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Villanelle is a temperate zone with Eastern-style architecture and adorned with blooming cherry trees.

It's biggest city is Lutesong Harbor, where Resource and Gilda Traders are located.

Housing in this zone is spread out. Villanelle has the Special Plant Community Center. The Community Center sells Hibiscus saplings.

Throughout Villanelle, one can find all of the ingredients for Volatile Alcohol used to summon Harrod The Gatekeeper.

Points of Interest[]

  • Lutesong Harbor, where one of Haranya's three continental Trade Outlets resides. Players can purchase Haranya Cargo here as well as turn in trade packs.
  • Winebalm is the location of Villanelle's community center. Trade packs, including local specialties, can be crafted here.
  • Jaun's Ranch sells battle pets of the sabrefang cub variety.
  • Torchfyre Bay contains aqua farm locations that the player can use to grow exclusive water plants.

Native Plants[]

  • Cherry Tree
  • Maple Tree
  • Chestnut Tree
  • Lily

Screen Shots[]

Villanelle1 Villanelle2 Villanelle3 Villanelle4 Villanelle5