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Note: Before Vitalism was announced by Trion as the official English name of this skill set, it was referred to as Devotion by the ArcheAge community.



This path of development will make the hero a skilled healer that can protect the lives of those around them, or heal themselves to survive a fight.
Patroness of these soldiers is considered Kyprosa ​​Deyer, keeper of the gates of the world.

Vitalism is a support tree, the primary tool of the healer, and is invaluable in a party. It has abilities that can affect either allies or enemies, and the only revive skill in the game.



Note: When casting a skill that can target an ally, hold ALT to use on yourself.

Name Vitalism Reqs Description* Cost* Cast Time* Cooldown* Range* Effects Combos
Holy Bolt
Holy Bolt Lv1 Fire a projectile of light to deal damage to an enemy. Allies Blessed with Mirror Light within 15m of the target receive healing. Enemies Cursed with Mirror Light take 37% bonus damage. 7 1.5 seconds none Single


Mirror Light
Mirror Light Mirror Light Lv3 When cast on allies, cures one debuff and grants Blessing, increasing received healing +15% for 1min 30sec. When cast on enemies, inflicts Snare for 3sec and inflicts Curse for 20sec, increasing received damage +12% and decreasing healing effectiveness -30%. Snare duration reduced -50% in PvP. 14 Mana Instant 24 Seconds Single 25m Effectsnared
Antithesis Antithesis Lv10 Allies/yourself: Instantly restores a moderate amount of health. Enemies: Deals a moderate amount of Magic Damage. 37 Mana 1.5 Seconds 5 Seconds Single 30m EffectinspiredEffectenergyshieldEffectresurgence2Effectcharmed
Resurgence Resurgence Lv15 Regenerates +(324 + 200% Magic Attack) health over 10sec to you or an ally. 105 Mana Instant none Single 30m Effectresurgence2
Revive Revive Lv20 Revives an ally with a percentage of max health and mana, and restores XP lost on death. The amount restored improves as the skill ranks up. Can't be used during combat. 266 Mana 7 Seconds none Single 25m
Skewer Skewer Lv25 Summons four overlapping skewers within a 20m circle. The spears deal 481-515 Magic Damage and Impale enemies for 2.2sec, preventing all actions. Enemies take more damage when hit by multiple spears. 347 Mana 1.5 Seconds 20 Seconds Ground-Target 25m

Area Effect 5m

Effectimpaled2 Effectimpaled2
Mend Mend Lv30 Restores +(720 + 300% Magic Attack) health to all allies within 20m. Gives 1-3 stacks of Inspired. 864 Mana 3 Seconds 21 Seconds Personal AoE 20m Effectinspired EffectinspiredEffectresurgence2
Aranzeb's Boon Aranzeb's Boon Lv35 Increases all stats by +15. Applies to caster and nearby raid members for 30min. 174 Mana 2 Seconds none Personal AoE


Renewal Renewal Lv40 Calls forth energy from the land to bless caster or an ally. Has a 15% chance of recovering 540 HP when hit for 30sec. 328 Mana 2 Seconds none Single 30m
Fervent Healing1 Fervent Healing Lv45 Instantly restores +(230 + 150% Magic Attack) health to a caster or an ally. Can be used again immediately, increasing the strength of the skill +25%, but consuming significantly more mana. Can be used consecutively up to 5 times. 71 Mana Instant 9 Seconds Single 30m Effectinspired
Infuse Infuse Lv50 Consumes caster's mana to restore the mana of up to 10 allies within 20m. Restores 10-12% of each target's max mana. Consumes the Sacrifice buff to give each target a strong shield which absorbs damage, lasting 5s. 520 Mana Instant 9 Seconds Personal AoE


Whirlwind's Blessing
Whirlwind's Blessing Lv55 Increases Attack Speed and Move Speed +20% for allies and decreases Attack Speed and Move Speed -15% for enemies for 30 seconds. 369 Mana Channeled 180 Seconds Ground-Target AoE


*Base values for Rank 1 skills. Values scale off ability rank, equipped items, and character level.


Name Vitalism Reqs Description
Painful Recharge Prophet's Voice Skill Points 2+ Whenever you perform Critical Healing, reduce the duration of Silence effects -40% for 5 seconds.
Quick Recovery Quick Recovery Skill Points 3+ Resets cooldowns on all healing skills after receiving critical damage. This effect has a 12sec cooldown.
Joyous Spirit Vibrant Casting Skill Points 4+ Increases Skill Damage and Healing for Vitalism skills +10%.
Alms Martyr's Way Skill Points 5+ Grants the Prayer buff whenever you cast Antithesis, Mend, or Fervent Healing.

Prayer: -Decreases Cast Time by 6% per Stack. -Lasts 8 seconds. -Triggers Divine Response at 5 Stacks.

Divine Response: -Decreases Cast Time by 30%. -Lasts 24 seconds. -Mend grants Renewal to allies. -Gaining a stack of Prayer resets the duration of Divine Response.

Invigorated Healing Invigorated Healing Skill Points 6+ Increases Critical Heal Bonus by 20%.
Defiance Joyous Spirit Skill Points 7+ Increases Post-Cast Mana Regen +5 +X, determined by Spirit.

Does not affect Mana Regen when Player is not casting.


Vitalism self-combos: EffectinspiredEffectresurgence2 (due to cooldowns some Vitalism combos need an additional class or multiple Vitalists to 'self' combo.)

Class Vitalism combos with class Class combos with Vitalism Both classes have
Archery none none Effectsnared
Auramancy Effectinspired EffectinspiredEffectenergyshield Effectinspired
Battlerage Effectsnared Effectinspired EffectsnaredEffectinspired
Defense Effectsnared none none
Occultism Effectimpaled2 Effectimpaled2 Effectimpaled2
Shadowplay none none none
Songcraft none Effectcharmed none
Sorcery Effectimpaled2 none Effectsnared
Witchcraft Effectsnared none Effectsnared