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World PvP in Archeage is a little different than some of the more typical MMOs you may have played in the past. There are no PvP servers or PvE servers. Instead, Archeage has different zones with different rules about PvP.

PvP Rules[]

Who you can PvP very much depends on your zone and your faction. The basic zones and rules fall into these categories:

1. Same faction peaceful zones. When you are in these zones, you can only be attacked by a single member of the opposite faction who chooses to attack you. Attacking a player means that they, and only they, are able to attack you back. If they have friends, those friends can not help as long as you don't attack more than one. This rule is subject to change, and a lot of people are calling for Trion to change it so that players who attack opposite faction members are flagged so they can be attacked by all enemy faction members, not just the target.

2. Same faction war zones. There are only 5 of these zones on each faction. When they are In Conflict or they are At War, you can be attacked by and attack opposite faction members and you are able to attack and be attacked by your own faction. Keep in mind, killing your own faction members gets you infamy and crime points and can lead to you being kicked out of your own faction and becoming part of the pirate faction (more on them later). With each opposite faction kill, the crisis level of the zone increases. While at war, a timer counts down and enters a peaceful period once it runs out. During peaceful periods, you can not attack your own or opposite faction members.

3. Open PvP at all times. On open water and on the northern continent of Auroria, there is open war at all times. You can attack and be attacked by anyone at any time. There is never a peaceful period.

4. Pirate faction. Members of this faction are able to attack anyone at any time regardless of the rules stated above. You become part of the pirate faction by gaining 3000 infamy points (acquired when you commit a crime). However, being a pirate means that you are no longer welcome on your starting faction's continent. You can be attacked at any time by any player and all NPCs are now hostile towards you. If you die on the open seas, you will respawn on the pirate island; however, if you die on one of the main continents, you will go to trial. If you have been a pirate for a long time, you could end up being sent to jail for a few hours.