pack was crafted. Gilda Traders and Resource Traders accept only goods from other continents. Fish Track Packs are turned in at fishing stands which are found at most harbors and lake-side docks.

The payment for a Trade Pack is affected by several factors:

  • if the Trade Pack was turned in by a player other than the player who crafted it
  • distance from the region in which the Trade Pack was crafted to the turn in point
  • number of the same Trade Pack turned in by any player(s) recently
  • if the Trade Pack was crafted at a Fellowship Plaza Specialty Workbench
  • if the Trade Pack was crafted at a Multi-Purpose Aging Larder
  • if the Trade Pack is a Fish


  • Resource Trade Packs (e.g., Lumber Pack, Fabric Pack, Stone Pack) may be deconstructed while placed on the ground, this yields a 90% return of the resource used to craft the Trade Pack.
  • Fish Trade Packs may only be placed on the ground or in the holding tank of a Fishing Boat, they cannot be placed in a Trade Pack storage crate found on specific boats and vehicles.
  • Turning in a Fish Trade Pack at a fish stand requires no labor.
  • Rewards for most Trade Packs are paid by mail after 22 hours with 5% interest added to the price quoted upon turn in however, Fish Trade Packs rewards are paid immediately when turned in at a fish stand, no interest added.
  • In most cases, if a player turns in a pack that was crafted by another player, the payment is divided as such: 20% goes to the crafter and 80% goes to the player who turned in the pack. The exception to this rule is for Multi-Purpose Aging Larder Trade Packs, the player who turns in the pack received 100% of the reward regardless of who crafted it originally.