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Mimics the display of coin in the game. An optional formatting parameter spaces the values equally to keep columns organized.

  • {{Coin|<value>}}
  • {{Coin|<value>|<format>}}


Code Result
{{Coin|0}} Copper
{{Coin|1}} Copper
{{Coin|12}} 12 Copper
{{Coin|100}} Silver
{{Coin|1234}} 12 Silver 34 Copper
{{Coin|10000}} Gold
{{Coin|10001}} Gold 1 Copper
{{Coin|120034}} 12 Gold 34 Copper
{{Coin|12345600}} 1234 Gold 56 Silver
{{Coin|12345678}} 1234 Gold 56 Silver 78 Copper
{{Coin|0|yes}} 0 Copper
{{Coin|1|yes}} 1 Copper
{{Coin|1200|yes}} 12 Silver0 Copper
{{Coin|12345|yes}} 1 Gold23 Silver45 Copper
{{Coin|12340000|yes}} 1234 Gold0 Silver0 Copper
{{Coin|12345600|yes}} 1234 Gold56 Silver0 Copper
{{Coin|12340001|yes}} 1234 Gold0 Silver1 Copper
{{Coin|12340601|yes}} 1234 Gold6 Silver1 Copper
{{Coin}} Copper


Parameter 1 (Required)
  • Number of copper
  • A quick rule of thumb is to think of it as a format of gsscc as applicable, where 'g' is any greater number of gold, 'ss' is up to 99 silver, and 'cc' is up to 99 copper.
  • Negative values will return 0
  • Invalid input will bring up Copper
Parameter 2 (Optional)
  • Any value:
  • Include coins even if their value is 0
  • For use in tables such as merchants to keep organized and easily readable
  • Parameter is ignored if input is invalid

Attention: This template may be linked to from other templates (What Links Here) and editing it could have a cascading effect. Please be sure you know what you're doing before editing.