A Trade Run is the process from crafting a trade pack or specialty good to delivering it to a resource merchant (trade packs) or the Gold Trader or Gilda Trader (specialty goods) for payment. It is part of the Commerce system in ArcheAge. On the Nuian continent Trade Guide Edward in Windshade, Lilyut gives the first Trade Run quest as introduction.

The farther the trade pack is taken from the region of creation, the more valuable the trade run will be.

Delivery of the GoodsEdit

Specialty Goods are very heavy. They must be carried on the back and prevent teleportation. While carrying a specialty good/trade pack, walking is faster than riding a normal mount. But riding a donkeys is better, as they slow down less than regular mounts and outmatch with the heavy load normal mounts and walking clearly. The trade guide quest gives at some point a donkey, otherwise they can be obtained in the Marketplace or at the Mirage Island.

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