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Transportation refers to a way of travelling across the world of ArcheAge.

Modes of transportation[]

There are several ways of coming around in ArcheAge.

Personal Transportation[]

This type of transportation is player based, so you have to own an item or utility that you own.


When you enter ArcheAge your main means of getting around is simply on foot.
The base run speed is 5.4 m/s.
Players gain a Sprint skill at level three(3) that increases run speed to 8 m/s but drains mana while activated.


Mounts provide a faster method of ground-based personal travel. They include Lions, Deer, Horses, and more.
See Mounts for a detailed list.


Gliders are a mode of personal transportation.


A ship is used to travel the seas


Cars are vehicles that offer fast land transportation, often featuring slots for trade packs.


You receive a teleporter book at character creation that records every bind point (the big books floating above a book stand) you pass by. With Hereafter Stones you can open a teleporter gate anywhere to each of these recorded location. 1-3 stones are consumed per teleport gate opened. You use them by jumping through them.

Public Transportation[]

Public transportation is infrastructure provided by the game that automatically drives along predetermined routes. These are free to use. Be careful: if you accept a jury call while for example on an airship you will port to the court but when the trial is over the game will port you back to your location no matter if the ship is still there causing potentially your death from falling. Additionally these modes of publication if not teleporter have often seats which protect you from being nudged by other player - potentially overboard. Public transportation is free.


A carriage is a land based mode of transportation that allows players to move efficiently from town to town.


A monorail is a means of faster travel within large cities such as Marianople


Airships are a mode of flying transportation that is similar to a dirigible or blimp.

Trade Ships[]

These ships commute between Ezna (Two Crowns) and Austera (Solis Headlands) and between Solzreed and Ynystere. They can be boarded for free, but PvP is active. To get protected one needs a Captain's Protection from the cargo ship manager. Once you board talk to the ship's captain to activate your protection. The Captain's Protection will then guarantee safe passage for 35 minutes. The cargo ship spends 20 minutes at port between arrival and departure. So check how long until the ship departs before activating the protection!


Worldgates exist as public permanent teleporter in the world in specific locations. Some lead to dungeons, some to other continents.