Territory Statue Design

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Territory Statue Design

Binds on Pickup

Territory statues can be built at Rising Star Stonemason Workbenches at Seachild Wharf in Cinderstone Moor or at Caernord in Ynystere.

Placement: Claimed territories

Construction Materials
- 100 Rising Star Stone Pack

Caution: Dropped designs disappear after 15 days.
Returned via mail if building is demolished.


Places the territory's corresponding statue.
- Heedmar: Akrites
- Nuimari: Calleil
- Calmlands: Ezi
- Marcala: Shatigon
- Exeloch: Hora
- Sungold Fields: Nui

Each statue grants different effects to the citizens of the territory.

Buy Price: 1000 Gold

Max. Stack Size: 1

Cannot Sell