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Official Patch Note Forum[edit | edit source]

To keep track of the official patch notes, go to this link

ArcheAge Version 2.9b - Anniversary Update[edit | edit source]

New Content[edit | edit source]

The northern Auroria zones of Exeloch and Sungold Fields now support player castles. These zones are available for claim by any guild capable of delivering the Purifying Archeum to the lodestone. Standard Auroria claim rules are in affect and the Purifying Archeum must be crafted at the Diamond Shores faction base on Sundays.

  • Player castles located in these zones benefit from increased size. They support a combined 150 walls and towers; two gatehouses; and have a larger footprint.
  • Exeloch and Sungold Fields castles are subject to normal siege rules, lordly taxes, and support player housing after the castle has been claimed. The Lord of Exeloch can wear the Terradark Guardian costume and the Lord of Sungold Fields can wear the Sunflower Guardian costume.

NOTE: At the release of the September Update all existing Purifying Archeum Packs have been deconstructed and their materials have been sent to their current owner. This include packs on the backs of logged out characters camped near a potentially unclaimed archeum lodestone; those placed in storage silos or other containers, on the ground, or hidden somewhere special. The workbench will spawn again next Sunday and the claiming process will proceed as intended from that point onward.

The Statistic Migration system has been added. Use basic talismans available at the General Merchant and advanced talismans forged with honor medals and materials from Evenbards to migrate your character's base stats. The RNG element has been removed from this system and players are able to choose which stats decrease and increase.

  • The number of talismans consumed by each stat migration increases based on how many times per day a stat is migrated. The amount of talismans required resets daily at 00:00 UTC.
  • The maximum number of stats available to be migrated starts at 200 and can be increased to 300 through use of migration scales. Stat changes can be reset with the use of a migration scalpel.
  • For more information check out our spotlight article here!
  • The Free-For-All Arena is now accepting all challengers! Players can queue to join the battle through an arena master, or from the convenience menu with patron benefits.
  • The arena supports 8 players at a time and pits them against each other in ruthless combat. For more information, check out our spotlight article here!
  • We've received feedback about the viability for pure healers to effectively participate in the FFA Arena. Much like our current 1v1 arenas, healers who wish to participate will most likely need to swap to a hybrid/DPS spec. The FFA arena was originally released with the 3.0 update in Korea. Some of the changes present in the upcoming 3.0 version include damaging abilities from the Vitalism tree scaling with respect to Healing Power instead of Magic Damage. While it's too early to consider those changes for our version it was a factor within the original design of the FFA Arena.

Spellbound Undergarments have been added and are craftable at the Proven Warrior workbench. Yes, I just said both of those things. The recipe is visible on the folio. While these undergarments can't be regraded and don't come with any inherent stats, they're totally accepting of being lunafrosted. Spend 15,000 honor at the honor shop to gain a +15 specific stat bonus to your undies.

  • Read more about underwear (because really, why wouldn't you?) here.
  • The teleport book has been revamped! Existing locations can now be sorted by category and even favorited for super quick locating. A search feature has been added, and previous UI functions have been retained.

Dice rolls for loot can now be automatically rolled on or automatically passed thanks to enhancements to the rolling system.

Weapons of Celestial through Mythic grades now display an additional visual effect to represent their power. We wrote a spotlight article about it and it's located here!

Upcoming Events[edit | edit source]

  • Masked Daru Weapons as well as temporary Heroic and Epic grade Delphinad weapons will become available for claim on the marketplace with the next marketplace update. They last for 30 minutes and can be claimed 3 times per day starting on 9/28 and ending on 10/4 (UTC).
  • All Auction House commissions will be reduced to 1 gold from the release of the September update until maintenance on 9/20 (UTC).
  • The Spelling Bee event will become available at the release of the September update until 9/21 (UTC). During this event players can kill creatures in Sungold Fields and Exeloch to receive letters. Spell the words ARCHEAGE and THUNDERSTRUCK to receive prizes! See PTS note below.
  • Get Stuffed in Diamond Shores with our new fall-themed long-duration event. From the release of the September Update until 11/16 (UTC) players can visit the Turkey Pen in Diamond Shores to do limited time quests and participate in the festivities. NOTE: Part of the quest requires the combining of 10 Nest Twigs and the consumption of the resulting quest activator. When the quest becomes active the result will be a TRADEPACK on your BACK. It needs to be delivered to Diamond Shores within 15 minutes. Be cautious of where you activate the quest or run like hell, one of the two. Abandoning and reactivating the quest also works. NOTE2: The text for the Get Stuffed turkey event in Diamond Shores suggests that there might be other turkey pens in other cities but in effort to allow mostly equal access to the location it's really only available in Diamond Shores.
  • 10 new Anniversary-related achievements have been added to the "Events" section of the Achievement Window. These are limited time rewards. Don't miss out on getting your very own Drumstick!
  • Over the course of the Anniversary celebrations, players can earn up to five 2nd Anniversary Coins. These coins can be redeemed in Mirage Isle and are more valuable in higher quantities. Packages containing the fabled Tamed Seabug Mount can be obtained for 3-5 coins.
  • The Free-For-All Arena special event has been added and will become available for participation starting on 9/28 and ending on 10/4 (UTC).

General Gameplay Changes and Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • The drop rate of Mysterious Garden Powder from coin purses has been doubled.
  • The Tailfin and Reinforced Tailfin for submarines have received an ever so slight speed increase. 5% -> 10% and 10% -> 20% respectively.
  • The ability to declare Dominion in Mirage Isle is suspended. This system was released quickly and has some critical bugs that need to be addressed. The re-release of this feature is targeted for October 2016.
  • The maximum storage amount supported by a player's warehouse has been increased to 150 slots. Expansion scrolls are required for each increase of 10 slots.
  • Fixed some issues that may have caused some Lunafrosts to improperly display (or not display at all) on shields.
  • Fixed the issue where character models clipped through the netting on the Enoan Galleon.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed view values to be adjusted while in camera mode.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented crafted library costumes from triggering the associated Achievements. This fix may not be retroactive.

ArcheAge Version 2.9 Build 9.2 - The Shadowguard Festival[edit | edit source]

New Event Schedule[edit | edit source]

A highly community requested feature is finally here! North America and Europe now feature event times better customized to their audiences, with events occurring throughout the day and primetime hours.

To see what events happen at what times on your server, read the full schedule here.

We're public testing the Skill Queue and Korean Skills!

Skill Queue and Korean Skills are now available, and we're looking for your feedback on how they are performing. Please join us in the Official Discussion forum here and offer your feedback on this new style of combat in ArcheAge! The main skills affected are:

  • Triple Slash
  • Endless Arrows
  • Rapid Strikes
  • Mana Stars

Two New Events![edit | edit source]

The Masked Daru needs YOUR help in removing new threats from Mistmerrow, all while Mirage Isle is celebrating a new style of fishing event. Try your hand at one of these quests today, before they end on August 31 at 11:59 PM GMT (-7 PDT)!

Fish for Tokens on Mirage Isle

There are tokens out in those high seas, and they’re all floating by Mirage Isle! If you want to fish ‘em up, you’re gonna need a special rod for that work.

Stay logged in for 10 minutes and the Divine Clock will offer you a special fishing rod that you can use to catch these tokens on Mirage Isle! Be quick about it though, as the rod will only last for 30 minutes.

Catch 25 tokens to earn a reward crate which could hold Lunarite, Point Fragments, Merit Badges, Warrior’s Medals, or Mysterious Garden Powder. Rarely, the crate could even offer Regrade Charms, including Red and Superior Red, or a Full Kit: Tidal Bungalow. Remember: Full kits don’t require materials or labor to build; they’re immediately ready the moment you put it down!

Defeat new foes in Mistmerrow

The Masked Daru is back, and he needs YOU to help protect Mistmerrow from a new set of threats. Visit him at your faction’s base of operations in Marianople, Austera, or Growlgate to kick off two new hunt quests in Mistmerrow.

After Kadum falls or 30 minutes after he spawns at the end of a Mistmerrow battle, Red Dragon Hatchlings and Enraged Tuskbarks will appear in the area. Lend a hand in their defeat to complete these quests and earn Merit Badges, Honor, and a Brave Hero Token. Once you complete the quests once, you won’t be able to complete them again for another 2 hours, enabling you to complete these quests 3 times a day.

During the event you can exchange your Brave Hero Tokens with buffs from the Vibrant Greenman and Evergreen Yata, or you can save up your tokens to earn a Duun’s Blessing for your regrades or a Bound Serendipity Stone for a statistic reroll!

The Shadowguard Festival will be making an appearance on August 30th, so look for more information that festival coming soon!

General[edit | edit source]

  • The tooltip of the Blank Territory Work Permit has been adjusted.
  • Mirage Isle is no longer a safe zone for dominions. If your guild is involved in a dominion, you can be killed in Mirage Isle.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where the Arena UI could bug out and lose its background.
  • Fixed an issue where the state bar for each faction is not displayed appropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where gear that is not equipped is shown as a equipped on the shortcut key bar.
  • Fixed an issue where error messages could be shown in the chat.
  • Fixed a crafting bug where accessing recipes through the higher tier button would disable crafting.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Auction Duration" text was showing the wrong time.
  • Corrected the translation of "Auction Duration" when interacting with the Siege Pedestal.
  • Adjusted the color tagging in the tooltip of the Marauder's Glider.

ArcheAge Version 2.9 Build 9.1 - The Zodiac Festival[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Added in 4 brand new, limited time events. Read more about them here!
  • More user folders have been created in the game's directory to save settings. This should help address issues regarding the wrong user settings being saved, and a crash that could occur on Windows 10.
  • The following items will no longer be summonable on someone else's property: 3-Day Any-Post Owl, Personal Any-Post Owl, Permanent Personal Post Parrot, Anywhere Warehouse.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue on the Owl Post Uniform's monocle. It now appears in the correct place on a male Firran.
  • Addressed a bug that could cause players in a player nation to see the faction chat of their previous nation.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate tradepacks are produced when the Territory Market NPC receives requests at the same time while only have 1 good left.
  • Gilda Dust recipes will no longer suck MP from you like a Bluebood Vampire.
  • Addressed a glitch that would cause the Lullaby Pajama Top from being displayed properly when a male Elf sits down while wearing it.

ArcheAge Version 2.9 Build 9.0 - Part II - The Blue Salt Festival[edit | edit source]

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Costumes can now be leveled up to the Mythic grade! Further benefits await!
  • Added a respawn point in Mirage Isle for those pesky unexpected falling deaths.
  • Siege strongholds are now untradable.
  • The following items no longer support image fusion:
    • Talik's Old Glider
    • Red Bull Glider
    • Merit Badge Feathered Hope
    • Gilded Royal Glider
  • Grand Ginkgo Leaf is no longer categorized under Medicine.
  • The daily merit quest pool no longer uses quests related to the weekend dungeons.
  • All server prefixes have been removed on the server selection screen. From this point forward, all servers are considered legacy servers.
  • The chatbox will now show a notification when a player uses a title item.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where players could be disconnected by driving a vehicle.
  • Added all of the upgrade recipes for Mistsong items at the Distorted Mistsong Workbench.
  • All Yata mounts have been set back to the appropriate speed.
  • All flying mounts can be de-summoned while they are gliding again.
  • Equipment Score Rankings now appropriately appear on the leaderboard when you mouse over a player's name.
  • The landing animation on Inoch Wings is now visible to other players.
  • The Magic Damage +6% set bonus on Delphinad Cloth armor is now appropriately added.
  • Fixed an issue where the /sweep emote would not appropriate start its animation on Harani characters.
  • Fixed an issue where a ship could sink if it's equipped with the Zephyr Explosives Workbench and resummoned.
  • Auroria Twilight Saplings will no longer shrink in size during their growing phase. That was just silly.
  • Fixed the Firran Female's long hair from clipping into the Owl Post Uniform.
  • Fixed a chair in Dawnsilver where players could get stuck.
  • Shadow Step can now be used against Mimic type monsters.
  • Fixed a recall bug that could cause players to get stuck.
  • Fixed a system message issue on the Wyvern.
  • Fixed a number of bugs reported by the community regarding the Equipment Encyclopedia.
  • Fixed a bug associated with the Soulmare causing nearby NPCs to become invisible.
  • Fixed a bug that kept player nation allies from receiving the Halcyona buff after winning.
  • The miserly goblins will now more reliably give up their treasure in the quest "Goblin Treasure."
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Territory Statue Design to be unbuildable after being placed on the ground.
  • Krisna has finally gotten the memo and will reliably appear in the quest, "Escape from the Black Sands."
  • Fixed a bug that would cause houses owned by players in a Player Nation to be incorrectly tagged as the correct faction. This would result in the owner's land being taxed incorrectly. (They'd be charged double in their own faction's lands and would receive normal benefits in their original home faction.)

ArcheAge Version 2.9 Build 9.0 - Part I - Ascension[edit | edit source]

Player Nation System[edit | edit source]

Highly ranked guilds can now begin the process of founding their own nation and standing toe-to-toe with the alliances in Nuia and Haranya. It will not be an easy path, but for those who can make it the rewards are great!

Learn more about Player Nations in this official spotlight article.

Castle Upgrades[edit | edit source]

There's a brand new economy in Auroria, and it's up to everyone to keep it running! Help the guilds of the North build brand new structures, and profit from your efforts in Lord's Coin. Or, will you become a thief and steal from guilds looking to make more than their fair share of profits?

Learn more about this new system in our Spotlight on Castle Upgrades!

New updates to Arena Matchmaking and Sieges[edit | edit source]

Sieges now feature blind bidding for siege scrolls, and the Arena has a brand new matchmaking system in place! 

Read more about these changes in our spotlight on PvP updates.

New World Event - Crimson Counterattack![edit | edit source]

Join forces with the other factions in the game as you attempt to defeat the towering Kadum in our newest event, The Crimson Counterattack!

To participate in the Crimson Counterattack, simply stay in a Mistmerrow battle until the end of the fight. Once Mistmerrow has been decided, the Crimson Army will redouble their efforts and begin the Crimson Counterattack. During this time Mistmerrow will be set to peace and all players, regardless of faction, will be allied with one another. 

Ayanad Scraps[edit | edit source]

The Ayanad Scrap System has been added. This new system allows players to craft Ayanad Weaponsmithing, Armor and Accessory Scrolls through use of the Printing Vocation.

To craft an Ayanad Scroll, players will use the Disciple's Workbench outside of the Ayanad Library. The recipes require 50,000 Printing skill and the following materials:

  • Ayanad Weaponsmithing Scroll: 80x Ayanad Scroll Scrap, 1x Book of Auroria, 10x Sunpoint, and 250x Earthmana Leaves.
  • Ayanad Armorsmithing Scroll: 50x Ayanad Scroll Scrap, 1x Book of Auroria, 10x Moonpoint, and 250x Earthmana Leaves.
  • Ayanad Accessory Scroll: 35x Ayanad Scroll Scrap, 1x Book of Auroria, 10x Starpoint, and 250x Earthmana Leaves.

Ayanad Scraps can be obtained through the following methods:

  • Rarely from an Enchanted Chest (NPC) in the Ayanad Library
  • Rarely from a Queen's Coinpurse
  • Guaranteed as a reward from completing the third part of the tiered daily quest "Reclaim the First Floor, Part 1, 2 and 3."

Ayanad Scroll Scraps stack to 1,000 and are tradable.

New Regrade Rates[edit | edit source]

Weapon, Armor and Accessory regrading has been adjusted to result in an overall easier time reaching the Celestial Grade.

The regrade success chance at the Heroic Grade has been decreased from base 30% to 25% but the downgrade chance has been removed.

The regrade success chance at the Unique Grade has been decreased from base 25% to 20% but the downgrade chance has been removed.

The regrade success chance at the Celestial Grade is unchanged. This tier is now the only tier that can cause a downgrade on a normal failure while a major failure will still break your item at this tier.

Regrade adjustments have only occurred at the Heroic and Unique grades and only for Weapons, Armor and Accessories. It's still possible for an item to downgrade from Celestial to Arcane Grades but remember that percentage chance to downgrade replaced item destruction chance. This change is unique to the NA/EU version of ArcheAge for now. Hurray!

The Equipment Encyclopedia[edit | edit source]

The Equipment Encyclopedia has been added and can be accessed by pressing (SHIFT-I) by default.

This new resource is designed to serve as an in-game item reference and equipment catalog. You can use it to see the stats on a weapon, how the weapon can be obtained, and make a decision if it's something that would benefit your character.

The encyclopedia also allows you to sort, filter and change the grade of the gear you're looking at so you can measure how much an impact the item would make both in equipment points, and stat adjustments.

For the time being, the Equipment Encyclopedia considers Weapons, Armor and Accessories. All items presented are untempered/unmodified with the exception of grade. Most crafted items available in the encyclopedia have a corresponding recipe link in the Folio.

Obsidian Tier 7[edit | edit source]

Tier 7 Obsidian Weapons and Armor have been added. For more specific information about the exact stats of a Tier 7 Obsidian item please use the in-game Equipment Encyclopedia by pressing SHIFT-I (default). It's also possible to select a specific grade when viewing a piece of Tier 7 Obsidian in the encyclopedia.

To convert a piece of Tier 6 Obsidian to Tier 7 a Brimstone Orb must be acquired from the Marketplace at an Aurorian Castle at the Territory Workbench. 

Brimstone Orbs are crafted by 50,000 Skill Handicrafters and require the following materials: 6 Lord's Coins, 15 Sturdy Ingots and 10 Prismatic Pearls. Brimstone Orbs are tradable.

A Brimstone Orb can be right-clicked from the inventory and applied to an existing piece of Obsidian Tier 6. When this occurs a Brimstone <Type> Wisp will be produced. The wisp will be equal in grade to the T6 item that was orb'd. For example, a T6 Legendary Greatsword would produce a Legendary Brimstone Greatsword Wisp after the orb is applied. Brimstone Wisps are not tradable and are not usable as a weapon so only apply this process when you're ready to upgrade to Tier 7. Brimstone Wisps are exactly typed to the weapon or armor piece that was orb'd. They don't follow the broad groups that are common to Mana Wisps.

The Brimstone <Type> Wisp is the main crafting component when reforging Obsidian Tier 7. Review the Folio to see what other materials are required. Once all the materials are gathered, they can be crafted into a "Cloaked Brimstone <Type>". In our example above, this would produce a "Cloaked Brimstone Greatsword" of Legendary grade. A Cloaked Brimstone Item is tradable.

The Cloaked Brimstone Weapon or Armor Piece can then be uncloaked (unsealed) to reveal two or four selectable final versions. Uncloaking a Brimstone Item will bind it to the character. T7 Armor pieces have 2 versions per type similar to how there are 2 types of Obsidian T4-6 Armor. T7 Weapons have 2 to 4 versions to mix and match 2 sets of attributes with 2 sets of passives. Note that some T7 Obsidian Weapons only have 2 versions.

Please be careful and review in triplicate the type of T7 Obsidian you intend to uncloak as this process cannot be reversed.

General[edit | edit source]

  • New, limited time quests are activated on PTS. These are related to the Ascension Welcome Back promotion. More details on that will be provided at release.
  • Modifications have been made to templated character appearances as character selection. You now gain more ability to quickly customize a new look. Two to six new character hair styles have been added for each Race/Gender combination. You can now define 2 colors for these hair styles, the length at which the colors blend, and even create highlighting effects. To do good, you must look good.
  • Made minor adjustments to the text that appears in the drop down menu for the Auction House when sorting by price.
  • New recipes have been added to upgrade Bound Synthium Stones to the next tier's version. The recipe requires similar ingredients to the unbound version. This is an issue that changed based on community feedback.
  • Rerolling a costume stat through use of a Serendipity Stone or a level up reroll will no longer result in the same stat being applied. When reviewing the potential stat list, the one that's being rerolled will be grayed out. This is an issue that changed based on community feedback.
  • An option to show Weapons while wearing a costume has been added to the Character Display Settings (Gear Icon next to the Costume Slot). Character display settings have been removed from the Options menu.
  • Bag and Warehouse Expansion Scrolls can be applied in rapid succession if there are multiple stacked in the character's inventory.
  • The "Smokin' Waves" dance is no longer automagically granted when the title is earned with Merit Badges and consumed by the character. A series of quests must now be completed to earn the dance once the character has the title. It sounds like a nerf but the quests are totally amazing and worth it.
  • When players are killed in PvP they now lose 10 honor points instead of 5.
  • When items are linked in the chat window a new tooltip describes whether the item is equipped, stored or from the auction house.
  • The sword animation is no longer applied when a player acquires a faction statue buff in in the Hero's Hall.
  • The new faction Generals in Diamond Shores may be wise to a certain Protective Wings Rotation strategy.
  • Bloodthirst Icons now change when the growing stack reaches its maximum amount.
  • Believe it or not, mounts and battle pets contribute to exceeding a ship's weight limits. However, the weight of mounts and battlepets have been reduced by about 40%. Some overly chubby battle pets like Daruta and the Bjorne Bears have been brought in line with their friends. Mounts now weigh 60-140 with the lightest being the fastropod snails, and the heaviest being bears or the patrol mech. Battle pets now weigh between 80 and 140 with the lightest being dogs or turtles, and the heaviest being bears and gargoyles.
  • Mounts can no longer be de-summoned during combat.
  • Battle pets can now be summoned while a character is riding a mount.
  • A character's Max Health and Max Mana values are now displayed on the Item Grades Ranking Information details window.
  • A player nation related description has been added to the Ezi's Light tooltip where relevant.
  • The previously seen "Auroran Charge" item that appeared on the Territory Workbench has been removed. This is a Korean-based item that is used to refresh statistics on costumes. We use Synthium Soap instead for this purpose.
  • The Daily Schedule text has been adjusted to prevent the graphical overlapping of GMT and UTC strings.
  • 22 new items have been temporarily added to the Guild Prestige Store. They will be available from the release of Ascension until June 28, 2016. These items have been added as a part of the Ascension Welcome Promotion. Get them while they last!
  • Previously, these notes stated that Ayanad Weapons, Armor, and Accessories could be salvaged for wisps. This was an unintended change and has been reverted to the previous method by XLGAMES. This change may still occur in the future, but it is no longer a component of the 2.9 Release.
  • We identified and fixed an issue where base costume stats were shuffled due to adding the ability to reroll a stat. Thank you so much for your reports, PTS!
  • An issue where eco-friendly fuel lasted for an unintended duration has been resolved. Hauler speed boosts are now all appropriately timed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a stat reroll on an Ayanad cloak that only had 1 active stat.
  • Fixed a bug that deactivated the material slot on the Synthesis UI after attempting to synthesize an item.

Sieges[edit | edit source]

  • Structures that are subject to removal during a siege now sustain more damage when attacked to remove them from the battlefield more quickly.
  • Legacy Aurorian Castle Designs including the Gatehouse, Towers and Walls can now be purchased with Gold instead of Lord's Coins. These designs can be purchased from an NPC located on a territory capital building starting from Tier 1. Adjustments have been made to the construction tools used to build or repair the Gatehouse, Towers and Walls.
  • The number of Castle Walls required to obtain the Lodestone Refuge buff has been adjusted accordingly:
    • Refuge Rank 1: 15 Walls
    • Refuge Rank 2: 24 Walls
    • Refuge Rank 3: 32 Walls
    • Refuge Rank 4: 39 Walls
    • Refuge Rank 5: 45 Walls
  • The amount of Lord's Coins granted for successfully sieging a territory has been greatly increased: 180 coins per week for 3 weeks for a total of 540 total coins gained.
  • The siege damage reduction provided by Castle walls has been reduced to 0% from 20%.
  • The Lord of each Aurorian Territory now receives a unique costume based on the region they control.
    • Nuimari: World's Edge Guardian Costume
    • Marcala: Flameforest Guardian Costume
    • Calmlands: Twisted Lava Guardian Costume
    • Heedmar: Shadestriker Costume
  • All Lord's costumes expire after 7 days and a new one is issued. This also applies to the Lord's Mount, the Emberwild Charger.
  • Territory buildings and castle components are prevented from being intentionally demolished during a siege.
  • Deaths during a siege now have a 10 second cooldown regardless of how many times a player has died.
  • A castle gate is no longer a requirement for the refuge buff.
  • The following siege vehicles have had their range reduced from 75m to 70m: Wheeled Mortar, Fire Ironclad, Ironclad
  • Tower Cannons have had their range decreased from 100m to 85m.
  • A territory building: Capital is always destroyed when a siege Defense is lost. The occupying force must rebuild it and certain buildings with T2 and T3 capital dependencies may halt production until the capital is progressed.

Housing & Land[edit | edit source]

  • New islands have been added to Halcyona Gulf and Castaway Strait ocean zones. These three islands are called "Wayfarer's Island," "Daredevil's Key," and "Luckbeard Island." They are considered "Luxury Housing Zones" which means they support player houses of size 24x24 and larger. 8x8 and 16x16 structures cannot be placed in these zones.
  • The topography in Miroir Tundra has changed. There a lot of rumors why this is the case but we'll have to wait and see. For now, Miroir Tundra related quests, dailies, or merit achievements have been removed. You can still ice fish on a small iceberg south of the main Miroir star.
  • A new type of structure has been added: The 8x8 Storage Silo. It can be obtained by using the remodel feature on an 8x8 workbench. If a Storage Silo is demolished a Storage Silo Design will be returned instead of the original 8x8 design. Storage Silos can support 5 storage chests and up to 10 tradepacks in crates around the base. There is hypeness.
  • Taxes for residents of hostile lands have been doubled. If you are a member of Nuia living on Haranya, for example, you will receive this penalty. If you are a member of a player nation, you will receive this penalty on the mainland. This change has been implemented to help reduce the ability of Player Nations to dominate mainland continent zones against the original factions, encouraging them to use Auroria.
  • Land Expansion Certificates and Building Modification Permits have been combined to create a new item called a Building Management Title (BMT). Existing versions of Land Expansion Certificates and Building Modification Permits can be right-clicked to convert them to Building Management Titles (BMT). Tax Certificates are also granted when the deprecated items are converted. BMTs can now be used in place of the previous type of certificate to perform all the expected functionality.
  • BMTs are available from a General Merchant at a price of 150g and will be available on the marketplace for 300 credits.
  • Building Management Titles are also used when demolishing a structure to be returned as a full kit version. Full kit versions, when placed, do not require construction. This requires a number of Building Management Titles based on the size of the plot being demolished. Full kit designs are delivered through in-game mail the same way a normal design would be delivered after a demolition.
  • 12 new rugs can be crafted by Leatherworkers. These rugs follow normal player furniture rules and can be placed inside most structures. The recipes for these rugs are available in the Folio under Leatherworking > Leather Goods.
  • 2 new ladders can be crafted by Carpenters. Ladders are a new type of player furniture that can be placed along the exterior of most structures. They have a functional use to allow players to climb. No more stacking boxes to decorate in hard to reach places! The recipes for these ladders are available in the Folio under Carpentry > Partitions.
  • 9 new partitions can be crafted by Carpenters. These partitions are a continuation of the existing player furniture line and can be placed inside most structures. The texture of the new partitions closely mimics the interior designs of most houses. They can be used to segment interior housing space and even create the appearance of new rooms. The recipes for these partitions are available in the Folio under Carpentry > Partitions.
  • The prepay tax feature can no longer be accessed (the button is grayed out) if the player doesn't have enough Tax Certificates in their inventory.
  • The Remodel feature on the Building Management Interface now describes what features the upgraded building will have after it's been changed.
  • The field of view is appropriately adjusted to scale when placing a territory design.
  • The housing provinces at the center of the Nuimari zone have had their border's expanded.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

  • Two new types of Sealed Lunagems can be crafted by Handicrafters. Vivid Sealed Lunagem and Lucid Sealed Lunagem recipes require 20,000 and 50,000 Handicraft skill respectively. They can be unsealed to reveal a Vivid or Lucid Gale Lunagem of type: Fury, Wrath, Serenity, Constance, Destruction, Harbinger, Mercy, or Benevolence.
  • The amount of Mana Wisps required to craft Tier 5 and 6 Obsidian Weapons and Armor has been reduced. Please review the recipes in the Folio for more information.
  • The crafting materials required for Delphinad and Ayanad equipment has been adjusted favorably.
  • The entry level items crafted by most vocations (weapons, armor, consumables) are now sold from related NPC merchants instead of crafted. This change was made for several reasons:
    • With the introduction of trade houses the lower tier crafted items aren't frequently created. We've seen players use quest gear and then begin crafting at the illustrious tier.
    • It's a much more simple process to buy these items from a vendor initially and then upgrade them than it is to gather materials and craft for the first time.

Arena[edit | edit source]

  • The Gladiator's Courage buff is no longer displayed on the opponent's screen at the beginning of the Gladiator Arena.

Guilds[edit | edit source]

  • The number of Prestige Points required to purchase Pet Mount Armor from a Guild Shop has increased from 100 to 200. This affects the following armor crates: Hoof-Harmony Horse Armor, Antler-Accord Elk Armor, Anima-Alliance Leomorph Armor, and Mane-Morale Snowlion Armor.
  • Additional tooltips have been added to the guild interface to provide descriptions about Sieging and claiming Auroria Territories.
  • Vivid Gale Lunascale: Clash and Vivid Earth Lunascale: Intercept have been added to the guild Prestige Shop for 100p each.
  • Guild Cloaks can now be graduated to the Ayanad tier. 10 new recipes have been added and can be viewed on the Proven Warrior Workbench or in the Folio. Ayanad Cloaks enter the world at Rare grade and can be upgraded to Legendary grade.

Hero System[edit | edit source]

  • The amount of time between the issuing of Mobilization Orders by a Hero has been increased from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Leadership points gained through having a positive reputation have been reduced by half. The maximum amount is now 50 and the minimum amount is now 5.
  • The number of successive kills by a Hero required to produce a system message are as follows:
    • Fearsome Combo: 2 kills
    • Massacre: 3 kills
    • Rivals Ancient Dragons: 4 kills
    • God of Destruction: 5 kills

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

  • A new boss has been added to Mistsong Summit. His name is Taris and he means business. He's only accessible after the 3 other dungeon bosses are defeated on Hard settings. His encounter proves to be one of the most difficult 5 man battles in ArcheAge. The rewards are enticing and can be reviewed in the new Equipment Encyclopedia (SHIFT-I). Look under dungeon drops, specifically for Flamespite Bow, Wrathsmite Axe and Superior Wrathsmite Axe.
  • Taris also has been known to drop a key component for the crafting of Tier 7 Obsidian Weapons. Proceed with caution.
  • Mistsong Summit weapon drops can now be reforged up to 4 times to reveal the following weapons: Supreme Stealthfang Spear, Supreme Deadly Elegance Staff, Supreme Wicked Whisper Dagger, Supreme Doomshadow Nodachi, and Supreme Stealthfang Shield.
  • Modified the fighting styles of the Oni and Ice Oni on Breathswept Avenue.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Draught of Forgiveness potions can now be purchased in the Honor Shop for 1,500 Honor Points.
  • The 3 pieces of Whyspron Mount Equipment and the 3 legacy noble costumes that were previously purchased with Lord's Coins in Mirage Isle can now be crafted at a Territory Workbench at a Marketplace in an Aurorian Castle. They require Regal Ore to craft and that material can be obtained from a Territory Workshop (requires a Territory Capital: Castle Tier 2 to build).
  • A new item called an "Honorforged Medal" can now be purchased for 2,000 honor points from the Honor Store. It's a material that is use similarly to Shining Lightning Essence and is used as a component in some crafting recipes.
  • The passive bonuses provided by some Obsidian Weapons have been adjusted:
    • Axe, Greataxe: Defense Penetration value has been doubled at all tiers.
    • Scepter, Staff: Magic Defense Penetration value has been doubled at all tiers.
    • Obsidian Sword T1-3 and the Nightmist Line: Increased bonus Max Health by +20%.
    • Obsidian Bow T1-3 and the Wandering Line: Added Post-Cast Mana Regen.
  • The Fugitive Line of T4-6 Obsidian Bows has received adjustments to its passive:
    • Additional arrows are fired at all targets within 5 meters of a Charged Bolt target.
    • Additional arrows deal and increased amount of damage.
    • Damage from additional arrows may be mitigated based on how many total targets are being attacked.
  • The Starlit Herald Line of T4-6 Obsidian Clubs has received adjustments to its passive:
    • Removed additional health regen effect of Resurgence. Successive uses of Resurgence now stack when used within 35 seconds while wielding this weapon.
  • The base magic attack of Obsidian Katanas (all tiers) has been reduced by 5% when compared to Obsidian Scepters.
  • The base healing power of Obsidian Shortspears (all tiers) has been reduced by 5% when compared to Obsidian Clubs.
  • The Oathmaker line of T4-6 Obsidian Greatclubs causes the Infuse, Vitalism skill to heal health equal to 200% of the mana received by the target.
  • The hidden passive effects of certain weapon types has been adjusted.
    • Scepter: Chance on hit to decrease cast time for 7 seconds, internal cooldown 45 seconds.
    • Staff: Chance on spell hit that next spell gains 6% bonus Magic Penetration, internal cooldown 20 seconds.
    • Axe, Greataxe: Chance to regen health equal to 2% damage dealt for 3 seconds, internal cooldown 45 seconds.
    • Club, Greatclub: 10% chance to regenerate mana, internal cooldown 120 seconds.
  • Some crafted armor sets have received new passive set bonuses:
    • Lake and Ocean Armor (7 Set Bonus): Magic Attack increased by a percentage
    • Desert Armor (4 Set Bonus): Health Regen has been replaced with Magic Defense
    • Meadow Armor (4 Set Bonus): Max Mana has been replaced with Magic Defense Penetration
    • The value of the set bonus is determined by the tier of the crafted armor set.
  • The buff that's applied from wielding a Two-Handed Weapon has been improved:
    • Shield Defense Penetration Rate: 50% up from 10%
    • Shield Defense Penetration: 50% up from 40%
    • This means half of the time, half of the opponent's Defense provided by their shield will be bypassed.
  • The Rank 13 Proven Warrior Necklace has been added. It's called "Archeum Evernight Necklace" and is crafted at a Proven Warrior Workbench with the following recipe: Rank 12 Necklace, 6 Large Jewelry Mana Wisps, 15 Warrior's Medals
  • A second type of Proven Warrior necklace has been created. It's called the "Daeier Necklace" and is first available at Rank 7. It can be progressed similarly to the original Warrior Necklace to rank 13.
  • Crafting a Proven Warrior Necklace up to rank 7 can never result in a downgrade.
  • Cryptic Lucky Scrolls have been added. These scrolls allow a reroll of an existing statistic on an Ayanad Cloak. They can be crafted at a Castle Marketplace on the Territory Workbench.
  • Items that drop from dungeons and have an activatable ability like Monstrous Desire or Fangbane now share internal cooldowns.
  • Librarian's, Scholar's and Dean's Coinpurses have had their drop tables reviewed. They now drop more total coin and their chance to produce a Resource Bundle has also been increased. The amount of Archeum pieces dropped has been slightly improved.
  • The amount of materials dropped from Scratched Librarian, Scholar and Dean's Safes has been slightly reduced. These reductions resulted in a net gain for Librarian, Scholar and Dean's Coinpurses.
  • "The following items are now consumed when used and a hotkey ability is granted for continued use: Bird's Eye Telescope, Underwater Breathing Device and Sextant. The /Spyglass and /Sextant emotes are also granted. Cuz why not.
  • The stack size of Lunagems has been increased to 1,000.
  • Equip effects, passive effects and activatable effects of gear that is in need of repair are no longer applied or usable.
  • Mysterious Herb Wine has been added to Food Merchants (these guys are new). Drinking this wine increases PvE Skill Damage by +5% for 30 minutes. It costs 6 silver per and is a really good deal imo.
  • Dancing Goddess's Hunt is no longer used and can be sold to a Merchant for ~18 gold.
  • Adjusted some statistics on the "Steel Tsunami Shield": Item level has been changed from level 20 to level 49. Equipment Points have been changed from 176 to 431.
  • Adjusted some statistics on the "Seasong Earring": Item level has been changed from 30 to 49. Equipment Points have been changed from 41.4 to 67.6.
  • Memory Embers generated through upgraded housing hearths now have a 15 minute cooldown instead of 5 minutes.
  • Some Soulforged items are now easier to create. Weapons require 3 gold ingots instead of 5 archeum ingots and armor requires 1 gold ingot instead of 2 archeum ingots.
  • Materials vary based on type with the key components being: Delphinad Warrior Cloak, 800 Warrior's Medals and an Axis Mundi Aegis (will be available for 800 Merit Badges)."
  • Beach Umbrellas and Watermelon Umbrellas will now more politely respect their neighbor's yards and promise not to encroach (for the most part).
  • The labor costs to upgrade categories of Archeum have been increased:
    • Motes to Dust: 1 Labor
    • Dust to Shards: 5 Labor
    • Shards to Crystal: 10 Labor
    • Crystals to Essence: 20 Labor
  • The Weapon and Armor Tempering interface has been adjusted to provide more information with greater UI support. It's now available as a component of the Regrading window and displays the high and low end of the tempering roll based on the type of temper used. It also shows the base value of the statistic being modified and the numerical range of enhancement. When tempering is completed it produces fly-over text describing the results.
    • Note: The existing temper complete message describes every message as a "success" even though it can result in a less valuable outcome. This is a known issue.
  • Prices for specialty tradepack turn-ins now decrease more rapidly based on volume turned in. Before, the price drop would be calculated every minute, now it's calculated every second.
  • Price degradation now recovers more quickly and is calculated every 30 minutes instead of every hour.
  • Base costumes are now tradable however they bind once unwrapped. They are not tradable once progress has been applied.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • 235 new Achievements have been added. A majority of these are related to earning honor, events that occur during the daily schedule, or are Auroria exploration related.
  • New zone-specific achievements have been added to organize the completion of zone based kill quests and signpost daily quests.
  • New Achievements have been added related to the Farm Freighter and its variants.
  • Crafting Achievements obtained from creating entry-level vocation goods have been changed to reflect the new way these items are obtained: purchased from NPC vendors.
  • 15 emotes have been added as the reward for completing new achievements.
  • Proven Warrior Necklace Achievements have been modified to consider the new version of the necklace.

World Events[edit | edit source]

  • Crimson Counterattack: A new event called the Crimson Counterattack has been added. This event occurs after each Battle for Mistmerrow. After the battle occurs, Mistmerrow will be set to peace and all factions will ally to counter the offense of the Crimson Army. When the Crimson Counterattack begins, the lake in the center of Mistmerrow turns blood red and affects all nearby players with a mysterious aura.
  • Abyssal Attack: Player Nations who are allied with a System Nation (and vise versa) are considered to be the same faction for purposes of interacting with the Victory Flag at the conclusion of an Abyssal Attack.
  • Golden Plains Battle: Any-Post Items can no longer be used near the Nuian or Haranyan Halcyona Artifact during the Golden Plains Battle. This is to prevent the blocking of interaction with the reward object.
  • Golden Plains Battle: Certain objects like trees and temporary world fixtures can no longer be placed near the entrance of the Nuian or Haranyan Alliance Base.
  • Golden Plains Battle: The item known as "Proven Veteran Token" can now be consumed to exchange it for a Warrior's Medal.
  • Golden Plains Battle: The Battle for the Golden Plains quest now rewards 10 Leadership instead of 5 Leadership.
  • Golden Plains Battle: Automatic Cannons are now immune to having their position adjusted by movement control abilities.
  • Golden Plains Battle: The "War Golem's Containment" skill used by Nuia and Haranya War Golems has received damage adjustments. Prior to this change it had a damage modifier of 3.0 and this has been altered to 1.5.
  • Mistmerrow:Characters must be at least level 30 to convert a Bloodspire during the Battle for Mistmerrow.

Monsters, NPCs, Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Some creatures related to Auroria Purification objectives including mobs found in the Riven Gates encounters have had their tooltips enhanced.
  • The Giant Pilgrim and Marcala Ant NPCs have been tuned to ensure their difficulty level and the abilities they use are appropriately scaled to the encounter.
  • Food Merchants and Alchemy Merchants have been added to major cities, some minor outposts, and the Marketplace in an Aurorian Castle. They sell tier 1 food and potions since they can no longer be directly crafted.
  • Selen Sharpwind and Goshi the Goblin Lord now respawn much more quickly.
  • The self-sufficiency quests that provide a low level set of quest armor have had their tooltips adjusted. The quests can also be re-obtained by hunting related creatures.
  • Low level Blue Salt Vocation Quests that required the production of entry level crafting goods can now be completed by buying the appropriate item from a related NPC vendor.
  • Characters must now use a worldgate to complete the quest "Portal to Rookborne Basin" instead of having a conversation with the nearby NPC.
  • The quest "A Hidden Cure" now uses an item called a Juniper Fishing Rod instead of a Hidden Fishing Rod. The Juniper fishing rod is automatically placed in the character's bag after taking the quest.
  • Some quest-related items are no longer used and can be sold to a vendor for 1 gold. These include: Undrying Blood, Poisonous Spine, and Sea Goddess's Breath.
  • The Sea of Drowned Love quests: Dahuta's Reflections and Dahuta's Mask have been adjusted.
  • Some world events now give less honor for participation due to the addition of a new event. Events that previously gave 500 honor upon completion now give 400 honor. Events that previously gave 1500 honor upon completion now give 1200 honor.
  • A new honor world event quest has been added to kill an Alemine Bunker during an assault on your faction's Diamond Shores base. This quest rewards 1200 honor.
  • New Merit Quests have been added:
    • The Auroran Guardian Merit Quest can be completed by killing Kadum after the Battle for Mistmerrow is completed.
    • The Kill Taris Merit Quest from the Dungeon Master line now requires you to… Kill Taris in Mistsong Summit.
    • The Warrior's Calling Merit Quest can now require completion of Assault on Mistmerrow.
  • Kadum, the boss that appears in Mistmerrow Basin at the end of the Crimson Counterattack, now counts for the guild mission to kill a world boss.
  • A new quest has been added called "Heir to Greatness". This quest requires you to level all combat skills to 55 and in return you'll receive the Enlightened ArchMaster Title and the material to craft the painting Gods and Heroes. Yesssss.
  • The Gods and Heroes Frame can now be crafted by Artist as a new type of Artistry Decor. The recipe can be found in the Folio under Artistry > Artistry Decor.
  • Quests have been added to provide a reward for initially helping to craft the Heroes Statues in the Hero Hall. The participating reward includes a Donation Reward Box.
  • The following objectives have been removed from the Merit Badge Daily objective Dungeon Master: Corner the Captain (Jergant in CRR), Reading Room Regent (Kill NPCs in the CRR), The Killing Fields (overlapping, Hadir Farm kill objective).
  • New voice overs have been added for the following quests: The Heart of the Sun, A Letter from the Depths, and Immortal Love.
  • The level of NPCs and creatures that appear after an Aust Mana Tower has been purified in Nuimari, Heedmar, Calmlands, and Marcala are now level 54 to 55 and drop Queen's Purses instead of Prince's Purses. Queen's Purses require 20 labor to open and contain slightly better results than a Prince's Purse. However, they have the chance to contain an Ayanad Scroll Scrap (very rarely).
  • Pet Accessory Workbenches and General Merchants should now appear outside most dungeon entrances.
  • The teleport location at the Ynystere Fortress can now be scribed.
  • Some of the highest mountain tops in Rookborne Basin now have an item called "Windstep Stone" which allows players to return to a nearby village.
  • The location of some NPC Merchants at the Housing Province in Northern Windshade, Lilyut Hills has been adjusted.
  • Some vehicles can now more smoothly pass through the Northern Ezna and Northern Marianople Gates.
  • A new Soulforged Equipment Workshop has been added near the NPC Scout Karlsburg in Diamond Shores.
  • Library Bounty quest items are no longer sold by An Ayanad Disciple.
    • NOTE: We need to verify if these quests are granted automatically or if they've been removed from the game entirely.
  • A new call to action notification and quest indicate the beginning of the Alemine Assault on a Diamond Shores faction base.
  • A Manastone Stand has been added to the Evening Botanica lobby in the Ayanad Library. Players can purchase a Manastone (item used in the Ayanad Earring quest) for 500 gilda stars.
  • Night time in Auroria is now darker than other zones. Dun-dun DUN!
  • The position of some NPCs and creatures in the Ayanad Library have been shuffled. You can probably guess why.
  • The Alemine Fortresses in Diamond Shores have been beefed up a bit. They have less health overall but deal increased damage. They've also been renamed as the East and West Alemine Fortress so new quest messaging directs players to the correct objective.
  • The number of Aust Follower spawn points in the Eastern area of Diamond Shores has been reduced.
  • Automatic Cannons at the faction bases in Diamond Shores no longer attempt to attack when the zone is at peace. Shame on them.
  • The map in Exeloch has been modified to more closely match the zone's topography.

Merit Badges[edit | edit source]

  • The following items will be added to the Merit Badge Store:
    • Axis Mundi Aegis: 800 Merit Badges
    • 6 Massive Plushies: 200 Merit Badges Each

Combat[edit | edit source]

Archery[edit | edit source]

Charged Bolt

  • Increased combo damage on stunned targets 23%->36%
  • Added combo effect: Stuns Launched targets for 3sec.


  • Removed damage reduction effect.
  • Decreases Evasion, Parry, and Shield Block of affected enemies -6%


  • Added combo effect: Trips sleeping targets.

Endless Arrows

  • Increased damage coefficient from 50%->52%
  • Added combo effect: +33% additional damage to poisoned targets.

Feral Aura

  • Each stack of Feral Aura now also reduces target's Evasion, Block, and Parry rates -0.5% per stack. (Note: This ability stacks regardless of being evaded, blocked, or parried.)

Concussive Arrow

  • Added combo effect: +51% additional damage on targets under Feral Aura.

Auramancy[edit | edit source]


  • Reduced attack speed bonus from 8%->5%

Comet’s Boon

  • Removed combo effect when Inspired
  • Base damage increased from 835-1224 (at max level).
  • Damage coefficient increased from 150%->221%


  • Reduced Sleep duration -1sec.
  • Changed combo: Leech now always steals a buff from slowed targets.
  • Added combo: +2sec sleep duration on slowed targets.

Battlerage[edit | edit source]

Behind Enemy Lines

  • Minimum leap distance increased from 4m->8m.

Deflect and Retaliate

  • Can now be triggered by parrying ranged attacks. (Note: Requires Dual-Wield Proficiency and two weapons to parry ranged attacks.)
  • Cooldown increased from 3sec->12sec.

Defense[edit | edit source]


  • Maximum stack size increased from 3000->5000.


  • Changed to a 20sec buff with a 1min cooldown.
  • Health regen increased from 15/sec->120/sec. (160/sec with Bear’s Vigor.)


  • Reduced mettle generation from 50% of damage taken to 10% of damage taken.

Revitalizing Cheer

  • Bonus healing gained from mettle reduced from 100% of stacked mettle -> 50% stacked mettle (2500HP).

Boastful Roar

  • Damage gained from mettle reduced from 100% of stacked mettle -> 60% of stacked mettle (3000 dmg).


  • Redoubt now ends if the user unequips their shield.

Shield Edge

  • Cooldown reduced from 20sec->12sec.

Supplemental Block

  • Bonus block rate reduced from 18%->15%.

Occultism[edit | edit source]

Burning Brand

  • Damage per stack reduced from 3%->2%
  • Each stack of Burning Brand now reduces the channeling time of Absorb Lifeforce -3%.

Deathmark Aura

  • Deathmark Aura now also maintains all accumulated bonuses from Burning Brand until it expires. Death’s Beckoning
  • Grants one stack of Burning Brand per additional enemy hit by Crippling Mire. (Note: Requires Caster’s Enrichment to stack Burning Brand.)

Caster’s Enrichment

  • Now also increases attack speed +5%.


  • Duration reduced from 12sec->9sec.
  • Cooldown reduced from 20sec->12sec.

Intensified Harm

  • Cooldown reduced from 20sec->12sec.

Crippling Mire

  • Now selects additional targets around the target, rather than around the caster.

Shadowplay[edit | edit source]


  • Maximum stack size reduced from 30->10

Rapid Strike

  • Removed Bloodthirst generation


  • Removed Enervate Combo
  • No longer trips Stalker’s Marked targets.
  • Added Combo: +1sec stun on Stalker’s Marked targets.
  • Bloodthirst gain adjusted for smaller stack size. (+1)

Pin Down

  • Removed combo effect with bleeding targets.
  • Removed Combo effect with stunned targets.
  • Removed combo effect with Shaken targets
  • Pin Down now inflicts Bleeding if attack is a backstab.
  • Added combo effect: +42% damage on Shackled targets.
  • Bloodthirst gain adjusted for new smaller stack size. (+2-3)

Throw Dagger

  • Bloodthirst gain adjust for new smaller stack size. (+1 per target)
  • Added combo: grants double Bloodthirst on Stalker’s Marked targets.


  • Bloodthirst damage adjust for new smaller stack size (x277)


  • Maximum stacks of armor penetration decreased from 10->5.
  • First attack now interrupts the target.
  • Bloodthirst gain adjusted for new smaller stack size. (+1 per hit for the first 3 attacks)
  • Bloodthirst damage adjusted for new smaller stack size. (x192 on fourth hit)
  • Fourth attack triggers Blood Frenzy buff if at max stacks of Bloodthirst.

Blood Frenzy

  • Increases skill damage of all melee Shadowplay attacks +21% for 5 seconds. Does not apply to Rapid Strike.

Stalker’s Mark

  • Increased the damage per stack 50->80.
  • Increased the maximum stack size 20->50.
  • Now decreases target's received healing instead of healing effectiveness.


  • Added effect: increases attack speed +6% (varies by skill level)

Evasive Counterstrike

  • Added effect: stacks 2 Bloodthirst when triggered.
  • Has a 12sec cooldown after being triggered.


  • Added effect: also increases attack speed +3% when triggered.

Toxic Shot

  • Increased poison duration 4sec->6sec.

Sorcery[edit | edit source]

Deep Freeze

  • Duration reduced from 30sec->20sec (half that in pvp, as normal.)

Freezing Earth

  • Added combo effect: Freezes tripped enemies. (Same effect as Frost arrow. Does combo for deep freeze.)

Frigid Tracks

  • Duration reduced from 15sec->9sec.
  • AoE on frigid tracks increased.
  • Ice Wall effect now lasts its full duration even if the target moves (or is moved) off of the frigid tracks AoE.

Meteor Strike

  • Distance of bounce effect increased.
  • Trip duration reduced from 3sec->2.5sec.
  • Pushes floating target towards the ground.

Songcraft[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where the damage of the Songcraft, Critical Discord skill wouldn't be applied when a lute was equipped.

Startling Strain

  • Added combo effect: +50% charm duration on targets under Dissonance.


  • Removed combo effect with Charm.
  • Damage coefficient increased from 100%->150%

Healing Hymn

  • Casting Healing Hymn no longer interrupts perform skills.


  • Duration reduced 9sec->6sec.
  • Cooldown reduced 20sec->12sec.
  • Perform Skills now reduce Aggro for the caster.

Vitalism[edit | edit source]


  • Decreased healing coefficient 500%->440%
  • Increased combo with Resurgence: healing effectiveness now increased +30% when cast on a friendly target under Resurgence


  • Manacost of Infuse reduced by 60%.
  • Caster can no longer target themselves.


  • The Gradual Recovery buff triggered by Renewal has been changed from a temporary Health Regen boost into a stronger heal-over-time effect.
  • Renewal now ends when Gradual Recovery is triggered.

Fervent Healing

  • Reduced initial cooldown to 10sec.
  • Cooldown increases for each consecutive cast of Fervent Healing. (10s / 12s / 16s / 22s / 30s)

Invigorated Healing

  • Removed the bonus to Renewal.
  • Removed (previously unlisted) bonus to Resurgence.

Witchcraft[edit | edit source]

Illusion’s Favor

  • Reduces the cast time of Earthen Grip and Insidious Whispers -0.5sec.

Augmented Witchcraft

  • Removed the cast-time bonuses to Earthen Grip and Insidious Whisper.
  • Changed the bonus to Fiend's Knell, giving the more powerful Wailing Fiend a 2.5min cooldown. Summoning the Wailing Fiend now trips enemies in an AoE on impact.

Fiend’s Knell

  • Summoned Fiends can no longer be healed.

Unlisted (...yet.)[edit | edit source]

  • 432 Bug Fixes.
  • 5 undiscovered systems.
  • 3 unannounced events.
  • 1 really awesome welcome promotion.

ArcheAge Version 2.5 Build 8.4 - April Update[edit | edit source]

New Events[edit | edit source]

Adventurers, rejoice! Everyone's favorite boating trip, Rum Runner Rapids, is on its way back to the Loka River. Plus, we have two new events aimed at guilds and gatherers coming on their way too. And, if you're a combat fiend, we hear the honor coins are going to get a little bloody! Get more information on all of these upcoming events right here!

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The price of the Costume Extraction Alembic has been reduced from 100 gold to 50 silver. The in-game price of this item was reduced to support more frequent changes of costume images. This change was largely driven by player feedback. Fashionistas rejoice!
  • The Auction Mannequin Marketplace Item that's used to sell a costume image on the Auction House now has a tooltip that more accurately describes the limitations of the item.
  • The Doctor Healgood Costume now supports a custom UCC image. It's time to get crafty with those scrubs!
  • New login badge rewards have been added to the vendor in Mirage Isle! Re-roll your costume stats via Serendipity Stones, or ride on a brand new mount!

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

  • Heart of Ayanad: The drop table of the boss in the Heart of Ayanad dungeon has been modified to include the Eternal Library Tome. The pattern was original removed from the drop table due to the amount of repeated entry supported and the ability to bypass a main failure condition in the encounter. Since these issues have been fixed the pattern is once again available. Please note that the drop rate for the pattern remains rare.
  • Mistsong Summit: Dochul will now become immune to damage during the phase where he's on top of the building.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Mobilization Orders initiated by Heroes can now be properly ignored for 24 hours by clicking the appropriate option.
  • A bug that prevented a player from becoming invisible while using Soulmare's Hereafter Dash ability has been fixed.
  • The Narayana Squire had some abilities that produced Korean text when used - this has been resolved.
  • The Cyanfin Dolphin Mount no longer counts as a battle pet.
  • Fixed an issue where Storm Caller's Hoop interrupts performance abilities.

ArcheAge Version 2.5 Build 8.3 - March Update[edit | edit source]

Updates to the Costume Synthesis System[edit | edit source]

The Costume Synthesis System now supports costume upgrades to Epic Tier. An Epic quality costume has 4 statistics and allows a total amount of 7 single stat rerolls from Basic to Epic grade. Lucid Synthium Stones are required to upgrade the costume from Heroic to Epic grades. Lucid Synthium Stones can be purchased for 40 Loyalty Tokens each or crafted using the following recipe:

Alchemy > Synthesis Materials

1 Vivid Synthium Stone, 10 Blue Salt Hammers, 1 Misagon's Crystal and 20 Gilda Dust

Misagon's Crystal is a new item available in a guild Prestige Shop for 10 Prestige Points.

The following Synthium Stone quantities and types are required to upgrade the costume based on grade:

  • Basic to Grand: 4 Clear Synthium Stones (Gains first statistic)
  • Grand to Rare: 8 Clear Synthium Stones (Allows 1 stat reroll)
  • Rare to Arcane: 12 Vivid Synthium Stones (Gains second statistic, allows 1 stat reroll)
  • Arcane to Heroic: 16 Vivid Synthium Stones (Gains third statistic, allows 1 stat reroll)
  • Heroic to Unique: 20 Lucid Synthium Stones (Gains fourth statistic, allows 1 stat reroll)
  • Unique to Celestial: 24 Lucid Synthium Stones (Allows 1 stat reroll)
  • Celestial to Divine: 28 Lucid Synthium Stones (Allows 1 stat reroll)
  • Divine to Epic: 32 Lucid Synthium Stones (Allows 1 stat reroll)

Bound Serendipity Stone Shards and Bound Serendipity Stones have been added. 14 of these shards can be combined to create a stone. This stone can be used to reroll a single statistic on a costume. An upcoming in-game event will feature these shards/stones as a reward and will be the first time they become available.

Tier 3 Refined Lunagems[edit | edit source]

Tier 3 (Lucid) Refined Lunagems are now available and can be crafted by a 130,000 skill or higher Handicrafter. Only Fire and Wave type T3 Lunagems can be crafted. Gale, Earth and Honor Lunagems may not be refined at this time.

T3 Wave-type Lunagems:[edit | edit source]

  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Defense
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Magic Defense

T3 Fire-Type Lunagems[edit | edit source]

  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Strong Blow
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Sharpshot
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Apex
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Salvation
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Buffet
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Marksman
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Extreme
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Aid

The materials used to craft these gems include 3 of the base T3 unrefined lunagem, Sapphire or Ruby, Sunset Pearls and 100 Blue Salt Hammers.

New Farm Hauler Upgrades![edit | edit source]

The new 8-slot Farm Freighter has been added to the game, and the tickets required to upgrade will be available on the ArcheAge Marketplace as of March 25th! This farm cart features 8 slots to support tradepacks. All existing Hauler-tier pack transport vehicles can be converted to the Freighter through user of the Farm Freighter Upgrade Ticket.

The following Machining recipes have been added to support this upgrade:

Machining > Farm Freighter

  • Farm Hauler to Farm Freighter
  • Red Farm Hauler to Red Farm Freighter
  • Yuletide Hauler to Yuletide Farm Freighter
  • Rudolph Hauler to Rudolph Farm Freighter
  • Red Rudolph Hauler to Red Rudolph Farm Freighter

Users who wish to change the base type of their hauler must do so before upgrading it to a Freighter.

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The Leviathan has been modified to despawn physical objects that may be preventing his pathing. Due to these changes, he will be available for combat once again. His combat patterns will be monitored to ensure he's working as intended. Any confusion or unintended game play experienced should be reported immediately.
  • Mounts will now desummon when mounted by a passenger and are more than 48 meters away from the owner.
  • Thanks to community feedback, we've doubled the drop rate of Synthium Shards from coinpurses. We will continue to monitor the rates (and your feedback) and may continue to make adjustments. Thank you for your opinions!
  • To help address concerns around when the login tracker refreshes, a timer has been added to the Login Tracker window. If the timer is beyond 12 AM server time and the tracker has not reset, please report this to us in the Bug Report section.
  • The NPCs in Diamond Shores that distribute quests to improve the faction base are now invunlerable. They can no longer be moved or killed.

Quests and Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • The quests associated with the Battle for Mistmerrow will be available for 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Synthium Shards can no longer be equipped to the costume wearable slot.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented lunagem socketing that occurred when the UI window was closed during the socketing process.
  • Made an adjustment to the way wireframes of certain objects are shown when using DX11.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Dread Guard costume to be displayed as worn in the Marketplace Preview window.

ArcheAge Version 2.5 Build 8.2 - February Update[edit | edit source]

Mistsong Hard Mode[edit | edit source]

The Fates have aligned and it is time to face a new threat in Mistsong Summit. Visit the dungeon and test your might against the Hard versions of Aria, Dochul, and Sojung by setting the Weight and Balance to Hard before you fight. Just don't expect for them to give you any quarter. 

Costume Synthesis[edit | edit source]

The community has asked, and it's finally come: Costumes can now be leveled up and earn statistics of their own! To learn more about how you can get a fancy new look that will increase your power, visit our official website and read more about the Costume Synthesis system.

Two New Events![edit | edit source]

For the next few weeks, a Masked Daru will be offering some extra rewards for some of your favorite tasks! Between February 23rd and March 8, you'll be able to claim an extra reward box for defeating one of the leaders of Mistsong Summit. Between March 8 and March 22, fighting and scoring a kill in either the Skirmish or Sparring arenas will get you some extra Proven Warrior's Medals! Keep an eye out for this special Daru on the Crimson Altar of Mistmerrow, or in your local capital city or Diamond Shores, by the Arena Manager.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Players may now increase their inventory size to 150 slots through Expansion Scrolls. Enjoy the extra room!
  • The team has applied a possible fix for the "Storage Chest Already In Use" bug. Please try your chests and let us know if they open!

Quests and Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • 13 new achievements have been added to Mistsong Summit.

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

  • Mistsong Summit: Medium and Easy Dochul's skills have been adjusted and certain hit point elements of his fight have been decreased. Overall, these changes should lower the difficulty of the fight.
  • Sea of Drowned Love: The Northern / Southern / Eastern Guardian Gates are now closed after 30 minutes from their opening.

Guilds[edit | edit source]

  • There is now a dismissal warning popup message before a guild member is removed from a guild.

Items, Crafting, and Regrading[edit | edit source]

  • Certain specialty tradepacks have had their material requirements and turn-in prices adjusted. They are as follows:
    • Hellswamp Ground Peanuts: Peanut requirement changed from 100 to 35.
    • Solis Red Spice: Saffon requirement changed from 40 to 12.
    • Windscour Chilled Beverages: Aloe requirement changed from 75 to 25.
    • Perinoor Fried Meat: Peanut requirement changed from 100 to 35.
  • A Porcelain Jar now drops in Mistsong Summit.
  • Fusion Alembics are now available on General Merchants.
  • Applying an image or costume to a basic costume no longer requires Fusion Alembics.
  • We've added 5 Bind on Pickup versions of familiar costumes -- Royal's Disguise, Rags of the Spoonlord, and the variants of the Purestar Ball Attire. Legacy versions of these costumes will remain Bind of Equip and will not become Bind on Pickup.
  • A new item has been added to the game in order to facilitate costume trading across the Auction House, in lieu of the Royal's Disguise.
  • Ayanad Disciple Costumes no longer require Coagulated Archeum Crystals. The item has been replaced by Blue Salt Hammers.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • When the player opens an Anywhere Warehouse, the inventory now also opens for your item storage convenience.
  • Made adjustments to prevent invalid looting.
  • The Auction House no longer uses time as a measurement of… er… time. Welcome back, hours and minutes!

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a graphical error associated with a female Nuian character wearing Soulforged Greaves.
  • Fixed an issue on the Marketplace where a discounted price was not being displayed correctly by the original price.
  • Fixed an issue where the achievement list would move to page 1 when an achievement on page 2 is completed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Treasure Guardian's Imprison can be targeted by harpoons to lift a ship.

ArcheAge Version 2.5 Build 8.0 - Bloodsong[edit | edit source]

Mistsong Summit[edit | edit source]

A new threat has appeared within Mistmerrow. Will you brave the portal and solve the mysteries of ArcheAge's newest dungeon before it's too late?

To learn more about Mistsong Summit, read our website article devoted to this new challenge!

Hero's Welcome Bundles[edit | edit source]

New Hero's Welcome bundles are available to be claimed on the Glyph Account Management page starting on January 27th! Log into the Glyph store, select your visible bundle, purchase it for 0 credits, and pick which character/server you'd like it delivered to.

There will be two types of Bloodsong Hero's Welcome packs avaialble: the Bloodsong Homecoming Bundle for players returning to ArcheAge and the Bloodsong Loyalty Bundle for existing players (logged in within the last 30 days prior to the release of Update 2.5: Bloodsong).

The Bloodsong Homecoming Bundle includes Mirage Weapon, Armor, Accessory and Vehicle coins for temporary gear to provide a leg-up for returning players. It also provides consumables, a music box for your house, a temporary Wisdom Tree combat pet, and a temporary Springsong Greenman Costume. The combat pet and costume can be made permanent through use of coins that are received from opening the Bloodsong Homecoming Day 1-Day 14 chest included with the bundle.

The Bloodsong Loyalty Bundle includes a myriad of consumable grimoires, labor potions and loyalty tokens (175 in total) to thank current players for their support. It also includes the temporary combat pet and greenman costume which can be made permanent by using the coins distributed in the Bloodsong Loyalty Day 1-Day 14 chest included with the bundle.

The temporary Wisdom Tree pet and the temporary Springsong Greenman Costume will last for 30 days. This means users who wish to keep them as permanent items must open their 14 day chests completely within the 30 day timeframe.

Players who have supported ArcheAge by making a purchase for real money during any time in ArcheAge's past will receive 2 bonus Homecoming Coins or Player Appreciation Coins depending on which bundle they receive. These coins can be traded in for different rewards on Mirage Isle, at the appropriate vending machine in the lobby.

Active ArcheAge Supporters will also receive 20 Loyalty Tokens in addition to their coins and loyalty bundle to compensate for the loyalty tokens lost during the Divine Clock's outage from 1/19 to 1/26.

Newly created characters made after the release of Update 2.5 will now benefit from an improved Supply Chest that will now last for 14 days instead of the prior 7. After a new character receives the temporary farm cart and eco fuel on the 7th day, the 8-14 day chests will now be available. These bonus chests include: a temporary harpoon clipper, temporary polaris bjorn mount, temporary cogwheel longboard, and many other consumable benefits.

Current and lapsed players who have ever had Patron status will also receive 1 skill saver pendant claimable through the Glyph Account Management page as a 0 credit purchase.

Skirmish And Sparring Arenas[edit | edit source]

Take your fate into your own hands and fight on your merit alone! Our new 3v3 and 1v1 Arenas will nullify all bonuses provided by gear, potions, and other sources and will place you on an even playing field against your opponent.

Besting your opponent in a 1v1 Sparring Arena will now yield 150 Honor points. Defeat will only yield 90. Defeating your opponent without losing in a match will offer an additional 70 honor for being Invincible.

Victory in the 3v3 Skirmish arena will yield 200 honor points. Defeat will yield 120 honor points.

To learn more about these new types of Arenas and review the stats you're able to choose before going in, click here!

Statues Dedicated To The Leaders Of Your Faction![edit | edit source]

Adventurers of Nuia, Haranya, and the Pirate faction can now build statues honoring their leaders! Both Heroes and common Adventurers will have to combine their might to build these new wonders in Marianople, Austera, and Growlgate. Construct a new type of tradepack available within the Faction Hall in order to being this process. Once complete, the statue will offer the "King's Protection" buff for 3 days. Remember to maintain your statue in order to maintain this new bonus!

The specific name of the buff will vary depending on your leader, but all versions of this buff will offer a +5 bonus to most attack types, -4% damage received to most damage types, increases Vocation Badge earnings by +1, decreases production time by 5%, and increases the skill level of all proficiencies by 500.

The Castaway Cutthroat Treasure Hunt Event[edit | edit source]

At the release of ArcheAge: Bloodsong 2.5 a new festival event will become available: the Castaway Cutthroat Treasure Hunt.

This event allows players to gain a daily quest to search for treasure located underwater in the Castaway Straight/Halcyona Gulf regions. In order to participate in this event, players must visit a new NPC located in Mirage Isle. The NPC will provide 2 Daru's Bubble consumables which grant a special underwater breathing buff for 30 minutes.

As this event takes place in an unruled portion of Erenor, Festival Law will not be enacted during this event. This means PvP will happen. Often. You have been forewarned.

The rewards produced by this event are similar to the present smashing portion of the Winter Maiden Festival. Regrading materials, mining gems, lunarite and library-tier coinpurses (including stolen bags) are the most common rewards for finding sunken treasure during this event. Rarely, you may obtain fragments of lucky regrade materials, Shabby Pirate costume components, Merit Badges and the Gilt Steamfish Submarine.

This event will be active from the release of Bloodsong until 12:01 AM GMT, February 9th, 2016. Good luck in your dives!

World Changes[edit | edit source]

  • A period of peace will now lay over Mistmerrow for 2 hours after a battle completes. After that period is over, Mistmerrow will enter back into Conflict and War as normal based on the daily schedule.
  • The Battle for Mistmerrow will now occur 3 times per day at 2:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM GMT (6:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM PST) in order to allow more players to experience the battle. New system messages will display additional information about the battle as it elapses including conquering of specific capture points and the Crimson Army invasion.
  • Characters will now be required to speak with an NPC to complete Mistmerrow battle related quests rather than have them automatically completed.
  • Karkasse will no longer experience a period of peace. The zone will now cycle between War for 12 hours and Conflict for 12 hours. The War period will begin at 8:55 PM GMT daily, and the housing zones will receive their normal protections only during the Conflict period.
  • The Red Dragon will now only spawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Karkasse. The Dragon will spawn at 9:00 PM and last for 12 hours if not killed. After the 12 hours have elapsed, he will leave the world, mocking your cowardice as he does so. Pansies.
  • Bone chips will no longer drop in the Karkasse Ridgelands. See the items section for more information on this change.
  • Peace time in Diamond Shores will now begin at 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM GMT, in order to take the Ocleera Rift into consideration.
  • Common crafting workbenches have been added into the faction bases in Diamond Shores. Some Merchant NPCs in Diamond Shores have had their spawn locations adjusted.
  • Players may now enter the "Heart of Ayanad" dungeon 3 times before the daily dungeon reset timers are taken into account.
  • Players may now use buff items, coinpurses, and similar consumables within the area of a Nui statue. The Goddess now looks kindly upon mundane activities!
  • A whole tribe of Daru have appeared on Mirage Isle, eager to trade for coins featuring members of the Library Expedition.
  • The amount of Siege Damage dealt by defensive cannons during the Golden Plains Battle in Halcyona has been reduced (avg. 6000 siege damage is now avg. 3000 siege damage and 3500 ranged damage).
  • In ArcheAge 1.2, we adjusted the Archeum drop rates to be 4 : 2 : 2 (Sunlight : Moonlight : Starlight) in order to compensate for the demand upon Sunlight and Moonlight Archeum, and less emphasis on Starlight. Now that demands have shifted and all types of crystals are required, the ratio has been shifted to 3 : 3 : 3.
  • It is now easier to shift zones through Conflict to War.
  • The Delphinad Ghost Ship now drops multiple packs instead of a single Delphinad Register.
  • The system broadcast that occurs at the end of a Delphinad Ghost Ship encounter has been changed to occur when the ship dies, not when the loot is acquired.
  • Adventurous players out on the high seas are now able to find sunken ships hidden at the bottom of the ocean. Here's some pointers to get started:
    • Broken lifeboats now appear randomly in the Arcadian Sea.
    • A sunken ship may appear underneath the location of the lifeboat. Its location is marked by bubbles rising from the sand.
    • To expose a ship, a player must approach it in a vessel capable of revealing its location -- typically this can be done using a Submarine with Sonar.
    • Once the base material is revealed, it must be unearthed by interacting with it. Doing so costs labor. It can also be blasted with an Air Cannon from a submarine to speed the process.
    • When the entire vessel is revealed, recovery pouches can be attached to it to being the raising process.
    • After all the recovery pouches are attached, the sunken ship can be cut loose from the ground. This will cause it to rise to the surface.
    • Sunken ships contain cargo that require a high level of exploration skill to unseal.
    • Unsealed cargo reveals multiple tradepacks. These packs can be managed normally and turned into an Ocean Trader.
    • Tradepacks from a sunken ship can be of basic, grand, or rare grades. Their values vary from 10-30g at 130% turn-in value.

Arena Changes[edit | edit source]

All arenas outside of the 5v5 arena are now limited to 5 matches per day. To play in additional matches, please purchase a Bruiser's Badge from a merchant for 15 gold. The 5v5 Arena remains unlimited. New leaderboards were added with new filters. You can now see the top 100 players per server for gear score, not just region. You can also filter by weapons worn -- 1-handed, 2-handed, or bow.

  • The equipped gear of a player on an Arena Leaderboard can now be viewed, regardless if it's private. Additionally, if they have a tradepack equipped instead of a glider, it will be shown in this area.

Quests and Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • The four "Glorious Nui" daily quests have been converted into normal, one-time completion quests. They include "The Goddess Nui," "Gifts for the Goddess," "A Lily Offering," and "Energy for the Hereafter."
  • The quest "Calling All Farmers" now offers a Rainbow Sprinkler as an additional reward.
  • The "Blood, Sweat and Training" daily quest is now available with Balanced Arenas and Legacy 1v1 and 5v5 Arenas. The completion reward has been changed from 1 Gilda Star to 2 Warrior's Medals. However, victories in multiple arena types are necessary.
  • Characters who attain level 55 will now receive 5 bonus Merit Badges.
  • Some quests can now be completed even if a required item is stored in your warehouse.
  • 281 new achievements have been added. Most of them are related to progression through the new dungeon and to new systems.
  • Added 12 new Mistsong Dungeon quests and 1 new Blue Salt quest.
  • The Maestro Titles previously attainable for completing a Blue Salt quest after obtaining 180,000 skill in a profession have been reviewed. The names of each title have been changed but the benefits they provide will remain the same. Here is a list of the new 180,000 skill titles:
    • Construction: Raises the Roof
    • Mechanic: Car-diologist
    • Metalwork: METAL MAYHEM
    • Fisherman: Krilling It
    • Logging: Never Strikes Twice
    • Farming: Grain Reaper
    • Handicraft: Multifaceted
    • Blacksmith: Got Hammered
    • Tailor: Shear Genius
    • Leatherwork: Boiled and Oiled
    • Artistry: Chart Topper
    • Miner: Rock Bottom
    • Carpentry: Nailed it!
    • Larceny: Criminal Mastermind
    • Husbandry: Bleu Ribbon
    • Chef: Culinary Cutthroat
    • Printing: Bound by Greatness
    • Commerce: Baller Status
    • Alchemy: Periodically Epic
    • Gathering: Cutting Hedge Technology
    • Masonry: Taken for Granite

Auction House[edit | edit source]

  • The auction house now keeps track of recently sold items and trends their average prices. This should provide a solid baseline for item values and help manage expectations when listing items for sale. To access this feature, click the Bar icon after searching for or when listing an item. The graph reveals the 7-day price trend for the item along side the 24-hour price info.

Guilds[edit | edit source]

  • Some items in the Guild Prestige shop have had their costs decreased.
  • Guild experience can now be gained by crafting Experia harvestables. A new guild mission has been added to describe the quantities and requirements of Experia items that must be harvested for completion.
  • Players who voluntarily leave a guild will now be subject to a 24 hour period where they will not be able to join a new guild.
  • Adjusted the Guild XP awarded from completing the Auroria Colonization quests.
  • Due to the increased amount of guild XP awarded from these quests and additional 20 Guild XP is possible per day.
  • Adjusted the number of guild members that can be summoned using a Guild Flare. This number now scales between 10 and 15 depending on the overall size of the guild.
  • A new guild mission related to growing Experia items has been added.
  • The Aust Mana Towers now spawn appropriately in Auroria. No really, they're real.
  • The amount of honor received for participating in a Jury trial while under the effects of a higher rank guild have been reduced. New values are +50 honor points and +100 honor points depending on the strength of the guild buff.
  • The Mirror of Boundaries item purchased in a guild's prestige shop has been revamped. Old versions of this item will no longer be sold. The new version costs 8 prestige and has the following effects:
    • Allows the user to detect cloaked opponents within 9 meters.
    • No longer reduces the movement speed of opponents.
    • Cannot place down a new mirror if there is another mirror within 15 meters.
  • The following new items have been added to the Guild Prestige shop:
    • The Radiant Earth Lunagem: Tempest.
    • The new Cloudstrike Panther mount
    • New types of pet armor
    • 4 new types of pet UCC armor

Castle Sieges[edit | edit source]

  • The maximum number of attackers and defenders in a siege has been increased to 100 vs. 100 from 70 vs. 70. This change has been made to fall more in line with the guild member cap.
  • The Extra Defense Force can now join the battle after 40 minutes has elapsed, increased from 20 minutes.
  • The siege defenders begin play with 60 members on the field vs. an attacking group of up to 100. When the Extra Defense Force is allowed to join, this the defending forces will also have up to 100 members on the field. This has been increased from 70 attackers vs. 50 defenders.
  • Castle Walls, Towers and related designs are now only available to purchase on Mirage Isle with Lord Coins.
  • The health of a castle's lodestone will no longer regenerate after the siege. It must be manually healed through a new repair system.
  • All non-siege related buildings are now attackable. If the building's health is reduced to 50% or less they become ruins. After the siege ends, all damaged buildings will be restored to their normal form. If you have a building that's in a siege zone please note that these rules will be applied.
  • The Siege/Defense Force no longer sells item and will no longer appear - this mechanic has been removed.
  • "Explosive Kegs" can no longer be created or used - existing ones can be sold to a vendor.
  • "Anti-Aircraft Turrets" can no longer be purchased and existing ones can be sold to a merchant.
  • A Siege/Defense Captain may spend Blood Archeum Crystals to spawn Anti-Aircraft Turrets.
  • A Siege/Defense Captain may spend Blood Archeum Crystals to use related skills.
  • As a reminder, Blood Archeum Crystals can now be purchased at a guild's prestige shop if the guild is of the appropriate level.
  • A new type of Siege Weapon known as the "Battle Station" has been added.
  • The Battle Station design can be purchased in Mirage Isle and constructed at a Carpentry Workbench. Battle Stations can be spawned during a siege at the stronghold or near another deployed Battle Station and they have two activatable modes available: Movement and Deployed. In movement mode, they are allow to move but the 4 cannons are retracted. Once deployed, Battle Stations are unable to move but gain the use of their 4 cannons. Once a battle station is deployed, they cannot be moved again, but you may spawn additional siege equipment within their area.
  • Players participating in a siege can now earn honor points. You must be a siege participant and in the siege area when it ends in order to earn this award, no matter if you win or lose. Victors, however, do receive more honor than the defeated guild.
  • Claiming a territory now rewards a supply box to the newly appointed lord, it includes the following: 60 Lord Coins, 1 Nuian Gatehouse Design, 15 Nuian Wall Designs, 2 Harani Rampart Stairs Designs, 14 Nuian Tower Designs.
  • Lords of claimed territories in Auroria will now receive 60 Lord's Coins each week.

Housing[edit | edit source]

  • Upgraded Thatched Farmhouses now gain specific benefits based on type:
    • The mineral vein located on the back of a Miner's Farmhouse can now hold up to 6 hours worth of materials extrating.
    • The animal pen located inside a Rancher's Farmhouse now has a chance to become Glossy when animals are raised in it. Harvesting a Glossy pen results in an increased yield.
    • A new type of vegetation can sometimes be found growing the roof of an Upgraded Thatched Farmhouse.
  • Players are now able to revert the design of an Improved Scarecrow Farm with an Evenstone - the result is an 8x8 Scarecrow Garden.
  • The Basic Nuian and new Harani Mansions can now be upgraded to the Spring Swept-Roof Mansion.
  • 3 new types of 28x28 Tree Houses have been added: Oak Treehouse Design, Cherry Treehouse Design, Aspen Treehouse Design. All are available for 500 Merit Badges.
  • 5 new types of Haranya-inspired private workbenches have been added for purchase with Gilda Stars on Mirage Isle.
  • 42 new types of fences have been added to Mirage Isle.
  • 6 new Masonry furniture items have been added.
  • 4 new UCC Motion Picture Frames have been added.
  • 3 new UCC props that can be stacked or attached have been added.
  • A Fellowship Plaza now has the option to be remodeled and upgraded to a Culture Plaza.
  • The name "Tudor Rose Villa" has been changed to "Discontinued Tudor Rose Villa" and the design is no longer available in Mirage Isle.
  • 1 new version of the 44x44 Mansion has been added: The new Haranyan-style Black Tile Mansion design can now be purchased for 1000 Gilda Stars.

Pets, Mounts, and Vehicles[edit | edit source]

  • Characters may now use a Battle Pet and a Mount at the same time. Separate tool bars have been provided to manage the abilities of your companions. The global cooldown of mount and pet use will be reflected in the toolbar of the Battle Pet.
  • Snowlion mount armor is available only for Snowlions. Crimson Lightning is considered to be a Snowlion for purposes of equipping this armor.
  • The amount of experience required to level a pet from 51 to 55 has been lowered.
  • When a pet dies it is now unsummoned. It will again be summonable in 2 minutes after a new revival cooldown has elapsed.
  • Pet Recovery Potions can now be used to remove the 2 minute revival cooldown to resurrect a pet.
  • The Pet Recovery Potions can only be applied if the pet is stored and no longer visible in the world. If the pet remains summoned in a dead state the potion will be consumed and the pet will not be resurrected.
  • Pets that are summoned after a revival cooldown has elapsed or is bypassed will spawn with full health and mana.
  • Pets that have been instructed to Attack or Defend will remain engaged with their target until the target dies, or the pet dies.
  • A new button has been added for the player to determine the active target of the battle pet.
  • Pet or mount armor is automatically applied to a Mount or Battle Pet when it is used. The pet inventory is no longer required to be opened to switch equipped gear. Gear cannot be changed during combat.
  • Equipping mounts is prioritized over battle pets when using right-click equip functionality. Battle pets will be equipped correctly if they're the only pet summoned at the time. Drag functionality is still enabled.
  • All pets receive a default amount of damage mitigation when afflicted by cleave or area of effect style attacks.
  • Starting mounts for each race can now be evolved through use of the Anima system. For more information, visit the Distorted Mistsong Workbench outside of the Mistsong Summit Dungeon. Evolved starter mounts have statistics that are more in line with other mounts.
  • The cooldown of the "Lower Anchor" skill common to light and medium class warships has been adjusted.
  • The Glider Upgrade System has been reviewed and improve to award a more probable amount of success when upgrading to a tier 2 enhanced glider. The base chance of success when upgrading an enhanced glider to a tier 2 enhanced glider has been increased from 20% to 50%.
  • All enhanced gliders will now receive the Boost skill which can be triggered through use of a flaming pinion. While under the effects of Boost, flight speed will be increased by +30% for 30 seconds.
  • Tier 2 enhanced gliders will now receive the Turbo Boost ability increasing this speed bonus by +50% for 30 seconds.
  • The Flaming Pinion item will be adjusted so it can only be used in conjunction with glider boost and turbo boost abilities. Flaming Pinions will become available for purchase in-game for 50 silver and are also available on the Marketplace.

Items, Crafting, and Regrading[edit | edit source]

  • The Sunken Treasure mechanic has been adjusted the following ways:
    • Sunken Treasure now spawns more frequently.
    • Sunken Treasure now has a chance to reward the discovering player with a fragment of Vaultstone. If 35 fragments are fused together the Vaultstone is completed and can be opened to reveal new types of treasure. This list includes 28 new Aurorian Relics that can be used as physical housing items or sold to a vendor for a moderate amount of gold. These amounts are lower than past chest values.
    • Vaultstones may also contain pages from ancient manuscripts that can be bound into books by a Printer.
  • Necklace, Ring, and Earring recipes have been removed from the Dragonslayer's Workbench in Karkasse Ridgelands and are no longer available. Existing accessories will remain in the world. The Dragon Ward ring is still craftable as it's related to the Red Dragon encounter.
  • Items purchased with Lord's Coins are now bound to the character.
  • Restored functionality to the Dawnsdrop Belt item - it now grants its stacking passive buff as intended.
  • Ancient and Eternal Lunagems now contain more descriptive text to call out their limitations on what types of they cannot be socketed in.
  • The "Equipped Two-Hand Weapon" passive buff now provides +10% Shield Defense Penetration Rate (the frequency at which it occurs) and +40% Shield Defense Penetration (the amount of shield Defense that's ignored).
  • A new type of Level 55 dungeon re-entry pass, named "Mistsong Grinding Guardian Scroll" has been added to the general merchant. This pass can be purchased for 50 gold. Please double check the type of re-entry pass required for a dungeon you intend to enter prior to purchasing the pass.
  • The Ship Component Regrade process has changed to more closely align with the Pet Accessory Regrading system. Ship Component Regrades now always have a combination cost of 10 gold. Ship Components from Basic to Unique grades will no longer be destroyed upon failure however they will remain the same grade. No downgrading is possible. Ship Components from Celestial to Legendary grades will be destroyed if the regrade is not successful. The rate of success on Ship Component Regrading has been adjusted from its previous table to emphasize upgrades at lower grades and increase the rarity of top grade components.
  • Recipes for Rank 5 Food and Drink consumables have been added.
  • New types of Lunagems related to Shield Defense Penetration / Rate have been added to the Handicraft Profession. These Lunagems can be crafted in Clear, Vivid and Lucid tiers.
  • The display order of items in the Honor Shop has been adjusted - most notably, cloaks and weapons have been moved to page 8 and 9.
  • The Ambitious Cloak, Lionhearted Cloak and Freedom Cloak are no longer available.
  • XP Potions and Growthstones have been removed from the Honor Shop.
  • Lower tier Honor Lunagems have an increased chance to be socketed successfully.
  • Clear Honor Lunagems now cost 10 honor and Vivid Honor Lunagems now cost 50 honor. The benefits provided by Clear and Vivid Honor Lunagems has been increased by up to 30%.
  • Honor purchased Lunafrosts are no longer tradeable to fall more in-line with other honor items. Previously purchased Honor Lunafrosts will remain tradeable.
  • NPC creatures of level 51 and higher will no longer drop Unidentified Dreadnaught or Shroudmaster Accessores - instead they'll have a chance at dropping a new class of Unidentified Accessories. These drops will be most notable from creatures located inside the Ayanad Library.
  • The maximum stack amount for all Mana Wisps has been increased to 1000.

Merit Badges[edit | edit source]

  • New types of Cozy Loungewear have been added to the Merit Badge store. Wearing these fancy pajamas can increase the amount of labor earned while sleeping.

Skill Changes[edit | edit source]

The following changes have been made to existing player abilities. Please note that if an ability has had it's damage "adjusted" this can indicate an increase or decrease. For the purpose of PTS notes, notification that the ability was modified is the starting point and ultimately will include the summary of the actual change.

Battlerage[edit | edit source]

  • The ability Whirlwind Slash has now been changed to include a triple-activate component with a 12 second cooldown after the third swipe is activated or after 1 second elapses in between swipes. The 1st hit of Whirlwind Slash deals bonus damage to Shaken targets and Trips a Slowed target. The 2nd hit of Whirlwind Slash deals bonus damage to Tripped targets. The 3rd hit of Whirlwind Slash slightly knocks back an opponent in addition to dealing normal ability damage.
  • The base damage of the Precision Strike ability has been increased but the Melee Attack damage coefficient has been reduced.
  • Frenzy has been adjusted to include a scaling move speed bonus of +5% each time you deal damage to a maximum 5 stacks at 25% damage. It also now increases Melee and Magic Attack values by +30 each time you hit for a maximum of +300 at 10 stacks. It reduces the character's physical Defense by -10% each they deal damage resulting in 0 Defense at 10 stacks. Finally it now decreases the mana cost of all Battlerage skills by -50% while it's active.
  • The melee attack coefficent of Tiger Strike has been reduced. An additional line was added to the description indicating that a character can use this ability to break out of the Snared status
  • The Attack Speed Training passive now considers the third hit from Whirlwind Slash as a critical hit for purposes of stacking Delirium.
  • The duration of the Reckless Charge passive ability's effect has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds.

Witchcraft[edit | edit source]

  • The base damage and Magic Attack damage coefficient of Earthen Grip ability has been increased.
  • The base damage and Magic Attack damage coefficient of the Enervate ability has been decreased.
  • The level of the Demon Pet summoned by Fiend's Knell has been reduced in level (55 to 53) if summoned without use of the Augment Witchcraft Passive.
  • The level of the Demon Pet summoned by Fiend's Knell while using the Augment Witchcraft Passive has been adjusted to level 55 with a 5 minute duration. Only one demon may be summoned at a time.

Defense[edit | edit source]

  • The base damage of the Shield Slam ability has been increased but the Melee Attack damage coefficient has been decreased.
  • The base damage of the Bull Rush ability has been increased but the Melee Attack damage coefficient has been decreased.
  • The base damage of the Ollo's Hammer ability has been increased but the Melee Attack damage coefficient has been decreased.
  • The Mocking Howl ability now applies the Shaken debuff to affected targets. If the user is under the effects of Shrug It Off the Distressed status will be applied instead.

Auramancy[edit | edit source]

  • The movement speed bonus granted from Comet's Boon has been increased from 80% to 100%.
  • The Health Lift buff now affects all group or raid members within 25 meters.
  • The Melee Critical Rate bonus granted from the Improved Targeting passive has been increased from 3% to 5%.
  • The Magic Critical Rate bonus granted from the Magic Condenser passive has been increased from 3% to 5%.

Occultism[edit | edit source]

  • The Mana Force ability can now be selected at level 5.
  • The use of Mana Force against a Fettered target results in the Shaken debuff being applied.
  • The base damage of Hell Spear has been slightly decreased and the Impale duration has been slightly increased.
  • The Crippling Mire ability can now be selected at level 25.
  • Crippling Mire is now an instant cast ability but the range has been reduced to 10 meters. The afflicted slow component of Crippling Mire has been increased from 30% to 50% movement speed reduction. When used in conjunction with the Death's Beckoning 10 point passive Crippling Mire will affect up to 3 targets simultaneously.
  • The Retribution ability now renders the caster immune to Fear and Slow during the duration of the buff. It doesn't remove any active Fear or Slow conditions.
  • The base damage and Magic Attack damage coefficient for Death's Vengeance have been increased.

Archery[edit | edit source]

  • The trip duration applied after reaching 30 stacks of Feral Mark on a target has been increased from 1.5 to 2 seconds.
  • The base damage of Charged Bolt has been increased but the Ranged Attack damage coefficient has been decreased. The cooldown of Charged Bolt has been increased from 9 to 10 seconds.
  • The base damage of Concussive Arrow has been increased but the Ranged Attack damage coefficient has been decreased.
  • The base damage of Missile Rain has been increased.
  • The Ranged Critical Rate bonus that's applied from the Eagle Eyes passive has been increased from 3% to 5%.
  • Float can no longer be used while gliding.

Sorcery[edit | edit source]

  • The base damage of Freezing Arrow has been increased.
  • The base damage of Freezing Earth has been increased but the Magic Attack damage coefficient has been reduced.
  • The base damage of Chain Lightning has been increased but the Magic Attack damage coefficient has been reduced.
  • The base damage of Meteor has been increased by the Magic Attack damage coefficient has been reduced. The effective strike range for the Meteor impact has been reduced from 5m to 4m.
  • The effect of the passive ability Mana Pool Increase has been increased from 18% to 20%.
  • The effect of the passive ability Efficient Sorcery has improved to reduce mana costs from -18% to -20%.

Shadowplay[edit | edit source]

  • The base damage of Wallop has been increased but the Melee Attack damage coefficient has been reduced. Wallop now debuffs an opponent's Physical Defense by -120 on each hit. A maximum of 10 Wallop debuff stacks can be applied to a target resulting in a -1200 Physical Defense debuff.
  • The base damage of Toxic Shot has been increased but the Ranged Attack damage coefficient has been reduced.
  • The Pin Down ability now inflicts the Shaken debuff on Stunned targets and inflicts the Distressed debuff on Shaken targets.
  • Shadowstep may no longer be used while Snared or through pass through an obstacle.
  • The animation of Throw Dagger has been improved. The penalties to movement speed, attack speed and cast time have been increased from 40% to 60%.

Songcraft[edit | edit source]

  • The base damage inflicted by Dissonance has been increased but the Magic Attack damage coefficient has been decreased. It now decreases your opponent's damage by -20%, increases their cast time by +20%, slows their attack speeds and cooldowns by 33%, and reduces their Magic Defense by -320. The damage inflicted by Dissonance has been converted from single target to area of effect with an effect radius of 4 meters. Dissonance does does not interrupt performance skills.
  • The base damage of Critical Discord has been increased but the Magic Attack damage coefficient has been reduced. It can now be repeatedly fired as an auto-cast skill.
  • The Hummingbird Ditty buff is now appled to all group and raid members within 25 meters when cast.
  • Performance skills grant the Rhythm buff every 3 seconds. The Rhythm buff stacks up to 15 times and lasts for 6 seconds. If a new stack of the buff is applied the duration on the total number of stacks will be refreshed. Each stack of the Rhythm buff grants: +7 Healing Power, +7 Magic Attack and -0.4 seconds on songcraft cooldowns. Unlike previous versions of Rhythm this new version only grants 1 stack every 3 seconds regardless of how many performances are played. While Rhythm is active, if an enemy Charmed by you is slain by anyone, cooldown of Startling Strain is reset.

Vitalism[edit | edit source]

  • The Skewer ability has been adjusted to deal area damage across 4 smaller overlapping circles instead of 1 large circle. Enemies trapped in the overlapping areas receive increased damage.
  • The Infuse ability now grants a Mana Insulating Lens buff to the caster. This is a damage absorption shield similar to the Sorcery ability Insulating Lens. The amount of damage absorbed scales with the level of the caster.
  • The cooldown of Infuse has been increased from 15 to 25 seconds. The cooldown of Infuse is reduced 1.5 seconds if the user is under the effects of the Auramancy ability Inspire.
  • The Aranzeb's Boon buff is now applied to all group and raid members within 25 meters when cast.
  • The Renewal buff now has a 25% chance to trigger, increased from 15%. It also heals for 50% more when the regeneration effect is active.

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Additional information has been added for items that cost 0 credits to claim in the marketplace. No 0 credit items may be available at this time.
  • Pirates are no longer allowed to access Memory Tomes located on Haranya or Nuia. If a memory point was registered prior to joining the Pirate Faction it will no longer be accessible. Pirates retain access to Auroria and Ocean-focused tomes.
  • New sections have been added to the folio to help classify existing recipes. The proficiency to craft specific recipes remains unchanged. Recipes that were previously only accessible by visiting a workbench in the world can also be referenced through the updated Folio.
  • When players obtain a Proven Warrior Chest the system will now provide both on-screen messages and chat logs to reflect this gain.
  • More detail has been added for character statistics and combat modifiers in the character information window.
  • Shield Defense Penetration and Shield Defense Penetration Rate will now appear on the character window.
  • Confirmation that Lucky Points, or fragments thereof, cannot be obtained from regrade braziers.
  • Players can no longer join the Arena while they're under the effects of Rebirth Trauma.
  • Hero candidates must have earned at least 500 Leadership during a previous cycle to be eligible for the next cycle.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where the name "Necromantic Flame" didn't appear correctly.
  • Described the activated ability on the shield "Jola's Eternal Grudge" as being unusable in arenas.
  • Fixed an issue where the graphic effect for Rhythmic Renewal remained after the intended period.
  • Fixed an issue that caused mousing over some merchants in Mirage Isle to not display a bag icon instead of a pointer icon.
  • Fixed an issue surrounding the intended usage of the Aft Ladder on the Lutesong Junk light warship.
  • Fixed and issue that prevented players from changing their hair color when they chose a specific preset model.
  • Fixed an issue where the Play Music and Save Music commands would prevent the client from closing if players entered over 1,000 notes.
  • Fixed an issue where custom compositions would loop unintentionally due to excessive length.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Enhance Glider buff to be cancelled when using the Feathered Dragon or Legendary Dragon Wings gliders.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the faction of a guild from correctly displaying in the guild window while inside the arena.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Siege Info icon would lead to a permissions page during a siege.
  • Fixed a text issue where the word "Gold" didn't appear in the center of the Dominion Registration Window.
  • Reviewed the stage transition at the Lusca Awakening event to ensure all Luscas that were graphically displayed could be engaged in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where the buff for being in a guild didn't apply to slain characters.
  • Reviewed the "unavailable items" that were associated with Arcane and Heroic grade Treasure Maps to ensure they could be interacted with.
  • Submarines can now attack allies when their pilot is in bloodlust mode.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the exclamation mark on quest NPCs and doodads to constantly appear even after completing their quest.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the model of the Tudor Rose Villa to display a different wall setup than the player placeable version.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from using the Polaris Ursun's Toughen ability when it reached (Rank 12).
  • Fixed an issue that caused some tooltips to not display correctly at certain resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where text was truncated or overlapping on the remodel confirmation window.
  • Fixed an issue where item names with special characters could not be linked correctly in the chat window.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Epherium Windsong Cloak that may have led to some awkward animations.
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly displayed a character's hair color when using the salon.
  • The tooltip for the Bound Golden Teardrop Storage chest has been updated.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Festival Achievements to update slowly after the action was completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Keep Appearance" option didn't work when creating a character or using the salon.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a character's hair color to be improperly displayed during night time in some areas.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the preview model of the Jumbo Green Elk Plushie to not appear.
  • Fixed an issue related to wearing the Summer Racer's Swimwear for some male models.
  • When the effects of the Dream Ring and the Ynys Guardian Ring are both applied to the same target, the Dream Ring's armor reduction effect will always take precedence.
  • A huge rock in the Marcala housing area was preventing some players from using a large portion of their farm. The same problem occurred in a Windscour Savannah housing area. Both rocks have been thoroughly scolded and considerately, humanely relocated.
  • Fixed one of the issues that caused a bag, warehouse or storage chest to become unsorted after relogging.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a Stealthed character to become unstealthed if a damaging DoT had been applied to an opponent.
  • Fixed an issue where the location information of the following quests was incorrect: Portal Trouble, The Specialist, One Last Job.
  • Fixed an issue with the system message pop up error that occurred when a pet whistle was moved in a bag while the pet was summoned.
  • Fixed an issue where receiving an item through the trade window wouldn't trigger a related achievement.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter the Arena while in combat.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed characters to spawn an Enoan Galleon in the Mistmerrow pond. Get in your final photo opportunities now.
  • Fixed an issue that caused random client disconnects while fishing in the Upper Loka River area of Windscour Savannah.
  • Fixed a terrain issue in Castaway Strait off the coast of Cinderstone Moor.
  • Fixed the incorrect siege time information in the daily schedule user interface.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some NPC furniture to be floating in the air in Villanelle.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to fall through the world in Nuimari and Mistmerrow Basin.
  • Added the Marine Housing icon to the Ynystere map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a Guild Level to incorrectly be displayed as 0.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a guild mission from correctly resetting.
  • Fixed an issue that that was causing some creatures who had reduction to cleave or area of affect abilities to take full damage from Missile Rain - Archery.
  • Fixed an issue where a character casted Startling Strain - Songcraft, while wearing the "Minstrel's Friend" item, and the affect was applied before the projectile struck the target.
  • A tracked target's casting bar will now appear under their nameplate.

ArcheAge Version 2.0 Build 7.3 - The Winter Maiden Update[edit | edit source]

Winter Maiden Festival[edit | edit source]

Only the most joyous tidings to you, citizens of Erenor! The Winter Maiden has come again, and the cities of Marianople and Austera are fully decorated. Grab your festive stockings, crack open a few presents, and give thanks to the Winter Maiden as the festival proceeds from today until January 18th.

For more information about all of the different aspects of the festival this year, click here.

Ayanad Design Simplification, Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

To begin the tour of community requested changes, the first part of our Ayanad Design changes will be going live with the Winter Maiden Update! Our current 20 Ayanad Designs will be collapsed down into three generalized designs – Ayanad Weapon, Ayanad Armor, and Ayanad Accessory. Now, instead of hoping to get that very specific two-handed sword recipe (while you keep getting recipes for earrings or rings), all you’ll need is the Ayanad Weapon design.

In a future update, the Ayanad Designs will be moving away from a small drop chance to a scrap-based collection system.

Family size increased to 10[edit | edit source]

Bring two more friends into your close-knit family in this update! Fulfilling another community request, the maximum size of families has been increased from 8 to 10. Share your wealth, your land holdings, and more, with more of your closest kin!

Refined Lunagems[edit | edit source]

It’s a terrible feeling when you place that last Lunagem into your weapon, just to have it fail and destroy the other 6 gems you had already carefully placed. However, with the introduction of Refined Lunagems, you can keep your previously slotted Lunagems safe from destruction.

Refined Lunagems can be made out of Fire and Wave Lunagems. They will require Handicraft and a few additional materials to create. Once a Refined Lunagem is made, you will be able to socket it as normal into an appropriate item. If the Refined Lunagem fails to socket, it will still be destroyed, but it won’t destroy the other gems still in the weapon!

Please note that once a Refined Lunagem is socketed, it will behave like any other gem in the future. If you socket another normal Lunagem on top of it and it breaks, all prior Lunagems (even refined ones) will be destroyed as normal.

Wave, Gale, and Honor Lunagems are not included in this first introduction of the system, but can be introduced in the future depending on community feedback and how the system performs in the game.

UPDATE: Thanks to PTS player feedback, XL will be modifying the Refined Lunagem system to allow the gems to be tradeable instead of Bind on Pickup. Thank you to our testers for your feedback! This change will be made to the game either next week, or the week after, depending on development time and testing.

Improvements To Salvage Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafters will find a few improvements to the system in the Winter Maiden Update as we pull the system back from RNG surrounding upgradeable items. Now crafting from salvage up to the Magnificent Tier will always result in an upgradeable version of the item. There’s also been some rebalancing of mana wisps required to craft weapons from salvage in the Epherium and Delphinad tiers, reducing their costs significantly.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Key Faction Base NPCs in Diamond Shores will now be invulnerable for 2 hours after spawning (due to a server restart) to ensure an Alemine Attack does not result in the downgrading of a base that couldn’t be defended.
  • Carrying a tradepack now prevents interactions with a spawn point for Auroria Mineral Water or Burning Logs pack bundles.
  • Furling and unfurling sails to gain an abnormal speed buff is now prevented. A single buff is now applied and appropriately removed without stacking.
  • Some monsters and bosses in Serpentis are now immune to damage if the attacking player is located in an inappropriate area.
  • Fixed an issue where players are able to attack the Heart of Ayanad Guardian without taking any damage using the Treasure Guardian's Imprison ability.
  • By community request, the Event Exchanger in Mirage Isle will now offer rewards for coins from the Sandeep Blue Salt Festival and the Rookborne Rum Runner Rapids past events.

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • The quests to obtain the Larceny Mastery Titles “Takes, But Does Not Earn” and “Maestro Cutpurse” have received new objectives. The 90,000 skill title quest now requires the player to open 10 Stolen Prince’s Bags and the 150,000 skill title quest requires the opening of 50 Stolen Prince’s Bags. KNOWN ISSUE: The quest text still references the old Library bags instead of the new Stolen Prince's Bags. The quest still functions correctly.
  • In the quest "One Last Job", Eldris is supposed to take off the mask but he instead remained wearing the mask. This has been adjusted so Eldris is no longer wearing the mask as the story unfolds.
  • Fixed an issue where the quest "Reinforce the Ramparts" could not be completed due to an incorrect system setting.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Enraged Red Dragon's Legacy now properly increases Agility when the cloak proc is activated.
  • A type of hat that provides additional labor while resting in a bed has been added.
  • The drop rate of the Pink Dolphin Mount known as Fusciafin, obtained rarely from killing Dahuta in the 10 man Sea of Drowned Love, has been increased from 1% to 3%.
  • Seasonal décor items have been added and will soon be obtainable through in-game events and the Marketplace. For more information, visit the Winter Maiden article, or check out our last livestream.
  • A speed bug with the Enhanced Squirrel Glider Companion: Speed has been fixed.
  • Texture and color have been restored to the loyalty-earned Spiked Goblin Fences, Gates and Lightposts introduced during the 2015 Hallowtide Season.

Crafting & Regrades[edit | edit source]

  • The Leviathan’s Eye has been removed as a crafting component for Tier 6 Obsidian Weapons and Armor. It has been replaced by other rare drops from various world bosses like the Red Dragon, Anthalon, and The Kraken. The Leviathan’s Eye will likely be used in the future for an undetermined system.
  • The amount of the refunded materials when an item is destroyed due to a Major Failure during the regrading process has been increased.
  • The salvaging system has changed to allow the reforging of Magnificent tier items to always result in an upgradable version rather than a Sealed Magnificent version.

ArcheAge Version 2.0 Build 7.2 - The Pawesome Autumn Update[edit | edit source]

Ocleera Rift[edit | edit source]

Foil the plans of the Aust Followers and claim lucrative new rewards in ArcheAge's newest event! Visit Diamond Shores and battle through waves of undead as you work towards the death of the powerful Hateful Ocleera.

This new rift takes place at 2:00 AM GMT (6:00 PM PST, 3:00 AM CET) and 16:00 (4:00pm) GMT (8:00 AM PST, 17:00 CET) in Diamond Shores! Collect the Revenant Soulstones dropped in the area to create new weapons and armor on the Soulforged Anvil. Please note, adventurers, that Soulforged gear isn't as dynamic as other types of gear. The maximum rank Soulforged can attain through regrades is locked to Celestial.

Greater Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Revisit the dungeons of levels past! Sharpwind Mines, Palace Cellar, Hadir Farms, Burnt Castle Armory, and Kroloal Cradle have all received brand new Greater Dungeon versions, new daily quests, and new loot to boot!

For pet-lovers everywhere, you can also now craft new pet armor by participating in these new dungeons. These new pieces of armor are equivalent to the Delphinad tier of power, so don't miss out!

Pawesome Autumn[edit | edit source]

With winter fast approaching, many of the animals in Erenor are in need of your care! Take up the call to adopt a baby pet, raise them maturity, and you may find yourself with a steadfast companion who's always ready to curl up with you in your home.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Lil' Sheepie has retired to his sunny Halcyona pasture. Elfred humbly requests that raids no longer barbecue him on sight.
  • The Mirage Weapons have been added to the Proven Warrior's Workbench and can be crafted with Proven Warrior's Medals. These weapons have varying ranks of power to help you catch up as you level, but they also come with a temporary time limit before they dissipate back into the ether.
  • Car upgrades are now available. Upgrade your existing car with Vehicle Upgrade Devices (purchased from General Merchants for gold or the Marketplace for credits) and use the appropriate car version recipe from your crafting folio.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Guild UI to fail to open.
  • Fixed an issue where a character's durability could fall to 0 after dying in a certain situation.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to type up to the maximum text limit on Guild Notices and Guild Recruiting Notices.
  • Fixed an issue where a fish tradepack's tooltips wouldn't appear during mouse-over.
  • Fixed an issue where the House Sale UI didn't appear correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the appearance of the Crazed Hermit's Jerk displayed incorrectly during certain actions.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to pick up the Prime Weapon Temper when Superior Temporing Burnish was used while the inventory was full.
  • Fixed an issue where a scroll bar appeared incorrectly on the Great Construction Progress UI.
  • Fixed an issue where a character would not receive the "Good Day to Work" buff after sleeping in a bed.
  • Fixed an issue where female Elves and Harani hair color appeared incorrectly during customization.
  • Fixed an issue where some Townhouse and Farm Design names appeared incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the doors and windows on Solariums worked incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where mouse scrolling didn't work when the cursor was placed on the reward selection area of the Quest UI.
  • Fixed an issue where a players was unable to gain a Guild Quest when six Guild and Merit Quests were tracked.
  • Ships are able to change direction while the Andelph Mistral Rudder is equipped.

ArcheAge Version 2.0 Build 7.1 - Hallowtide[edit | edit source]

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • There is an issue with the candy-throwing Hallowtide Arena quests in Two Crowns where the quest goals do not properly appear. For both quests, the quest tracker should state -- Complete One: Fill a jack o' lantern first to earn a Treasure Chest. Fill a jack o' lantern second to earn a Shabby Treasure Chest.
  • The Larceny quests related to the uncommon Library Bags cannot currently be completed, as those items have been removed from the game. XL is aware of this issue and will be correcting those in a future update.

Hallowtide Approaches[edit | edit source]

From Tuesday, October 20th to November 3rd, the citizens of Two Crowns and the Solis Headlands will celebrate the coming of Hallowtide! Look for more information on this event in a new article coming later this week!

Daily Login Rewards are now available![edit | edit source]

Logging in ArcheAge each day now comes with a few more perks above loyalty tokens! Log in and check the event calendar in the bottom right hand corner to claim a new prize each day by clicking the "Login Tracker" button. The days logged in are cumulative, so if you miss a day during the month it won't break your streak. This month's prizes are candies!

At 6, 12, and 18 days logged in cumulatively in a month, you will also receive Merit Badges. Don't forget to log in and click that button once per day!

Library item drops have been fixed[edit | edit source]

Adventurers, we apologize, but Update 2.0 introduced a bug that caused newly redesigned Library drops to fail to appear in the Library. This bug has been addressed, and here's what you can now expect from your Library Expeditions:

  • The Library Bags (uncommon/green) have been removed. They have been replaced by Research Crates.
  • Archeum Motes and Dusts will no longer drop from Library Safes.

Research Material Crates now drop from Library Coinpurses. They include the following:

  • Librarian's Research Materials Crate: Drops Ayanad Costume Scraps, Archeum, Regrade Stones, Lunagem Materials, and Other materials that previously dropped from bags. Drops from the first floor.
  • Scholar's Research Materials Crate: Drops Enchanted Skeins, Archeum, Regrade Stones, Lunagem Materials, and Other materials that previously dropped from bags. Drops from the second floor.
  • Dean's Research Materials Crate: Drops Disciple's Tears, Archeum, Regrade Stones, Lunagem Materials, and Other materials that previously dropped from bags. Drops from the third floor.

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The skills Triple Slash, Rapid Strikes, Mana Stars, and Endless Arrows have been set to their Korean equivalents in skill functionality. Tap the key once to issue a single strike from the combination. Hold down the key to rapidly perform strikes. You are no longer committed to the full combo of shots after pressing the key once.
  • Hasla Tier 2 and Tier 3 gear have been re-enabled across all servers.
  • Lavaspark is now able to wear battle pet armor.
  • Hero's Dignity now only counts down when the user is online.
  • Fixed tooltips on the Hound of Kyrios Statue and Anthalon Statue.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the opening video to be unskippable.
  • You can no longer harpoon a harpoon to create Harpoonception. (RIP flying ships.)
  • Harpoonception will be the name of our next indie ArcheAge soundtrack cover band.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • The Yuletide Hauler has been fixed and can be driven once more! Go deliver all of those trade packs to the good boys and girls of Erenor!
  • Fixed an incorrect category listing on the Auction House for the Glowing Sealed Delphinad Necklace and the Glowing Sealed Delphinad Earring.
  • The Gilt Blackwood Coffins now restore 150 labor when slept in (up from 80.)
  • The Feathered Glider is now included in the glider upgrade process.
  • Fixed item skill errors on the Enhanced Corrupt Ally's Wings: Gliding and Enhanced Corrupt Ally's Wings: Turning models.
  • The materials required to craft Archeum Supply Packs (Faint, Clear, Lucid, Pioneer's, and Pirate's) have been drastically reduced. Archeum Dusts are now the main component.

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue that could cause "Burden of Proof" to become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause "Portal Trouble" unable to be attained.

Recurring Events[edit | edit source]

  • Battle for the Golden Plains -- After building a stronghold, the area is now protected for 5 minutes.
  • Crimson Rift -- Fixed an issue where you couldn't receive Crimson Altar Energy from the Crimson Rift.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the Book Collector achievement from being unattainable.

ArcheAge Version 2.0 Build 7.0 - Heroes Awaken[edit | edit source]

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • A few gear tooltips are written confusingly. We've gotten updated versions of those tooltips, but a few more still need to be added.
  • Safe zones are in effect around player housing in hostile zones, but this system is UNDER EVALUATION. Please continue to provide your feedback!
  • The Synthesis tab on the regrade window will only be used for cloaks, not costumes.
  • Current chat throttling is being evaluated.
  • Casting Songcraft performances quickly while under the effects of Rythmn may cause a given performance to stop channeling. We will continue to investigate this and provide a fix in a future update.

Hero System[edit | edit source]

Update 2.0 introduces a brand new political system to the game known as the Hero System! To learn more about the ins and outs of this system outside of this brief overview, visit our website and check out the Hero System Spotlight!

  • Hero halls have been added to Marionople, Austera and Growlgate Island Tower, and thrones that correspond with each Hero rank (Erenor, Ayanad, Delphinad, and Epherium) have been added inside the hall.
  • Players begin accumulating Leadership Points through world PvP, raid PvE bosses, and Reputation ranking from group/raid members. There is a limit to how many times a player can rate another player. Total reputation is tallied at midnight, and extra Leadership Points are given to your character depending on how positive your reputation is.
  • The top 20 players who have earned the most leadership during a month long Hero cycle appear as candidates for election. Leadership is also the deciding factor of who receives general status in the automatic Raid General selection process.
  • 10 Heroes are elected on a 30 day cycle through the voting system available inside of the Hero Hall at the Voting Machine.
  • Anyone may vote as long as they are level 30+ with a minimum of 50 Leadership points accumulated. Votes can be cast on the Thursday and Friday of the first week of the month, which is Election Week.
  • Elected Heroes serve a term of 1 month after which time the election process cycles and new heroes are brought to term. If you are nominated, you may withdraw from the race by visiting the Voting Machine at your faction hall on the first Wednesday of the month.
  • Heroes receive a temporary hero cloak that corresponds with their hero rank and is removed after their term has ended. This cloak is delivered in the mail after an election is won.
  • This heroic cloak provides a buff to all faction members within 25 meters depending on the rank of the hero. It will always grant the hero +100 stamina.
  • Heroes can receive "Concentrated Hero Power" from the Territory Representatives NPC at the faction base.
  • Mobilization Orders may be invoked by a Hero who meets the requirements to rally and teleport faction members who have earned 50+ leadership and are level 30 or above to special banners. Heroes can use Mobilization orders at their faction base up to 5 times. Adventurers who respond to the summons are rewarded 1 Warrior's Medal.
  • Heroes can unlock new faction-wide quests on a weekly basis through the Alliance Support Board located inside the Hero Hall. Any level 30+ faction member can accept the quest. Rewards consist of 5-10 Warrior's Medals. These quests are collect & deliver quests that last 3 days.
  • Messages are displayed for when heroes achieve combo kills in PvP, or when an enemy hero has been taken down in combat.
  • Heroes abide by all normal rules regarding bloodlusting, infamy and jail.
  • Hero status can be taken away from a person for various reasons, including changing factions, moving servers, performing unauthorized gameplay, and other reasons.

Guild Management Tools[edit | edit source]

The ArcheAge Guild management tools have been revitalized and improved with this update! Guilds now have the ability to recruit and accept pending applications in-game, engage in war with other guilds through Guild Dominions, and level their guild for more benefits! For a complete look at these new features, visit the Guild Spotlight on the website.

  • At the release of Heroes Awaken, all guilds that have over 100 members will require a roster update. All members will be removed from the guild except the Leader, who will be able to re-invite Adventurers up to the new 100 player cap. Guilds that already have under 100 players will remain formed and can proceed as normal.
  • On Evolution worlds, all guilds will be disbanded completely. Leaders will need to reform their guilds at the launch of Heroes Awaken.
  • The guild member cap has been introduced in order to provide balance between guilds in Guild Leveling and Guild Dominion battles.
  • A new guild advertisement system has been added! A guild official with the appropriate ranks can publicly advertise recruitment through the new Guild interface. Guild advertisements may be listed for specified periods with different costs associated with posting the ad.
  • Unguilded players may review all Guild advertisements and apply to join the Guild through the interface. Their applications will be reviewed by guild officials, who will have the ability to accept or reject the applications they receive.
  • A player who is removed from a guild or who leaves voluntarily will maintain the benefit of their guild-purchased items but will no longer receive the persistent guild buff
  • A cooldown period may be added in the near future that prevents a player from immediately leaving and immediately re-joining a guild.

Guild Leveling[edit | edit source]

  • Guilds may now level up to rank 8. Guilds earn experience as their members level up between 10 and 55, and by participating in world events, Dominion and open world events.
  • To rank up a guild an item called a Guild Ribbon is required based on which rank the guild is upgraded to – these Ribbons are earned through new guild quests.
  • A corresponding buff is applied to all guild members based on the guild’s current rank. This buff becomes more powerful as the Guild attains higher ranks.
  • Leveling a guild is a manual process that must be enacted by the guild leader once the guild meets the requirements to rank up.
  • Guild members will also receive Prestige Points, which can be used to purchase items from the Prestige Shop. Prestige Points can be earned through participation in guild activities such as daily missions and Dominion conflicts.
  • The guild leader must enable their Guild Daily quests in a manner similar to daily Achievement missions. These quests include large scale crafting objectives, world boss kills, dungeon runs, participation in conflicts on Diamond Shores, and more! Completing these missions rewards Prestige Points and Guild Experience.

The following items are currently available in the prestige shop, accessible via the guild interface:

  • Zone Teleportation Pinions for Halcyona, Hasla, Mistmerrow and Diamond Shores.
  • Epherium Cloaks – Comparable to Auroria Cloaks and may be upgraded.
  • Mirror of Boundaries – Temporarily placed in the world to reveal opponents in stealth.
  • Peace Agreement – Renders a guild safe from Dominion declaration for 48 hours.
  • Guild Flare – Use to summon guild members en masse to a specific location.
  • Weapon and Armor Tempers – Improves temper-related stats by 106-110%.
  • Pioneer Earring – A fabled earring with sweet, sweet stats.
  • Lunascales – These special scales are tier 1 Lunagems that do not fail when attempting to socket.

Guild Dominion[edit | edit source]

Guilds of rank 3 or higher can now participate in Dominion -- a formalized war between guilds. Once declared, a Dominion conflict lasts for 1 hour and may only be declared against other guilds who are Rank 3 or higher.

  • Dominion may be declared against the same guild 3 times per day but the cost in gold to do so scales dramatically.
  • Guilds may be protected from Dominion through the use of a peace treaty, available from the Prestige Shop.
  • Once Dominion is declared, the guild that accumulates the most PvP kills during the duration is declared the winner. If both guilds do not score above 10 kills, the Dominion is considered a draw.
  • Dominion ignores normal PvP rules in ArcheAge and allows combat in safe areas except for jail, Mirage Isle, trials, Mistmerrow, and Arenas.
  • Guards do not assist in Dominion conflicts and will remain passive.
  • Guilds who do not wish to participate in Dominion may remain at level 2, keeping them out of the system entirely.

Housing System[edit | edit source]

All Thatched Farmhouses, Medium Houses and Large Houses (Townhouses, Villas, Chalets) can now be upgraded to new specialty versions. Farmhouse upgrades are more geared towards gathering professions, like Husbandry, Mining, Farming, and Gathering, while House upgrades are tailored towards production vocations.

  • The upgrading system is engaged by accessing the Remodel button on a house management panel. Access this menu from any currently existing house.
  • To remodel a house, a player must meet the necessary requirements and have the appropriate material components. Remodeled houses may require an increased tax rate, and will require Enchanted Blueprints. These blueprints can be received from using an Evenstone on an existing house design.

Thatched Farm Houses upgrade to the following versions:

  • Rancher’s Farmhouse – Provides additional support for Husbandry.
  • Miner’s Farmhouse – Provides additional support for Mining.
  • Harvester’s Farmhouse – Provides additional support for Farming and Gathering.
  • All upgraded farmhouses include 2 gardening planters that support the placement of 50 seeds
  • Seeds planted in this manner may be batch planted and harvested based on normal grow times.
  • A new workstation called the Multipurpose Trimmer has been added to all upgraded farmhouses. This workbench allows for the expedient processing of harvested raw materials to first tier processed materials.
  • Daily quests are now available from the Task Jar on all upgraded farmhouses.
  • The water barrel has been relocated to the rear of an upgraded farmhouse.
  • The interior space of an upgraded farmhouse has been slightly adjusted.
  • Plants that normally grow in the wild may be harvested randomly atop a farmhouse – this does not follow normal housing permissions and any passerby may harvest them. These random growables include Clubhead Fungus, Vanilla, Clover, Pepper, and other similarly rare plants.

Luxury (Medium, Large) Houses upgrade to the following versions:

  • Armorer’s House – Provides additional support for Weapon, Armor and Jewelry crafting including the ability to craft sealed illustrious items in one crafting action using an amount of material similar to what’s used by the traditional system
  • Apothecary’s House – Provides additional support for Consumable crafting including the ability to craft top tier potions, food, drink and printing items en masse with one crafting action using an amount of material similar to what’s used by the traditional system
  • Tradesman’s House – Provides the ability to craft zone-specific fertilizer tradepacks. Only works in zones that naturally have Specialty Workbenches. A Tradesman’s House may currently be placed or upgraded to in Aurorian zones but the tradepack functionality has been disabled at this time (the workbench will be identified as “Deactivated.”)
  • Skill requirements have been removed when crafting at an upgraded luxury house.
  • A luxury house’s access permissions determine who can use its workstations.
  • All upgraded luxury houses include a new workstation called the Complex Processing Shelf.
  • This workbench allows for the expedient processing of raw crafting components to their first tier form
  • Daily quests are now available from the Task Jar on all upgraded luxury houses
  • A teleportation system to the house’s roof has been added due to awkward stair collision. (And because teleporting is cooler than stairs.)
  • Livable space has been added to the roof of all upgraded luxury houses.

Additional Housing changes

  • The following house types may not be upgraded through the new system at this time: Farms, Cottages, Mansions, Spired Chalet, Solariums.
  • Houses may have their facing orientation changed through the remodel feature.
  • All house upgrade types may be previewed prior to upgrading.
  • When remodeling a house ensure that all items are removed prior to its conversion as this process is actually the managed placement of a new house type.
  • Wait, we'll say it again: Furniture will be lost if the house is not emptied prior to remodeling. You have been warned!
  • Specialized houses give a Memory Ember from the fireplace every 22 hours that allow players to teleport directly to the house.
  • Lighting a fireplace now takes 10 labor and no logs.
  • Improved the appearance of houses under construction.
  • Safe zones have been added to built player houses in conflict zones. This safe zone is removed when the area progresses into a war state. Safe zone housing is currently the method used by the Korean version of ArcheAge – we decided to enable this feature to support evolution server land claiming – this feature may be disabled during a future update.
  • If the housing owner is located in safe housing area and engages in a hostile action against another player, they may incur immediate retaliation regardless of being in the safe zone. This attackable state persists for a considerable duration after the hostile action occurred.
  • All types of housing may now be placed residential areas that previously had placement restrictions with the exception of the Scarecrow Garden areas in starting zones.
  • Farmhouse-only areas can now accept all types of housing.
  • Luxury-only areas can now accept all types of housing.
  • Pumpkin Gardens can now accept all types of housing.
  • Memory tomes in Scarecrow Farm zones have been removed; players can no longer use these locations to recall or teleport to.
  • Full Kit Houses will be granted to players on Evolution-candidate worlds based on the types of land they currently have built and placed in the world. A Full Kit house is a normal type of house but when placed it is fully built and doesn’t require materials. It does, however, require taxes to place.

Diamond Shores Update[edit | edit source]

  • All player housing has been removed from the Diamond Shores zone, and the landscape of the zone has been changed to support faction conflict.
  • Housing areas have been redesigned to support residences on the Eastern and Western side of the zone. Aquafarms and Bungalo zones have also been added to the Eastern side.
  • While having the correct faction is not a requirement when placing housing in Diamond Shores, please keep in mind that faction-aligned guards and automated cannons will support their assigned factions. Putting your Nuian house in front of that Haranya cannon is possible, but not recommended.
  • Diamond Shores now has a war/peace cycle, with war starting at 3am and 3pm gmt. The cycle runs through 8 hours of war, 3 hours of peace, and 1 hour of conflict. Due to this, ships can now be damaged in the zone by the normal methods.
  • The Diamond Shores lighthouse has been split into two faction aligned structures.
  • The faction-aligned pavilion areas have been converted into faction fortresses, and these new fortresses can be improved from rank 1 to rank 3 through large scale player participation.
  • Quest NPCs are available and resources may be gathered from surrounding areas to progress the level of the faction base.
  • As faction bases rank up, Auroria-based world events become active including Aust Mana Tower conquests and Alemine conflicts.
  • Ships cannot be customized in the Diamond Shores Ezi's Light region until your faction base is upgraded to at least rank 2.
  • Once a faction fortress reaches rank 3 the Purified Archeum Pack may be crafted in order to claim Auroria Castles – this is particularly important on evolution and fresh start worlds.
  • The fortress workbench is activated every Sunday at 6pm GMT (+7 PDT), and can be activated with 20 Rising Star Stone Packs that can be crafted in Haranya/Nuia.
  • As the faction base increases in rank the landscape of Diamond Shores continue to change offering more support to the progressing faction.
  • The Hero System and Guild Progression largely revolve around the Fortress progress in Diamond Shores.

Pet Accessories and Enhancements[edit | edit source]

  • Combat Pets and Mounts may now level to 55. No longer are they held back from the same level as their owners!
  • Combat Pets that are captured in the world may now have additional abilities that are random and confirmed when they are capture/bound.
  • Increased pet combat stats and modified some combat skills and damage.
  • Combat Pets (and not mounts) may now equip Pet Accessories.
  • Pets can now be revived at Temple Priestess NPCs.
  • The Pet Accessory Workbench is available outside of most dungeons and in most NPC cities. It can also be crafted and placed inside of a player structure.
  • Three types of craftable pet accessories exist: Headwear is crafted by a Metalworker, Chestplates are crafted by Tailors, and Footwear is crafted by Leatherworkers. Appropriate recipes have been added to related professions.
  • The progression of pet accessories is similar to the traditional crafting system prior to the sealed phase. The previous tier of a pet accessory is required to upgrade it. The type of pet accessory crafted and the type of statistical bonuses it provides is decided by the crafter.
  • Pet accessories may be regarded through use of a Pet Accessory Regrade Scroll, crafted via Printing. No regrade support charms may be used in this process, similar to Ship Component Regrades.
  • The results of pet accessory regarding are either success or no change from the Grand to Unique rarity tiers – no downgrading can occur. Once a pet accessory reaches Celestial tier or higher it can be destroyed during the regrade process.
  • Pets do not benefit from rarity buffs.

General Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Newly created characters can now choose to skip the tutorial, even as the first character on the account. At the launch of 2.0, the tutorials will be temporarily disabled to assist with land rushes.
  • The passenger view in the car has been fixed. We call shotgun.
  • Dead mounts/pets should no longer block ships. #GetRektDeadDonkey
  • Added Auto Raid General Delegation: Five minutes after a raid has been formed, a Raid General is designated via the following priority: Hero rank > Leadership earned > Level > Equipment score.
  • Added Sort by Price to the Auction House UI.
  • Added icons for the Shipyard Workbench and Pet Accessory Workbench to the map UI.
  • Added three new emotes: /raisesword, /vow, and /dignity.
  • Mail now costs 5 silver for Express, 50 copper for Standard delivery.
  • #SheepieLives #MirageIsle2015
  • Item tooltips now list how much the item contributes towards your gearscore. It will separately list the base value of the item, and then the value added by gems and enchantments.
  • The item fusion interface has been added to the inventory menu.
  • The vocation vendor is now available in the character menu.
  • Honor vendor available in the character menu.
  • Growthstones and Experience Potions have been removed from the honor point vendor.
  • You can now check on the timing of events with our new Event Calendar! The new button is in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  • It is now possible to shift-click items while the crafting folio is open to search for them, similar to the auction house.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

  • Reduced the respawn cooldown for ships and vehicles from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Fishing boats: Base movement speed increased. Increased base health to 30,000. Added a new skill, Paddle Spin.
  • Captain’s Intuition is now activated automatically when using a steering wheel.
  • Cars now receive the Drowning debuff while underwater. This slows the vehicle and damages the car if Supercharging is attempted.
  • Increased the damage to ships from Keel Collisions.
  • Three words: Fishing Boat Propellers.

Combat Balance Adjustments[edit | edit source]

  • Players can no longer gain experience by killing mobs that are 11 or more levels above theirs.
  • Equipping a 2-handed weapon now also provides Physical and Magical Defense Puncture of 240, and global cooldown reduction of 7%.

Class Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

Auramancy[edit | edit source]

  • Comet’s Boon: Increased damage.
  • Vicious Implosion: Increased damage.
  • Mirror Warp: Decreased cooldown to 0.3 seconds from 0.5 seconds.

Defense[edit | edit source]

  • Bull Rush: Now deals additional damage equal to 50% of mettle.
  • Revitalizing Cheer: Now also removes 1 debuff from the caster.
  • Imprison: Decreased duration to 12 seconds from 15.
  • Seizing Shove: Increased damage reduction for raid members to 50% from 30%. Now adds an additional 1500 Mettle when cast.

Occultism[edit | edit source]

  • Caster’s Enrichment: Added the Branded buff. Branded is triggered when Hell Spear, Summon Crows, or Stillness hit a target. Branded will increase all Occultism skill damage by 1% per stack. The stack has a 6 second duration and can stack up to 20 times. When Branded hits 20 stacks, the buff becomes Mortally Branded. This higher tier buff has a 6 second duration and decreases the attack and healing effectiveness of all targets within 8 meters by 15%.
  • Hell Spear: Increased damage.
  • Summon Crows: Increased damage, and increased the Melee Accuracy reduction to 30% from 25%.
  • Stillness: Decreased cooldown to 36 seconds from 45. Decreased Silence duration to 3 seconds from 3.5 seconds.
  • Urgency: Decreased casting time to 3 seconds from 5 seconds.

Shadowplay[edit | edit source]

  • Overwhelm: Increased stacks of Bloodthirst granted to 3 from 1.
  • Stalker’s Mark: Increased damage bonus removed. Changed “number of ranged attacks suffered during the mark’s duration” to number of melee, ranged and magic attacks.
  • Pin Down: Increased stacks of Bloodthirst granted to 9 from 6.

Songcraft[edit | edit source]

  • Disciplined Performance: Added the Rhythm effect. Rhythm is triggered 3 seconds after a Perform skill is cast. It has a 6 second duration and stacks up to 25 times. Each stack of Rhythm increases your magic damage by 4 and decreases the cooldown of Songcraft skills by 0.2 seconds.
  • Dissonance: Increased damage.
  • Ode to Recovery: Increased combo damage dealt to Charmed targets. Added combo effect for Dissonance targets.
  • Bloody Chanty, Grief’s Cadence: Added combo effect for Dissonance targets.

Sorcery[edit | edit source]

  • Mana Flurry: Added Mana Fountain effect. Mana Fountain is triggered when Flamebolt, Magic Circle, or Frigid Tracks are cast. Each stack of Mana Fountain increases your casting and attack speed by 2%, decreases cooldown of Sorcery skills by 2%, and decreases your Physical Defense by 3%. Mana Fountain has a 3 second duration and stacks up to 8 times.
  • God’s Whip: Decreased the range and area of effect range across ranks 1-5.

Vitalism[edit | edit source]

  • Defiance: Added the Prayer effect. Prayer is triggered when Antithesis, Mend, or Fervent Healing finish casting (only on the first cast for Fervent Healing). Has an 8 second duration and stacks up to 5 times. Each stack of Prayer reduces casting time by 2%. At 5 stacks, Prayer becomes a new buff called Sacrifice. Sacrifice has a 4.5 second duration and decreases casting time by 10%, doubles the duration of Omnipotent Ward, and continually restores health and mana to party and raid members within 6 meters at the cost of the caster’s health.
  • Antithesis: Increased damage, reduced healing.
  • Skewer: Decreased casting time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Mend: Players are now immune to Fear when under the effect of Omnipotent Ward. Will not remove Fear already on the player.
  • Aranzeb’s Boon: Now increases all stats instead of just Intelligence and Spirit. Slightly decreased the amount of stat boost per rank.

Witchcraft[edit | edit source]

  • Courageous Action: Removed Fear immunity.
  • Lassitude: Increased buff duration to 4 seconds from 3. Buff combo duration increased to 2 seconds from 1.5. Decreased Sleep duration to 12 seconds from 15. Decreased sleep combo duration to 22 seconds from 25.
  • Weeping Dead, Wailing Dead: Increased base stats.

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Added 28 new racial story quests post-level 30.
  • Increased the experience rewarded by level 51-55 quests.
  • Added a whole bunch of new Achievements.
  • A gold reward has been added to merit quests.
  • Added 37 raid boss kill quests.
  • Successfully regrading an item to Arcane now rewards a bound Green Regrade Charm.
  • Crimson Watch quests have been changed to story quests, and now also reward gilda stars.
  • Added 4 Ayanad Library quests plus associated cutscenes.
  • Lowered the level requirement for the Item Regrading tutorial quest from 50 to 35.
  • Doubled the amount of consumables (potions, food) rewarded from quests.
  • Added 3 quests to the Mermaid Bathtub (obtained from fishing coins) that can only be accepted by the bathtub owner. Completing these quests rewards the upgraded version of the tub.
  • Decreased the number of items required for textile and ore vocation daily quests.
  • Increased the quest item drop rates of some quests from level 1-30.
  • Removed Diamond Shores daily quests and replaced them with the updated Diamond Shores content.
  • Doubled the rewards from signpost kill quests.
  • Low-level quests are now displayed in white instead of grey text.
  • Increased the target number and reward for the Lusca kill quest: now requires 5 kills instead of 10, and rewards 1500 honor instead of 2000.
  • “Stopping Doomsday”: Changed rewards from 1x Gilda Star, 5x Shatigon’s Sand to 2x Warrior’s Medal, 5x Shatigon’s Sand.
  • “Trouble at the Weeping Mine”: Improved the functionality of this quest in order to make sure the quest can be beaten.

Items[edit | edit source]

2 Slot Farm Carts Change[edit | edit source]

Prior owners of the 2 Slot Farm Carts will find that their "Scroll: Farm Cart" has been replaced with a "Ripped Scroll: Farm Cart" which cannot be used. This is due to a bug that allowed more than 2 trade packs to be placed into the cart simultaneously. This bug has been addressed in Update 2.0, but you will have to re-create your Farm Cart to get the new version.

You can fix this by visiting a Carpentry Workbench, selecting your Machining Proficiency, and then crafting a new "Scroll: Farm Cart" with your Ripped Scroll. This recipe takes no other materials to create, and you'll be presented with your new Farm Cart scroll after the conversion is complete.

Revised Item Salvaging System[edit | edit source]

  • The Weapon, Armor and Jewelry Salvaging systems have been changed to combine similar types of salvages into general salvage materials.
  • Pre-2.0 item salvages must be converted by right-clicking on them resulting in the appropriate amount of new salvage materials as though the item had been Evenstoned using the post 2.0 system.
  • Post-2.0, using an Evenstone to disintegrate an item will result in new salvage materials.
  • Sunlight, Moonlight and Starlight Salvage Forges now use Mana Wisps to re-forge sealed items instead of a number of salvages.
  • Obsidian Weapons and Armor have all been converted to use Mana Wisps in place of salvages.
  • The goal of this system was to provide more versatility to item crafting and to mitigate penalty for failed RNG at upper-mid crafting tiers. Note that salvaging an Epherium weapon can result in the creation of multiple sealed illustrious attempts.

New Salvage Materials from Illustrious, Magnificent, Epherium and Delphinad Items:

  • 1h Metal Mana Wisp (Dagger, Sword, Katana, Axe, Club, Shortspear).
  • 2h Metal Mana Wisp (Greatsword, Nodachi, Greataxe, Greatclub, Longspear).
  • Wooden Mana Wisp (Scepter, Staff, Bow, Shield).
  • Musical Mana Wisp (Lute, Flute).
  • Cloth Mana Wisp (All Cloth Armor)
  • Leather Mana Wisp (All Leather Armor)
  • Metal Mana Wisp (All Plate Armor)
  • Large Jewelry Mana Wisp (Necklaces)
  • Small Jewelry Mana Wisp (Earrings, Rings)

New Auroria Armor[edit | edit source]

  • This update also introduces brand new pieces of Auroria Armor (v2.0). 10 sets of 7 armor pieces are now available, with each one geared towards a single skillset. (Yes, Songcraft, you get armor now!)
  • These new armor pieces are obtained from opening Divine Garden Plate, Leather and Cloth Gear pouches. Divine Garden Pouches are obtained through the normal method of killing non-Library Auroria creatures and can now drop both v1.0 and v2.0 armor at a rate of 1 piece per pouch.
  • The grade of Auroria Armor obtained from these pouches has a base range of Basic to Unique.

The new pieces of Auroria Armor v2.0 include the following:

Divine Garden Plate Pouches now additionally contain:

  • Auroria Haunted Occultism (Plate) Sta/Int – Same passives as previous Cloth versions now as Plate
  • Auroria Noble Sorcery (Plate) Sta/Int – Same passives as previous Cloth versions now as Plate

Divine Garden Cloth Pouches now additionally contain:

  • Auroria Cruel Witchcraft (Cloth) Sta/Int – Same passives as previous Leather versions now as Cloth
  • Auroria Wistful Songcraft (Cloth) Sta/Int – All new set with new passives for Songcraft
  • Auroria Dulcet Vitalism (Cloth) Sta/Spi – Same passives as previous Cloth versions now with Spirit instead of Intelligence
  • Auroria Precise Auramancy (Cloth) Sta/Spi - Same passives as previous Plate versions now in Cloth with Spirit

Divine Garden Leather Pouches now additionally Contain:

  • Auroria Devious Shadowplay (Leather) Str/Sta – Same passives as previous Leather versions now with Strength instead of Agility
  • Auroria Wildborn Archery (Leather) Sta/Spi – Same passives as previous Leather versions now with Spirit instead of Agility
  • Auroria Eternal Defense (Leather) Agi/Sta – Same passives as previous Plate versions now with Agility instead of Strength
  • Auroria Lorn Battlerage Belt (Leather) Str/Sta – Same passives as previous Plate versions now as Leather

Both versions of Auroria Armor of grade Grand and higher may be disintegrated using an Evenstone to produce the standard amount of Moonlight Archeum Crystals and a new material called Memory Shards. The type of Memory Shard created corresponds with the type of Auroria Armor that was disintegrated. There are 3 types of Memory Shards produced during disintegration:

  • Ferocious Memory Shard – Battlerage/Archery/Shadowplay
  • Mystic Memory Shard – Shadowplay/Occultism/Vitalism
  • Stalwart Memory Shard – Witchcraft/Songcraft/Auramancy/Defense

Memory Shards can also be obtained by killing non-Library Auroria enemies.

New Lunagems[edit | edit source]

We've added 10 new types of Ancient Lunagems and 10 new types of Eternal Lunagems! Memory Shards and existing Lunarite are the primary components used in crafting Ancient and Eternal Lunagems, and these gems adhere to the standard socketing method. 

Ancient Lunagems can be socketed in non-Auroria Wrist Armor and are available in 3 tiers (Clear, Vivid, and Lucid).

  • Ancient Battlerage Lunagem – Increases Triple Slash damage by +1%, +2%, and +3%
  • Ancient Witchcraft Lunagem – Increases Mitigation duration by +0.2s, +0.4s, and +0.6 seconds
  • Ancient Defense Lunagem – Increases Boastful Roar damage by +3%, +4%, and +5%
  • Ancient Auramancy Lunagem – Increases Liberation duration by +0.6s, +0.9s, and +1.2 seconds
  • Ancient Occultism Lunagem – Increases Stillness by +0.1s, +0.2s, and +0.3 seconds
  • Ancient Archery Lunagem – Increases Feral Mark duration by +0.2s, +0.4s, and +0.6 seconds
  • Ancient Sorcery Lunagem – Increases Arc Lightning damage by +2%, +3%, and +4%
  • Ancient Shadowplay Lunagem – Increases Rapid Strikes damage by +1%, +2%, and +3%
  • Ancient Songcraft Lunagem – Decreases Startling Strain cooldown by -0.3s, -0.5s, and -0.7 seconds
  • Ancient Vitalism Lunagem – Decreases the cast time of Revive by -0.2s, -0.4s, and -0.6 seconds

Eternal Lunagems can only be socketed in non-Auroria Waist Armor and are available in 3 tiers (Clear, Vivid, and Lucid).

  • Eternal Battlerage Lunagem – Increases Battle Focus duration by +0.4s, +0.8s, and +1.2 seconds
  • Eternal Witchcraft Lunagem – Decreases Enervate cooldown by -0.3s, -0.6s, and -0.9 seconds
  • Eternal Defense Lunagem – Increases the HP Healed with Revitalizing Cheer by +400, +600, and +800 HP
  • Eternal Auramancy Lunagem – Increased the duration of Inspired by +0.3s, +0.5s, and +0.7 seconds
  • Eternal Occultism Lunagem – Increases Hell Spear damage by +1%, +2%, and +3%
  • Eternal Archery Lunagem – Increases Piercing Shot damage by +1%, +2%, and +3%
  • Eternal Sorcery Lunagem – Decreases Frigid Tracks cast time by -0.2s, -0.3s, and -0.4 seconds
  • Eternal Shadowplay Lunagem – Increases Stalker’s Mark duration by +0.3s, +0.5s, and +0.7 seconds
  • Eternal Songcraft Lunagem – Increases Zeal duration by +0.3s, +0.5s, and +0.7 seconds
  • Eternal Vitalism Lunagem – Increases the HP Healed by Fervent Healing by +1%, +2%, and +3%

New Artistry Instruments[edit | edit source]

For those of you with music on the mind (or a tune you can't get out of your head), there are a few new instruments in town, and some important updates.

Beginning in our October Update (after 2.0), instruments will be moving out of the loyalty badge business and into the merit badge business! If you're saving up for an instrument and don't think you can get it soon, start saving up merit badges!

For those of you with Artistry, you can also craft some new instruments yourself:

110,000 Artistry: Triestes Cello

130,000 Artistry: Noryette's Centrebass

150,000 Artistry: Marianople Violin & Wyrdwind Viola

180,000 Artistry: Brahm's Notorious Melody

5 new decorative instrument versions can also be placed in your house. These do not require Artistry to craft, but they cannot be played.

  • Prince's Coinpurses can now drop multiple Archeum Trees and Braziers.
  • Lunagems now have a gold cost associated with socketing. Cost increases as more gems are socketed, but the first tier is free.
  • You may now auto-attempt to socket lunagems a set amount of times. This option will continue to the set number, regardless of failure or success.
  • The buffs provided by armor of heroic grades or higher have been revamped into ranks. Cloth features an increased Critical Hit Rate and Critical Heal Rate. Leather increases Critical Heal Amount and Critical Hit Damage. Plate increases your Parry Rate and Shield Block Rate.
  • Added waist armor that can be crafted with honor point materials and drops from some world bosses.
  • Added wrist armor that can be crafted at the Proven Warrior Workbench, using warrior’s medals and drops from Serpentis.
  • Mirage Warrior Weapons will be removed from the Proven Warrior’s Workbench and will not be included in the release of Heroes Awaken.
  • Added tier 11 and 12 Proven Warrior Necklaces. Also adjusted the amount of Warrior’s Medals used for each stage: - Stage 1: Set to 3 (was 10.) - Stage 2: Remains at 6 - Stage 3: Remains at 9 - Stage 4: Remains at 12 - Stage 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: Set to 15 (was 12.) - Stage 11: New stage; requires 15 & 1 large jewelry mana wisp - Stage 12: New stage; requires 15 & 2 large jewelry mana wisp
  • Added 3 new lunastones that boost Critical Heal Bonus to the Honor Point Collectors.
  • Increased some stats and buffs on Howling Abyss Leather and Plate armor.
  • Added Spirit to Clubs from low-level dungeons.
  • Air-filled Sea Cherries can now be used to charge Underwater Breathing Devices.
  • Changed the set effect of Sea Serpent’s Malice and Reverse Thornscale Shield.
  • Added healing critical rate to the Cunning Thief armor and Purified Monk armor set effects.
  • Adjusted the set effect of Dancing Queen’s Ruin and Blooddrinker Blossom.
  • Certain consumables with effects can no longer be stacked. The effects for Spellbook: Brick Wall and Spellbook: Unstoppable Force can’t be active simultaneously. Alchemy potion effects for Physical and Magic Defense can’t be active simultaneously.
  • Added a new dungeon boss drop, the Companion’s Growthstone. This is a growthstone that will offer your pet additional experience when used.
  • Improved the unidentified item icon.
  • Unidentified Accessories now give a randomly graded Accessory.
  • Failing a Halcyona Necklace unsealing now downgrades the item to tier 6, as opposed to rank 4.
  • There's a new steamfish on the block, and it's hiding in a world drop near you. Good luck!

Sieges[edit | edit source]

Castle siege schedules have changed to a three week cycle where all sieges occur on the same week followed by a 2 week peace period.

  • Week 1: Nuimari, Heedmar, Marcala and Calmlands are all simultaneous siege targets
  • Week 2: No sieges
  • Week 3: No sieges
  • Siege schedule repeats with Week 1

Fishing and Gathering[edit | edit source]

  • Removed the warning window that appears when butchering certain types of livestock: Pig, Water Buffalo, Turkey.
  • Adjusted the amount of Vocation Badges granted through Sport Fishing, and adjusted the Sport Fishing content.  - Different types of fish schools have been combined into two: Saltwater Fish School for the 4 saltwater sport fish and Freshwater Fish School for the 3 freshwater sport fish. - Different types of fish school baits have been combined into two: Chopped Mackerel for saltwater sport fish and Chum for freshwater sport fish. - Some fish school bait items have been discontinued. (Chopped Squid/Roosterfish/Sardine/Pike can no longer be purchased, but existing items can still be used to activate fish schools.) - Increased the saltwater sport fish sale price. (freshwater sport fish price remains same) - All dropped Sport Fish Packs now disappear after 5 minutes.
  • Updated the Mirage Isle Fish-Fest. - The fishing contest now has only one category to compete in: Sport Fishing. - Reduced the duration of the contest from 2 hours to 1 hour, and changed the contest time to Saturdays at 7pm-8pm GMT. - Reduced the health of the Pink Marlin that spawns for the contest. - While fishing, there's now a random chance that a Treasure Mimic can appear; dropping 1-3 Fisher King Coins or Soprere's Frog. - Duration of the Mirage Fishing Rod from Surprise Helper’s quest is now 1 hour to match the event. - Decreased the number of Mirage Lure rewards from the quest. - The Surprise Helper no longer sells "Lucid Mirage Fishing Rod: 2 Hour”. - Added Bugira's Coin and Pink Octopus Fishing Hat items to the Contest Coin Collector.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

  • Added 60 new Lunagem recipes.
  • Changed the recipes for Construction Material bundles. Previously crafted bundles can be disintegrated to recover the materials and a small bound labor potion.
  • Added two new craftable storage chests that can store Relics and Books.
  • Changed the minimum level requirement for some Blue Salt daily quests: - Guerilla Marketing, A Rare Perfume: Minimum level 40+ - Raising a Wild Horse, Raising a Wild Elk, Raising a Malfunctioning Leomorph, Raising a Wild Snowlion: Minimum level 50+
  • Crafting or selling a Specialty pack now costs 70 Labor.
  • Crafting a Multi-Purpose Aging Larder now costs 65 Labor.
  • Crafting an Aged specialty pack now costs 70 labor.

Zones[edit | edit source]

  • When the following hostile zones enter War, raids are now formed automatically: Ynystere, Cinderstone Moor, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla, Karkasse Ridgelands.
  • Reduced the peace duration in the following zones to 3 hours from 4: Ynystere, Cinderstone Moor, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla.
  • Old Jars around the Sea of Drowned Love now have a 1-minute cooldown between interactions.
  • The Diamond Shores Worldgate in major cities can now teleport players to the Diamond Shores housing area OR to the Ayanad Library portal location.
  • Theatres in Marianpole and Austera now have the same sound effects as the Caernord Opera House, and improved lighting. Added more instruments so all theatres now have a grand piano, cello, contrabass, and drumset.
  • The Ocleera Rift is temporarily unavailable in this version. It will be added in a later version. Keep your "eye" out.
  • You can now teleport directly to Dungeon entrances via the Teleport Book. When a party leader teleports, the rest of the group receive a notification.
  • Characters no longer have collision with the Distorted Dimension Repair Bench in Serpentis and Sea of Drowned Love.
  • Increased general drop rates from all overworld mobs.

Zone Modifications[edit | edit source]

  • Austera: Moved the Worldgate and related NPCs to the front of the Hero hall.
  • Mahadevi: Changed Arsakes’ faction to West Ishvara.
  • Cinderstone Moor, Ynystere: Added Gold and Item traders in these zones.
  • Marianople, Austera: Moved the recall bind to inside the hero hall.
  • Marianople: Placed a mailbox and warehouse manager nearer to the crafting area.
  • Two Crowns: Improved the terrain textures in the underground sewers.
  • Karkasse: Modified parts of the Aust Spy Camp.
  • Karkasse: Moved the Haranya respawn point closer to the Red Dragon’s Keep. Haranyans will also respawn here during War.
  • Growlgate Isle: Added a Fish Stand and Artistry Workbench. Moved some of the barrel objects on the shores.
  • Heedmar: Added a new Skill Manager.
  • Hasla: Vyravas no longer spawn in Hasla.
  • Increased the level and ranks of some General, Strong, and Elite NPCs.

Instanced Dungeons[edit | edit source]

  • Added a 2H Club and Cloth Armor for Healer in Serpentis. It's real.

New Dungeon Entry System[edit | edit source]

  • Enter high level dungeons (Lv50-55) twice a day for free. Requires a Superior Grinding Guardian Scroll for additional entries.
  • Enter lower level dungeons (up to Lv49) five times a day for free. Requires a Grinding Guardian Scroll for additional entries.
  • Grinding Guardian Scrolls and Superior Grinding Guardian Scrolls can be purchased from General Merchants.
  • Previously used dungeon entry tokens can be sold to NPC merchants and can no longer be used.
  • Adjusted the criteria of the instance dungeon boss quests for Novice and Experienced Adventurers.
  • Added daily dungeon quests that grant experience. Quests can be accepted from task boards or are automatically accepted when players enter the dungeon for the first time that day.
  • Added an entrance to the Heart of Ayanad instance in Evening Botanica inside the Ayanad Library. This boss is also a target for the epic library quest.
  • Improved the appearance of dungeon entrances for Palace Cellar, Howling Abyss, Kroloal Cradle, Serpentis, and Sea of Drowned Love.
  • Added dungeon-exclusive item workbenches at the entrance to each dungeon.

Event Changes[edit | edit source]

Golden Plains Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Added a taskboard where Battle for the Golden Plains quests can be completed. These can also be completed with the Nuia Alliance Guard Captain, Harani Alliance Guard Captain, and the Mercenary Quartermaster.
  • Changed the layout of the Golden Plains Battle Supplies that spawn when the battle begins. These now also respawn after being used.
  • Only characters level 30 and higher can obtain the Proven Warrior’s Chest.

Abyssal Attack[edit | edit source]

  • Abyssal Attack now takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, down from every day of the week.
  • When the Abyssal Kraken is killed, Luscas spawn around Whirlpool Isle.
  • Healing skills no longer work on the Ocean Guardstone. Increased the Guardstone’s health slightly. Increased the damage dealt by the Aftereffect debuff triggered when the Ocean’s Guardstone is destroyed.
  • Slightly increased the number of times the Abyssal Crystal can be mined. Added a Small Abyssal Crystal from which Abyssal Crystal can be mined. These spawn in the same location as the Ocean’s Guardstone.
  • You cannot place drydocks while under the Abyssal Burden debuff.

Mistmerrow[edit | edit source]

  • Players now gain 6 points for destroying Anthalon’s Shackles and claiming the base.
  • Players now gain 3 points for destroying the weakened versions of Anthalon’s Shackles and claiming the base.
  • Anthalon’s Shackles Remnants can now be used in combat.
  • Players can now steal enemy teams’ points by destroying their Anthalon’s Shackles and taking control of the base.
  • Destroying the Anthalon’s Shackles spawned at the start of the battle does not reward points.
  • Bonus points and points lost are now displayed on the scoreboard.
  • Removed the peace zone in the basin beneath the Crimson Altar.
  • Added a quest pointing players toward the Mistmerrow battles.

Lusca Awakening[edit | edit source]

  • Takes place at 10pm GMT each day at one of three set locations within the Sea of Graves. You can use the Abyssal Attack Worldgate to join in.
  • Added and changed some related quests and NPCs.
  • Luscas can only be killed with Siege damage and additional item drops.

World Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Changed Delphinad Ghost Ship spawn schedule to respawn after 12 hours. Reduced some skills’ casting time and increased damage. Increased some skills’ range.
  • Leviathan: Changed the quest completion location of the Leviathan Salvage quest, as Diamond Shores itself has changed.

Arenas[edit | edit source]

  • Characters in arenas cannot be invited to parties.
  • Modified the Polestar and the turrets inside the Arena. They are now level 55 (up from 50), their difficulty is now Epic (was strong), and they have received damage reduction to Melee, Ranged, and Magic attacks.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Updated the intro video and loading screens for 2.0. Get. Hype.

ArcheAge Version 1.7 Build 6.8[edit | edit source]

Security Program Change[edit | edit source]

This update will remove HackShield. HackShield has reached the end of its support life cycle from AhnLabs, and the group has decided to move out of the online game security business. 

As some of you may be aware, the Korean version of ArcheAge has made the decision to adopt GameGuard in place of HackShield. We are testing GameGuard extensively on our internal environments, but we have requested additional functionality and stability requirements before we officially add it to our version of the game. We will not add GameGuard to ArcheAge until those requirements have been met.

In addition to GameGuard, we are also pursuing alternate security methods and additional interim solutions. We intend for any inclusion of GameGuard to be a temporary solution until an alternate solution can be found.

Blue Salt Festival[edit | edit source]

  • The Blue Salt Festival, a celebration of sun, sand, and salty sea air, is underway in Sanddeep!
  • Either travel to Sanddeep directly, or speak with the Blue Salt Representative at the Ezi's Light in Austera, Ezna, or Diamond Shores to receive a teleport scroll.
  • The event is set up on the barrier island just off the shore of Blueglass. Various NPCs offer quests to participate in sand castle building, mural painting, and beach defense!
  • Build sand castles that provide hour-long buffs to players once completed, paint murals to obtain art for your home, and collect festival coins that you can trade in for furniture items, a plushie pet, or special time-limited vehicles and mounts from the exchange machine set up on the beach!
  • Feeling in need of a break from the sun? Enjoy some well-seasoned chicken and refreshing drinks seaside for an additional buff to your good health.

Return Of The Red Dragon Event[edit | edit source]

The Red Dragon has re-awoken, and rumors abound of dragon sightings around Erenor.

  • Three times daily (15:00, 19:00, and 23:00 UTC), the Ghost of the Red Dragon appears in Lilyut Hills, Tigerspine Mountains, Stormraw Sound, and Mirage Isle. The dragon's appearance also causes local dragonslayer NPCs to come forth.
  • Speak with a dragon slayer to receive a quest and a special bow used to damage the spectral beast.
  • When the Ghost of the Red Dragon is driven away, obtain the Red Dragon's Breath and return to the dragon slayer for a reward chest.
  • Each character can participate in driving away the dragon's ghost once per day. The event lasts for approximately 10 minutes each spawn.
  • Reward chests contain Red Dragon Scales that can be used to craft the Red Dragon's Legacy cloak. These scales can be used to complete a cloak left unfinished from the previous event. The chests also have a rare chance of dropping the Enraged Red Dragon's Legacy cloak item.
  • NOTE: This event may be extended based on planned outage times.
  • This event will run on the following four weekends:

August 20 - August 23

August 27 - August 30

September 3 - September 6

September 17 - September 20

Red Dragon[edit | edit source]

  • Decreased the health and mana regeneration on the Red Dragon to match current Korea region balance.

Drop Rate Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Increased spawn rate of Black Pearls on Aquafarms. This item will still remain rare, but will be more attainable than before.
  • Increased drop rate of Haunted Chests on Auroria.
  • Increased drop rate of Fusciafin from Dahuta in the Sea of Drowned Love.

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Maximum character slots per server have been increased to 6 from 4. The maximum number of character slots per account remains at 6.
  • Submarines: Torpedo can now attack against members of the same faction when in Bloodlust mode.
  • Bug fix: Broad Reduction effect was being applied to Ode to Recovery and Mend skills, and is no longer applied.
  • Fixed a bug where items in your inventory, warehouse, or storage chests were rearranged on each login.
  • Fixed a case of client shutdown when teleporting.
  • Fixed a case of client shutdown when harvesting Skyreach Woodlots.
  • Fixed a floating desk in Villanelle.
  • Fixed an incorrect graphic on male Firrans when wearing the Summer Racer's Swimwear.
  • Fixed a location that caused characters to fall through the world in Ynystere.
  • Fixed a location that caused characters to fall through the world in Golden Ruins.
  • Ship summon scrolls now state how many passengers they can hold before losing buoyancy.

ArcheAge Version 1.7 Build 6.6[edit | edit source]

Submarines[edit | edit source]

  • Submarines finally come to ArcheAge! 
  • Submarines act as a hybrid of mounts and customizable ships for water travel. Two players can ride a submarine, and both riders can be wearing trade packs.
  • All 3 submarine designs can be purchased on Mirage Isle for 250 Gilda Stars.
  • A limited time event submarine, the Copper Steamfish Submarine, will be available through the SOS Lifeguard event coming July 21 through August 4th. This submarine cannot equip customizations.
  • For a full writeup detailing Submarines, see the article here.

Glider Upgrade System[edit | edit source]

  • Glider stats can now be enhanced through the Glider Upgrade System at a Carpentry Workbench!
  • The first level of enhancement upgrades all flight stats to High.
  • A second level of enhancement can be attempted to increase a single stat to Very High.
  • NA/EU have added the ability to craft the wingmaker scroll to revert a sub-optimal second tier glider enhancement.
  • For a full description of the Glider Upgrade System, see the article here.

New Daily Merit Quest[edit | edit source]

* Added a new daily Merit Quest that allows you to spend 1000 Labor to receive 1 Merit Badge and 1 empty bottle. The empty bottle can be used to convert 1 12-hour cooldown Worker's Compensation (1000 Labor) potion into 1 bound no-cooldown Worker's Compensation (1000 Labor) potion.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Permanently added the Divine Blessings benefit to Patrons: Patrons can now obtain three additional Loyalty Tokens per day. To claim these tokens, adventurers will have to click a new UI button in the corner of their screen. You may click this button once per hour to claim one token.
  • Leviathan and other raid monsters can now remove certain blocking items in close range - such as trade packs dropped to block pathing.
  • Arcane Relic Trade Pack now has an appropriate Labor cost when sold.
  • Corrected the speed on Green Elks to 9.0m/s to match other starting mounts.
  • Fixed Honor Point Boost potions not applying the bonus in Arenas.
  • Fixed the Crimson Lightning Essence Fragments not combining properly into a Crimson Lightning Essence.
  • Auramancy: The Unassailable skill was not triggering as often as intended and has been increased.
  • Fixed Fish Finder not showing fish schools on some sea maps.
  • Added the Mining Drill item to Vocation Badge vendors. This item can be placed to generate stone, ore, and gems for mining.
  • Merit Quests: Party Challenge: Fixed the Grimghast Rift Rank 1 quest not completing properly.
  • Serpentis: Carmila's Dark Deadly Poison effect should now be more visible.
  • Anthalon: Corrected the name display of the Necromantic Flame skill.
  • All car speeds are set to 30 m/s.
  • Rowboat tooltip now states that "Using Shatigon's Sand has a 5-minute cooldown."

PvP[edit | edit source]

  • Jola's Eternal Grudge may no longer be used in Arenas.

Localization[edit | edit source]

  • Our German localization has undergone significant revisions.
  • Pet Potholders have been renamed to Pawtholders.

Display[edit | edit source]

  • Corrected a darkened neck texture on Firran female models when wearing certain costumes.
  • Also corrected an error on the Firran female skin tone selection in character creation.
  • Fixed a Marketplace Preview display issue in DX11 where the background did not render properly.

ArcheAge Version 1.7 Build 6.5[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge Version 1.7 Build 6.2[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge Version 1.7 Build 6.0[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 5.2[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 5.0[edit | edit source]

Release Dates[edit | edit source]

  • NA: 10 March 2015 11:00 AM (GMT -7)
  • EU: 10 March 2015 11:00 AM (PDT +7)

Secrets Of Ayanad[edit | edit source]

  • The new zone of Diamond Shores is now available! Far across the Arcadian Sea, and to the west of the existing Auroria zones, this highly contested region benefits from unique access to the Ayanad Library, a variety of conveniences, and multiple climates.
    • For North America and Europe, Diamond Shores is a contested zone that cycles through the war and peace stages. Honor can be earned in Diamond Shores during war. Areas around the Library and the hubs outside are protected similarly to Nui statues.
    • For more details on Diamond Shores, see the Secrets Of Ayanad Spotlight: Diamond Shores article[1].
  • The ruins of the Ayanad Library have been discovered and opened to adventurers. The Ayanad Library is a massive construction unlike any Other seen in Erenor, consisting of three floors with dozens of rooms as well as boss and ring-event fights. Each level comes in three open instances that anyone can enter and leave at will, regardless of faction or group status.
    • The interior of the Library is a no-PvP area.
    • For more details on the Ayanad Library, see the Secrets Of Ayanad Spotlight: Ayanad Library article[2].
  • The maximum character and skill tree levels have been increased to 55!
    • One additional skill point is earned for each level above 50, resulting in a total of 28 skill points at max level.
    • The amount of experience required for each level from 50-55 has been adjusted in our region, and is lower than the original Korean region requirements.
    • For more details on the new level cap, see the Secrets Of Ayanad Spotlight: Level 55 article[3].
  • New active skills are available in each skill tree at level 55:
    • Archery: Snipe A long range, high damage shot that deals damage to everything in its path.
    • Auramancy: Mirror Warp Readies an option for 5 seconds to strafe-teleport left or right on command.
    • Battlerage: Behind Enemy Lines A targeted AoE that launches the character forward while snaring and damaging enemies in the targeted area.
    • Defense: Fortress Shoves enemies away while pulling allies closer. Provides a short-term damage reduction to pulled-in allies.
    • Occultism: Death's Vengeance Deals area damage within 15 meters when you die.
    • Sorcery: God's Whip Damages all enemies in range with a blast of energy. Can be used multiple times in quick succession.
    • Shadowplay: Throw Dagger A short-range AoE that damages the target as well as nearby enemies. Also debuffs anyone hit with decreased movement, attack, and casting speeds.
    • Songcraft: [Perform] Grief's Cadence Reduces the duration of negative effects on your allies, and increases the duration of negative effects on an enemy.
    • Vitalism: Whirlwind's Blessing Boosts attack and movement speeds of your allies while debuffing your enemies in a large area.
    • Witchcraft: Fiend's Knell Summons a Weeping Dead ally to attack nearby aggressive targets.
  • All initial six tiers of Obsidian Weapons can now be crafted, and the materials for these weapons can be obtained throughout the world.
    • For more details on Obsidian Weapons, see the Secrets Of Ayanad Spotlight: Obsidian Weapons article[4].
  • Ayanad Costumes can be crafted with materials obtained in the Ayanad Library. These three costumes can all be crafted at a special crafting bench just outside the Ayanad Library using the following materials:
    • 100 Ayanad Costume Design Scraps
    • 70 Enchanted Skeins
    • 50 Disciple's Tears
    • 400 Gilda Dust
    • 10 Blood Archeum Crystals
  • Experia Sunflower, Duck, Pumpkin, and Pine patches can now be crafted at a Farmer's Workstation. These are large crops that grant experience instead of items when they are harvested.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Borderless windowed mode is now available under Options > Screen > Screen Mode.
  • Inverted mouse axis is now available under Options > Functionality > Scroll down to the bottom of this pane.
  • Trade chat is now faction-wide instead of zone specific.
  • When placing new property, if you have two placed properties with unfinished construction, you will be blocked from placing any more. If you have more than two unfinished properties, you will need to reduce that number (through completion or demolition) to bring that number below two before you can claim additional land. Fellowship Plazas do not count towards this limit.
  • Monsters in Sungold Fields and Exeloch that were previously capped at level 50 are now uncapped and drop Obsidian Weapon components.
  • The proficiency requirements to craft Illustrious through Delphinad tier gear have been reduced or removed.
  • Calamitous Vyrava can now be properly summoned with Timespace Scrolls.
  • The "Ghost of the Royal Tomb" quest no longer displays a system string when interacting with the Royal Stone Coffin.
  • The "Harvest the Cotton" quest can now be completed properly.
  • The "Trouble at the Weeping Mine" quest can now be completed properly.
  • The Mirage Donkey's incorrectly high strafe and backup speeds have been fixed.

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.19[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.18[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.162[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.16[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.15[edit | edit source]

Release Dates[edit | edit source]

  • NA: 14 November 2014 08:00 AM PST (GMT-8)
  • EU: 14 November 2014 02:00 AM GMT (PST+8)

Auroria[edit | edit source]

  • The Auroria siege schedule has been changed to start sooner!
  • Sieges tokens will be listed on the Auction House every three weeks at 2:30 PM PST / 10:30 PM GMT followed by the siege declaration 48 hours later when the auction ends. Sieges themselves will begin four days after the siege token is listed on the Auction House at 1:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM GMT with mutual hostile status being set for the attacking and defending guilds 30 minutes prior to the siege beginning.
  • The first siege tokens for Heedmar and Nuimari will be going up on the Auction House next Wednesday, November 19 at 2:30 PM PST / 10:30 PM GMT with the siege starting on Sunday, November 23 at 1:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM GMT.
  • The first siege tokens for Marcala and Calmlands will be going up on the Auction House on Wednesday, November 26 at 2:30 PM PST / 10:30 PM GMT with the siege starting on Sunday, November 30 at 1:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM GMT.
  • While these are currently set as universal times for both NA and EU, we are looking into being able to set the time for each region individually. We’ll have an update on this by next Wednesday. That said, we will do everything within our power to ensure that the first Heedmar/Nuimari and Marcala/Calmlands times announced in these patch Notes do not change: players can plan their Gameplay time based on them.
  • Learn more about sieges!

Interface[edit | edit source]

  • The chat filter has been improved to detect more instances and methods of spam. Help this learning filter detect new patterns by using the “report spam” function (available by right-clicking on the offending user’s name)!

Other[edit | edit source]

  • HackShield’s unwarranted force-disconnections have been curbed by reducing the number of false-positives it generates. Previous false-positive force-disconnections have not resulted in false-positive bans.
  • New, additional anti-hacking detection has been introduced with this build. As a reminder, examples of hacking include but aren’t limited to using illicit third-party software, modifying the game client, or intercepting packets between server and client.

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.14[edit | edit source]

Release Dates[edit | edit source]

  • NA: 4 November 2014 08:00 AM PDT (GMT-8)
  • EU: 6 November 2014 11:00 AM GMT (PDT+8)

Auroria[edit | edit source]

  • Explore six new lands: Nuimari, Heedmar, Marcala, Calmlands, Exeloch, and Sungold Fields.
  • Be the first to claim Archeum Lodestones in Marcala, Calmlands, Heedmar, and Nuimari, each available for building castles.
  • Adventure through the Serpentis (Level 50) instance dungeon in Exeloch.
  • Fight new maximum-level monsters throughout the continent.
  • Learn more!

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Added 14 new recipes for Brilliant Hasla Relics and Eternal Hasla Relics, the second and third Hasla weapon tiers. Crafting these tiers also requires Gilda Dust as a component in addition to Hasla tokens.
  • Doubled the cost to repair equipment to make dying a little more significant.
  • The Diamond Shores worldgates will now send you to Calmlands because Diamond Shore is not yet available. Worldgates are a type of portal in some major cities. They cost three Hereafter Stones to use. Existing worldgates have already allowed travel between the two southern continents.
  • Added Illustrious Storage Chest (80 storage slots) recipe to Regal Carpentry Workbench.
  • Reduced vendor sell price of Archeum Tree Sapling from 1 gold to 10 copper.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

  • Added designs for the Apex Squall Car, Ezi's Glider, Moonshadow Glider, Red Dragon Glider, and Thunderbolt Glider to Mirage Isle.
  • Rebalanced the flight properties of Ezi's Glider, Moonshadow Glider, Thunderbolt Glider, Red Dragon Glider, and Feathered Dragon Glider to match the Ultimate Glider. This is prevent any one glider from being the overwhelmingly best option in almost all cases due to combination of flight properties and abilities. These gliders are now differentiated by their unique abilities which have not been changed.
  • Removed vehicle designs from the Honor Points Vendor and Vocation Badge Vendor for rebalancing the cars before reintroducing the designs. Players who had already purchased these designs will keep them but these cars cannot be crafted until they are reintroduced to the game.
  • Updated the four-slot Farm Wagon recipe to require the two-slot Farm Cart summoning scroll as a component, making the Farm Cart an upgrade path instead of a separate item.

Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Added the ability for players to report spam in chat. Right-click the character name on chat or use "/spam [NAME]" to submit a report to a Game Master.
  • Added a notification to the trade Interface when a locked trade Changes to an unlocked trade.
  • Added a three-second delay before the trade Interface's accept button is available when the lock status is changed on either side.
  • Removed a duplicate recipe on the Regal Carpentry Workbench.
  • Fixed a map issue where two zoom levels were reversed in some areas.

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.13[edit | edit source]

Release Dates[edit | edit source]

  • NA: 21 October 2014 8:00 AM PDT (GMT-7)
  • EU: 22 October 2014 1:00 AM GMT (PDT+7)

Hallowtide[edit | edit source]

  • The fall seasonal event Hallowtide begins October 21 and lasts until the Conquest of Auroria launch.
  • An article with full details will be posted to announce this event.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • The maximum distance to place property has been significantly reduced.
  • Fixed incorrect housing zone text on the map.

Interface[edit | edit source]

  • This update introduces a potential fix for chat lines that exceed maximum length.
  • This update introduces a potential fix for non-jurors and non-defendants speaking in Trial chat.
  • Fixed incorrect salon text that was showing in German.

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.12[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • A quest item that could be exploited to spawn numbers of NPCs in non-combat areas has been fixed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This update is less than 150 MB and will be available for download via Glyph during the announced EU and NA server outages. Please visit our Server Status forum for details.
  • For the latest developments, be sure to visit our Launch FAQ and Known Issues threads.

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.11[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Chatting in the Faction, Shout, Trade, Need Party, and Nation chat channels is now restricted to characters that are level 15 and higher.
  • The Kraken has toughened its tentacles and now can only be damaged by siege weapons (including ship cannons). Prepare for a harder encounter with the terror of the deep, adventurers!
  • Healer weapons have been added to quest rewards.
  • Healer weapons have been added to Hasla weapons, redeemable using [Faded Compassion Token]s.
  • Warehouses can now be expanded to a maximum of 130 slots.

Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Only active trial participants may speak in Trial chat.
  • Some mount icons have been updated to differentiate them.
  • Added a space between the colon and text in whispers for better legibility.

Coming Soon[edit | edit source]

  • The [Seal-Point Sabrefang] battle pet is refusing to grow up and become an adult sabrefang. XLGAMES is teaching it that all little battle pets need to grow up some day. Be sure to hold onto your [Seal-Point Sabrefang], it's being fixed!

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.10[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Accounts will now be disconnected from the server when AFK at character selection or in character creation.
  • As previously announced, stats have been removed from in-game costume items, matching the previous change to Marketplace costume items.

Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Available character slots (via Character Slot Expansions or deleted characters) will now be recognized prior to logging into a game world.
  • Players can now connect to a server they have no characters on if they have an available character slot.
  • Assorted translations have been corrected or updated in English, French, and German. For instance, [Lumber: Mass Production] is now simply [Lumber].
  • The Revive Interface for characters under level 10 no longer has overlapping text.
  • Improved tooltips on items with socketed lunagems to more clearly show stat effects.

Marketplace[edit | edit source]

  • To ensure no portion of your potion is wasted, [Workman's Compensation] labor potions can no longer be consumed when there's insufficient "room" for all 1000 Labor Points on your account. It will now give an error that X Labor Points must be used before using the labor potion.
  • The [Workman's Compensation] labor potion on the Loyalty Store now has a 12-hour cooldown to match the Marketplace version.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • A rare bug that could potentially generate a large number of small temporary files in one's user folder has been fixed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This update is about 150 MB and will be available for download via Glyph during the announced EU and NA server outages. Please visit our Server Status forum for details.

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.9[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • The drop rate of loot bags from monsters has significantly increased.
  • The drop rate of Sunlight Archeum, Moonlight Archeum, and Starlight Archeum from loot bags has been greatly increased.
  • The chance of equipment from loot bags has increased from monsters. These items can be salvaged to gain archeum.
  • The Solid Shaft recipe is available again, allowing for the construction of fishing boats.

Interface[edit | edit source]

  • The Auction House can now be searched using German and French.

Marketplace[edit | edit source]

  • The Marketplace inventory has been reorganized in terms of Featured Items and categorization of consumables.
  • The Character Slot Expansion scroll has been added. Accounts may have a maximum of six character slots per region but a limit of four character slots per server.
  • The Workman's Compensation labor potion has been returned to 12-hour cooldown and price of 300 Credits.
  • The Auction House License permitting non-Patrons to create Auction House listings has been added. It is not tradable.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • The priority server login queue for Patrons is now even faster.

Coming Soon[edit | edit source]

  • Cosmetic Costumes: A future build will remove the stats from all costumes that are obtained or crafted in-game, much like stats were removed from costumes on the Marketplace. Similar to the normalization of mount speeds, this change is to prevent power creep and stat inflation while also promoting costume choice and preventing "best" items to be wearing to maximize your character's Gameplay.
  • Improved Anti-Spam: XLGAMES is delivering a way for us to integrate our internally-developed anti-spam technology which learns over time and then kills spam and spammers before you see either even once. Expect more details on this to be announced next week.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This patch is less than 200MB large from the Open Beta client (8.5GB large as a new installation) and is available for download now from Glyph. Note that Head Start begins September 12 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7).

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.7[edit | edit source]

New Open Beta Features[edit | edit source]

  • Farm Cart: A new type of player-crafted wagon has been added that carries two resource packs to fill the gap between the donkey and the larger Farm Wagon. It also comes with a horn for maximum beepage.
  • AFK Kick has been implemented: Characters will be logged out after 45 minutes of [Away] status. Characters who are in the middle of crafting or fishing should not be kicked.
  • Auction House: All accounts have the ability to bid on and win auctions by default. The ability to post auctions on the Auction House is unlocked in one of two ways:

- Accounts that are under Patron status, or have had Patron in the past, have permanent access to post auctions. - Accounts that have never had Patron status can unlock the permanent ability to post auctions by consuming the Auction License item on any character.

General[edit | edit source]

  • The drop rate of Sunlight Archeum has been increased, and we will be evaluating the levels of Sunlight, Moonlight, and Starlight Archeum for further drop rate adjustments.
  • Quest rewards no longer consume Labor points when identifying them.
  • Mana consumption at lower levels has been reduced (this is a change made as part of Korea version 1.7 that is being included in our build).
  • Mounts have been standardized into speed tiers - 9.0m/s and 10.0m/s - with the exception of Donkeys, which retain their existing speeds (7.2m/s unencumbered).
  • The Skills UI now only displays the skills available with the level 50 cap.
  • Updated the contents of the Explorer's Chest and Merchant's Chest (obtained through Loyalty Tokens) to remove Hereafter Stones from the reward list... and added some Other new goodies.
  • Crafted "dye" items that used to function as both crafting components and costume dyes now function as crafting components only.
  • Reduced the amount of Honor granted from Rift daily quests.
  • Tempering Burnish item price increased to 10 gold.
  • Character deletion cooldowns have been added: Level 1-9 takes 10 minutes to be deleted, Level 10-29 takes 24 hours to be deleted, and Level 30-50 takes a week to be deleted.

UI / Interface Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Updated icons for Marketplace and Marketplace Mail.
  • Fixed the display of degree, minute, and second markers on Treasure Maps.
  • Polishing work on French and German versions: Fixing some cut-off words on the UI, fixing character name length restrictions (2 to 26 characters allowed).
  • Fixed a case where some map tooltips displayed in French while the client was in German mode.
  • Fixed a bug where accounts with zero credit balance could not spend Loyalty Tokens.

Marketplace[edit | edit source]

  • With our crafters in mind, all crafted items have been removed: Eco-Friendly Fuel and Shatigon’s Sandglasses.
  • Some costumes have been temporarily removed such as the swimsuits.
  • Purchasable mounts have had their speeds normalized as mentioned earlier in the patch Notes. Snowlions are now correctly set as 9 m/s.
  • Mirage Isle mounts are not available at launch.
  • The Archeum Supply Crate has been added.
  • The Limited Edition: Skybound Housewarming Gift has been added.
  • The Auction House License for non-Patron accounts has been added.
  • The Workman's Compensation labor potion now has a reduced cooldown (four hours) and reduced price.

Post-Launch Features[edit | edit source]

We'd like to extend a thank-you for helping to test the below features in earlier Alpha and Beta phases. In keeping with the pacing of ArcheAge releases in Other regions, the following has been set up for launch and will be unlocked over time:

  • Auroria and Diamond Shores content is unavailable. NPCs and interactable objects have been disabled, houses and farms cannot be placed, and castle locations are currently un-claimable.
  • The Mirage Isle Fishing Tournament and Arena Rankings are not currently running.
  • Submarines are unavailable for crafting at this time.
  • The Red Dragon is temporarily on vacation from Karkasse Ridgelands.
  • Hasla weapons beyond the first tier will be available in a future update.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This patch is about 800MB large from the CBE4 client and is available for download now from Glyph. Note that Open Beta begins September 4 at 10:00 AM PDT.

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.6[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • This update includes the behind-the-scenes data needed to play ArcheAge in French and German!
    • The function to set your client language to French or German is coming in a Glyph update shortly.
  • Updated text to latest localization.
  • Shortened the maximum length of chat channel text in a single entry to reduce ultra-long blocks of chatspam.
  • Reduced NPC sell-back price of Any-Post Owl to 10 copper.

Notes[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.5[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.3[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Serpentis and the weekday version of Sea of Drowned Love should now progress normally.
  • Nui's Lily should properly appear in the Regal Alchemy station crafting menu.
  • Adjusted distribution of Gilda Stars given from story quests so the quests reward fewer at the beginning and more toward the conclusion of the quest series.
  • Corrected misaligned option tooltips in the Settings > Functionality menu.
  • Fixed a case where pirate characters could become invulnerable while under the jail debuff.
  • Updated text with latest localization build.
  • Further security measures have been added to client-server communication.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Switching between Windowed and Fullscreen mode in DirectX9 with 2 or more monitors can in some cases result in a client lockup or stretched resolution. This is a known issue from Korean live versions.
  • Composition for percussion/drum sets has been disabled while this feature is made more stable

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.2[edit | edit source]

Marketplace - TEMPORARILY ON HOLD; game servers are available while our teams are troubleshooting.

  • The in-game Marketplace is being enabled with this build for testing and feedback!
  • There are new icons in the bottom right corner of the screen to access the store. The storefront icon will be customized in a future build.
  • The Loyalty tab of the Marketplace contains items available for purchase with Loyalty Tokens, earned by Patrons on their first login of each day.
  • Items and prices in the Marketplace may change based on feedback and usage.
  • Founder's Pack credits should be available for test use on your accounts. These credits are shared between Alpha and Beta (spending some on Alpha will reduce the amount you have available on Beta) and will be refilled when the game goes live - you are not spending these credits permanently while in Alpha!
  • For players who are in Alpha via invite and not a Founder's Pack, you should have received a credit grant this morning with the same amount of credits as an Archeum pack would give (11,250).

General[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug with system Tax mails that prevented players from paying taxes.
  • Updated text with most recent translations and localization.
  • Some Korea-region specific event quests have been removed (particularly from Mirage Isle).
  • Behind the scenes, the way character data is stored has changed in structure, which is the driving force behind the full redownload today.

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.1[edit | edit source]

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

- System Mail with Taxes Due is unpayable - bandaid fix in progress - Patron icon loads UI that hangs

The following patch Notes do not include Trion’s custom Gameplay Changes, which will appear in an Coming Soon Beta candidate build. These custom Changes include (but may not be limited to):

  • Addition of Gilda Star traders to cross-continental trade routes.
  • Adjustment of stolen trade pack split from 40% turn-in value returned to creator down to 20% returned to creator.
  • Additional Gilda Stars granted through sub-level 30 PvE relative to sailboat and small house costs.
  • Removal of Bounty Hunter Cloak Arrest and Instant Judgment abilities.

-* 45 Minute AFK Kick

Some strings will still be displayed in Korean in this build due to the rapid turnaround from delivery to Alpha. In addition, some pre-1.2 English strings may be out of date in terms of numbers or functionality. Expect these to be corrected ASAP in future updates.

The Marketplace (credit store) will not yet be available with this update.

Please keep in mind that these patch Notes have come through the compiling of multiple source builds and then translation. This is the first (and probably only!) time we’re going through this process at such a scale. We’ll endeavor to correct any errors as quickly as possible!

Links[edit | edit source]