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A crafting skill devoted to the creation of fabrics and production of cloth goods.

Tools and Supplies[]

The main source with which to make fabrics is either by growing and harvesting cotton or farming sheep and sheering them for their wool. You can start off by farming the cotton or wool and then process it at a loom.

Cloth can be dyed and treated to increase it's value.

You can then start to build various items of clothing or armour, starting with the very basic, progressing your way through the different levels, using more specialised materials.


Small Root Pigment[]

Gather supplies for a Small Root Pigment

Making Small Root Pigment[]

Using the supplies from the Small Root Pigment quest, craft a Small Root Pigment from an Alchemy Table

Fashions Fade; Style is Forever[]

For this quest you need 50000 in tailoring.

Craft an Illustrious Hood, Shirt, Pants, Gloves, and Shoes. You'll get the title Fashions Fade; Style is Forever which increases Tailoring +1000 and spirit +10.


Item Skill Level Source Reagents
Fabric 0 Weaving Loom Cotton or Wool

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