White Arden

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White Arden.png

Information[edit | edit source]

When the Aurorian exiles fled the destruction brought to their land by the mad god Kyrios, the goddess Nui opened a gate through the Hereafter and brought them all to what is now White Arden. Perhaps due to that past connection to the afterlife, the area is now swarming with the undead, though it seems their numbers will never overtake the count of trees that are in the pure white forests. The area is bordered by Dewstone to the east, and Marianople to the south. Out to the west lies Dwarf country, but that will be explored in the game some other time.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

If you feel like exploring, at the center of Ardenia there lies a great well that spirals downwards into its wet, slimy depths. I'm not sure why you would feel like exploring such a place, but an adventure is an adventure. To the northwest, there is a place called Red Moss Cave that, if you can get past the hundreds of angry kobold waiting to ambush you, offers a lovely spelunking experience.

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