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This is used on data pages to find the content page or pages using the given data pages. It also provides helpful information for users in sorting out some common issues or difficulties that might come up regarding the use of data pages.

When one and only one content page is found, its name is assigned to Property:Has content page. Content page names are also assigned to the content_page variable even if there is more than one; in that case, the names will be separated by a comma. Data pages that are not being used by content pages are added to Category:Unused imported data, while data pages being used by more than one content page are added to Category:Imported data used by multiple pages.


{{Content page section|topic_type=name of topic type|infobox=infobox template name}}

Note: give the infobox template name as it would be used when transcluding it, not necessarily the exact page name. If there is more than one such infobox, separate the names with commas.