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Turkey Chick

Releases a turkey chick. Grows faster in suitable climates.

Vocation: Husbandry
Matures in 5 h 43 m
Fodder: Ground Grain
Climate: Temperate
Acquire from Livestock Merchants

If placed outside protected land, it will eventually become public property.


Costs 10 Labor to place outside of protected land (public or private).

Buy Price: 12 Silver

Shop Value: Silver

Max. Stack Size: 10

Upon harvest, gives 4-5 Pelts and 5-6Turkey Meat.

Occasionally will become afflicted with either the Hungry or Diseased condition.

If hungry, feed two Ground Grain and the Turkey will then be in optimal condition for harvest.

If diseased, use a Livestock Supplement (sold for 25 Vocation Badges by Blue Salt Brotherhood Merchants Hilal/Asha), wait (3 hours) for the Turkey to recover, and then feed the Turkey to bring it to optimal harvestable condition .


Small Turkey Chick
  • Husbandry: Spend 1 Labor and 1 Ground Grain to feed livestock.
    Changes the turkey to a Turkey Chick, reducing the growing time.
Turkey Chick
  • Spend 15 Labor to butcher young livestock. (Gives only once piece of meat.)