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The world in ArcheAge consists of three continents. The southern two continents are home to the NPC factions and starting locations. Most zones on these continents will go in and out of wartime, allowing pvp. The northern continent is constantly flagged for pvp.

All three continents contain land available for claiming by players for Housing but only the Northern continent allows the building of castles and Sieges to take place.

Western Continent (Nuia)Edit

The Western continent (Nuia) is inhabitated by Elves and Humans (Nuian). Its capital is Marianopel.

Eastern Continent (Haranya)Edit

The Eastern Continent (Haranya) is inhabitat by Firran and Humans (Harani).

Northern Continent (Auroria)Edit

The northern continent of Auroria was the continent the races of Erenor originate from. Due the to aftermath of The Expedition it was deserted by most in what is called the Exodus. Still stories exist that there lie many treasures to be found in the ruins of the old places like Delphinad.


Mirage IslandEdit

Mirage island

Liberty IslandEdit

Liberty island

Pirate IslandEdit

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