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Thunderstruck Tree

This cracked and burnt tree was clearly struck by lightning.


Spend 5 Labor to chop a Thunderstruck Tree and receive 4 Thunderstruck Logs.

Buy Price: 40 Copper

Shop Value: 20 Copper

Max. Stack Size: 100

Thunderstruck Tree is the rare version of Thunderstruck Log. It is very rarely obtained by trees that are struck by lightning and can be used to received 4 Thunderstruck Logs at the cost of 5 labor. It is unconfirmed whether higher Logging skill increases the chance of obtaining this.

Location doesn't increase chance of getting a thunderstruck tree, nor does climate. Any tree has a chance to be 'thunderstruck', though it seems the longer the growth cycle, the higher chance of it occurring. Fruit bearing trees cannot become thunderstruck after they have reached the fruit bearing stage.

Rumbling Archeum Sapling has a 10 % chance to get struck

A thunderstruck tree will last 2 days in the world before decaying.