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Trade is an important part of ArcheAge, allowing players to plot caravan routes to different destinations and gain either gold or Gilda Stars upon completion of the route. Gold is used to buy items from merchants or the player driven Auction House while Gilda Stars are used to buy houses, furnishings, and blueprint plans from the neutral region of Mirage Island.

Each region in the game with a trading outpost boasts specialty goods that may be constructed only in that region. These "backpacks" are then carried by the player to a destination trade NPC of choice outside of that region. During a route, the backpack slows the player down and the player may be attacked by other players hoping to grab the backpack. The amount of money that the player receives when the backpack is turned in depends on the distance traveled, so traveling from the eastern continent to the western continent will earn a player more money than just staying on the same continent.

Gilda Star Conversion[]

If a backpack is turned in for Gilda Stars, there is a conversion for how many coins will be obtained in terms of the amount of gold the backpack is good for. The known conversion is:

  • 1gp+ : 1 star
  • 3gp+ : 2 stars
  • 4gp+ : 3 stars
  • 5gp+ : 4 stars
  • ...
  • 11gp+ : 7 stars

Trade Route Tables[]

Values in tables are no longer accurate and added delivery points are missing
These tables were translated Korean wiki[1] and numerical amounts may change. There is a range of gold obtained for an item that goes from 80% to 130%[2] of that item's market value. The tables are a full table from trading location to trading location and because of this, locations that are the same are X'd out as you cannot deliver to the location where a backpack is made.






A farm wagon

Because of the severe movement speed penalty imposed by Trade Packages, players must use alternate means of travel in order to reach their destination.

These include:


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