The Conquest of Auroria update opens four new zones – Marcala, Calmlands, Heedmar, and Nuimari

Below is the information from the Trion Worlds website concerning the update. They also suggest restarting your PC if you have issues with Hackshield after launching the game.

Claiming the New Zones

While exploring Auroria, you will find special Archeum Lodestones in Marcala, Calmlands, Heedmar, and Nuimari. To claim one of these four zones, a guild leader must cleanse one of its Archeum Lodestones using a Purifying Archeum tradepack. The first Lodestone claimed in each zone confers ownership of the zone to the claiming guild and crowns its leader Lord of the zone. (At which point all other Archeum Lodestones in the zone will be deactivated.)

Purifying Archeum tradepacks are constructed with Anya Ingots and Blood Archeum Crystals. While the Crystals can be purchased directly from a General Merchant, Anya Ingots are smelted from Anya Pebbles, and these Pebbles can only be mined from Anya veins found in Auroria. A guild will need a proficient miner and metal worker to complete this process.

Once a guild claims a zone, they can build a castle to protect their Archeum Lodestone from sieges by another guild. The designs for various components of a castle including walls, gates, and defense towers can be purchased from Mirage Isle.

Sieges: Massive Guild vs. Guild Battles

Periodically, a castle siege scroll for each claimed zone will appear on the Auction House under the “Scroll: Siege Base” category. The winning bidder can use the scroll to declare and begin a siege of the specified zone’s Archeum Lodestone at a given time or even trade it to someone else!

To claim victory, the attackers must break through any existing fortifications, destroy the defenders’ Archeum Lodestone, and then convert the destroyed Archeum Lodestone – without being interrupted – for several minutes. If the attackers can destroy the Lodestone and then convert it within the allotted time for the siege, they win ownership of the zone along with any remnants of the existing castle.

Properties within a fallen castle’s limits do not change ownership automatically, but they can be demolished at will by the new owners! If, on the other hand, the defenders successfully repel a siege, their guild leader receives Lord’s Coins that can be used to purchase specialty items on Mirage Isle.

New Housing

Once a zone is claimed, its new housing provinces will become available. The housing province in the area surrounding the claimed Archeum Lodestone will typically fall within the owner’s castle limits (and be subject to demolition by the zone Lord). Any property that is NOT within the castle limits cannot be touched or harmed by the resident guild, but it is subject to any additional taxes levied by the Lord. Property owners will still pay taxes in the form of tax certificates, and the zone Lord will receive equivalent payments in the form of gold.

Aside from the new opportunity to settle lands next to your allies, constructing property in Auroria has several benefits. Each of Auroria’s regions has dual climates (Heedmar, for example, is both Subartic and Temperate), allowing for a wider range of optimal conditions for farming. In addition, certain resources like Auroria Mineral Water can only be found on the new continent. This water is required to grow Archeum Trees, which will be available for purchase on Mirage Isle, providing a reliable source of Archeum Logs and precious Archeum.

And More!

The Farm Wagon will be available for construction and is capable of carrying four tradepacks! Building the Farm Wagon requires a completed Farm Cart, as well as Flaming Logs – another high-end crafting material found only on Auroria. Hasla Weapons will be upgradable for additional Faded Tokens and Gilda Dust, allowing dedicated players to elevate their combat prowess to new heights.

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