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Location: Stormester Plateau, Solis Headlands, Haranya

Pay a gold and score as many points as you can within two minutes. Quest resets daily.

You start the minigame two minute timer by picking up their 2h mallet. You'll need to open your inventory and equip the 2h mallet as your weapon. After the timer expires, the mallet will disappear. You're weapon hands are now empty. Re-equip your regular weapons.

Killing the Dragora with your regular weapons is worth 0 points. Hitting a Dragora with the mallet is worth 2 points. Hitting a Blue Dragora with the mallet is worth 5 points.

There appear to be different levels:

Newb: Score 30 points and receive 1 gold and 1000 XP



Tips: You hit a Dragora, not by clicking on the mallet, as you do in other quests. You use one of your normal attack styles. Styles which are instant and with minimal animation are best.

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